AN: So, last chapter Elsa finally lost control of her emotions after seeing the destruction of the cherished village from her childhood, letting the storm finally free itself. The problem is Hiccup is completely unaware of what's going on, so now his very life hangs in the balance, but in typical Hiccup fashion, that is not his first priority. Beginning to understand the weight that Elsa has been forced to endure all this time, Hiccup is determined to help…by any means necessary, whether Elsa wants it or not. So, frost and flame go head to head, as an unstoppable force meets an immovable object…the only question now being, what will come of this?

On a side note, I just want to make it clear that while Elsa is not entirely in control of her actions, she does not suffer from a split personality or something. It's more like she's in such an emotional state that she acting extremely irrational, with only a vague idea of what she's doing or saying, like a semi-dream like state where it's more like you're watching yourself react from an outside perspective and unable to truly interact or influence yourself.

Also, the parts that are in italics are more like narrated moments that are outside the actual flow of time. I felt the flow needed something and I felt like these moments added to the impact of the chapter. Hope that clears up any confusion. Anyway, onto the story…

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No Escape from the Storm Inside

Elsa had been no more than eight the first time it had happened, though in someways it had been a good thing, not that Elsa ever saw it that way despite being thankful for the end result. Anna had awoken one intensely warm summer's night wanting to play and had tried to talk Elsa into using her powers so they could have fun and cool off, since the healers had unfortunately confirmed that Anna had not inherited the gift of ice herself though she did have enough elemental energy for it. Despite Anna's best efforts, Elsa had been adamant that she would not be using her powers without mother or father present, but given the humid night she had relented to Anna's idea to sneak outside to the garden so they could play and splash around near the edge of the small pond.

Stifling their tiny giggles, the two young princesses had quickly made their way through the castle and to the garden, careful to avoid the guards' patrol routes that Elsa had thankfully long since memorized. With the joyous energy only found in children, Elsa and Anna had been ecstatic to jump around in the shallow ankle deep edges of the man made pond, completely unaware of the malicious presence that had lay flush against the top of the wall, watching them and relishing his unbelievable luck. Arendelle was a wealthy city and the castle especially was a tempting target, so there was no shortage of people that would want to steal from the royal family, but with the royal guard present, most would-be thieves gave up before even making an attempt.

It was pure happenstance that a random thief had chosen that particular night to try and make history as the first one to pull it off, but to think the royal princesses themselves would be within his grasp…he'd be infamous for sure. Having quietly descended the wall, the thief had known he'd have no more than two to three minutes tops to pull this off, and knowing he couldn't escape with both princesses weighing him down he had decided to grab the older one and scare the smaller one into silence. To say that his plan had backfired on him would be the understatement of the century, as the minute that the thief had started to reach for a scared Elsa, Anna had let out a war cry and had practically latched her tiny teeth into the man's arm, causing him to cry out in pain.

Desperately the thief had tried to dislodge the crazy little girl, but Anna wasn't letting go for anything. Afraid the man would get desperate and try to hurt Anna so as to force her to let him go, Elsa had decided that she needed to act and so, despite shaking in fear and nerves, she had sent out an ice blast at the man. Despite the pain, the thief had had the presence of mind to use Anna as a human shield, letting her take the relatively weak blast Elsa had shot out in her fearful state, forcing Anna to finally release the man as she cried out in pain before falling to the ground. Elsa had only been able to look on in shock as Anna lay there unmoving because of Elsa's own ice powers, the foolish thief clutching his arm in pain off to the side, but suddenly something inside Elsa had snapped as tears had flowed freely from the young princess' eyes, the ground around her feet freezing over instantly.

The guards that had arrived mere seconds later, having been alerted by the cries of pain the thief had given out due to Anna biting him, would later relate the harrowing experience of witnessing the horrendous storm that the little eight year old princess had created in her anger…one so strong that she had very nearly destroyed the outer wall of the castle gardens. Between the freezing temperatures and the hurricane force winds flinging ice everywhere, even the guards had been hard pressed to advance, so the foolish thief had had no chance. Elsa had nearly killed him in her volatile state, but Captain Mattias had arrived on the scene moments later and, though it took considerable effort on his part, he had been able to overcome Elsa's storm and, in doing so, forced her into an unconsciousness state.

The half frozen poor excuse for a thief had been locked away by the guards while both Elsa and Anna had been rushed to the healers. Elsa had been almost inconsolable once she had awoken and realized what she had done, but thankfully Elsa's ice blast had been so weak that it had done little more then knock the air out of Anna and given her a small cold. At eight years of age, and with her powers still developing, Elsa had not yet been strong enough to pose a serious danger if she were to be overwhelmed by her emotions and let the storm inside her rage, but she needed to learn control because one day Elsa would be that powerful…and no ice wielder alive would be able to stop her.

"…THOSE SAVAGES BURNED IT ALL!" Elsa's normally bright blue eyes were glazed over a milky white with her irises barely definable, her face twisted in snarling fury as her angry wail seemed to echo from every direction, carried on the very wind that slammed into Hiccup, knocking him prone as the ash was quickly scattered.

Eyes narrowed and tears staining her lovely face, Elsa accented every angry shout with a lashing strikes that sent blast after blast of ice all around her in every direction. Unlike when she had been eight, Elsa's power as a fully grown woman and a trained ice wielder was staggering in both its intensity and its ferocity, with absolutely no way for Captain Mattias to come even close to matching her. The guards could do nothing but brace themselves as best as they could, though the temperature was starting to affect even them. Captain Mattias could only watch helplessly as he reinforced his ice wall and grit his teeth against the forces at work before him, unwilling to give up, but knowing that the chances of Hiccup surviving…were dwindling into single digits now.

Staggering to his feet, Hiccup could only squint against the harsh icy wind as he tried in vain to block it with his forearms crossed in front of his face, watching as a thick layer of frost quickly seemed to engulf the entire main square, including himself. Hiccup felt the frigid air starting to sap the warmth from his body faster then his body could regenerate it, frost already beginning to form on his armor, his forearms, and even his eyelashes…and all in a matter of seconds. Despite the bone chilling cold, Hiccup forced himself to take a labored step forward and then another, all while fighting to keep his extremities from locking up in the unbearable cold, striving to understand what was actually causing all this and to reach Elsa both physically and emotionally.

"ELSA!" Hiccup hollered as loud as he could, despite the harsh wind striving to swallow his words whole as his voice was already horse and softer from the overwhelming cold, desperate to snap his wife out of it before she did something she would regret. "ELSA! You need to stop this now! If you don't end this eternal winter soon everyone will die! I know it hurts, believe me I know how you feel! And I know how much easier it can seem to just give into the soothing voice of power, but it's nothing but a lie! THIS ISN'T YOU! You're not this kind of person! You're-…"

"I'm what Hiccup?" Elsa's form was barely visible amidst the whiteout around them and her voice was little more than a soft whisper echoing on the wind, but everyone in the area could feel the pure venom lacing Elsa's soft honey coated words. "What exactly do you truly know about me?"

The house off to Hiccup's right suddenly exploded upwards as large ice spikes slammed through the roof in an instant, tearing through the very foundation of the house and mercilessly ripping it right off the ground before freezing in place as more spikes methodically tore through the walls and windows. Bits and pieces of wood and debris rained down as they were torn off the demolished house, which now looked more like some mutilated topper of a frozen spiked tree, but just as quickly the random pieces were swept away by the howling wind. Hiccup could only stare in shock at the action for a moment, but shaking it off he tried to push on only to realize his prosthetic leg had started to freeze over, holding him in place with no hope of escape, all while the frost continued to surround him.

"Easier was it?" Elsa spoke softly once more as she casually moved around the frozen square, though Hiccup could tell that the anger was rising within her at an alarming rate. "You know how I feel do you?"

Elsa didn't so much as twitch, but suddenly two more houses instantaneously exploded outwards as one in a similar fashion to how the first home had, the debris once again being swept up in the wind, but this time it instantly iced over and became lethal projectile that Elsa shot all around the main square. The deadly icicles tore through the surroundings and impaled the far walls of many homes, but Elsa paid them and the destruction they were causing no mind as she turned towards to the great hall behind her. With the barest of gestures Elsa froze the doors solid, the ice quickly spreading over the entire frame and causing them to crack and crumble within seconds.

"There is nothing easy about being a monster Hiccup," Elsa spoke calmly as she turned towards the half frozen viking, face blank and impassive, but the hard set to her eyes told Hiccup her anger was reaching its peak. "True it might be a bit easier in that I don't have to hide who I am, but tell me Hiccup, do you really think that that makes it any easier to deal with always being set apart from everyone else? This has always been my burden…my curse! You think you know what it feels like? Well, let me be the first to tell you Hiccup…YOU KNOW NOTHING!"

"I've always been different and unable to belong!" Elsa hollered as she slammed her foot on the ground, sending out an ice blast that bodily ripped Hiccup right off the ice and hurled him backwards, where he hit the hard packed snow with a pained grunt. Hiccup tried to call out to her again, but he was starting to realize that the deep-rooted issues Elsa was facing might require a more direct approach.

"I've always been forced to hide who I am, to never show anyone the real me!" Elsa's shout was followed by another blast, this one launching Hiccup off to the side, though he managed to land in a roll and end in a kneeling position, though he was visibly shaking now, his breathing ragged, but his eyes were as sharp as ever, finally coming to understand just what Elsa had been holding in all these years.

"I've always been an outsider among my own people!" Elsa voice was still forceful, but lower as the whiteout suddenly dispersed and the wind halted, but Hiccup knew a dramatic pause when he saw one and braced himself for what he knew was next, readying himself for what he knew he needed to do. "I've always been alone. No one has ever been able to truly match me…making me a monster in everyone's eyes. I've spent years trying to control it, to be like everyone else and just be accepted, but that just made me weak and vulnerable. This village made me happy and I'm smart enough to see that they burned it just to hurt me…to hurt the monster pretending to be a human. Well, if no one is going to even try to see me for me, then there's no reason to hold it in anymore. If everyone is only going to see my like a monster, then…I'LL SHOW THEM ALL WHAT A MONSTER TRULY IS!"

All at once, the storm restarted and every ounce of pain and suffering Elsa had ever felt or endured seemed to erupt from her in one humungous ice blast, arcing in every direction and threatening to encompass everything in its path, sealing it in sheets of ice so thick that the light of day will never again be able to reach anything underneath. Each of the guards tried their best to halt the ice wave's movement, but, with the exception of Captain Mattias whom is still forcibly pushed back a number of feet, each one is bodily tossed be the force of the blast a fair distance away. Hiccup for his part simply bows his head and is engulfed by the overwhelming flood of pain and anguish, resolutely accepting Elsa's outpouring of emotions even as the ice wave completely encased him a solid six feet under.

Captain Mattias can barely believe his eyes as he takes in the spot Hiccup had once stood and silently bows his head in respect to the young viking lad that had given so much for his princess, up too and including his very life. Through the raging storm around her, Elsa stood in the center of the main square, breathing heavily from the exertion of such a powerful blast, and for just a moment, despite the rage clouding her vision, Elsa can feel just the barest twinge in her chest as some distant part of her mind cried out in bitter anguish over what she had just done. However, before anyone could so much as twitch, the moment was shattered as the snow around Hiccup suddenly began to glow bright red before exploding outwards with such ferocity that everyone, including Elsa had to shield their eyes from the huge pillar of fire ascending towards the heavens.

Steam billowed out all around the square, obscuring the view of everyone, before a figure stood up suddenly with scattered wisps of fire still burning on his shoulders and hands as Hiccup came into view with a hard edge to his gaze. Captain Mattias and the rest of the men could only stare in absolute shock and awe as no one had ever been able to halt Elsa's ice before, let alone actually push it back. Elsa for her part merely fixed Hiccup with the same glazed over stare as before, but inside a tiny part of her couldn't help but cry out in joy, wondering if just maybe…someone could actually overcome her inner storm.

"So, being different makes you a monster, huh?" Hiccup muttered with an amused snort as he dusted himself off and rolled his shoulders, before raising his fists in preparation and dropping into a battle stance, his flames already dancing over his skin as he smirked. "You know, I think I'm beginning to understand now. You're afraid that no one could ever match you and that your powers make you a danger to everyone around you…including me. Well, hate to break it to you, but I'm a viking and I ride a fire breathing dragon…dealing with monsters and the forces of nature is just an occupational hazard for me, so I don't break easily. Plus, I've been known to be a bit of an outcast myself and my life hasn't exactly been all sunshine and rainbows either. In a way, I guess you could call me a monster as well, but even a monster has to cut loose every now and then. So, from one monster to another, all I have to say is don't hold back…show me what you got princess!"

Hours later when the dust had long since settled, the few guards that had been present for the display that followed would regale the rest of the crew with a story beyond all belief, a story of a battle between two titans among men. Try as they might, their words would never be able to fully covey the awe inspiring display, but the truth was that even though they had been present for the spectacle, none of them could even truly believe what they had seen in that village. Some on the crew would even wonder why the fight was necessary in the first place, why hadn't Hiccup simply tried to calm Elsa down after freeing himself from the ice, but for the one person on the crew that knew Elsa best, the answer had been obvious.

In that moment, Captain Mattias' respect for the strange young viking lad in their midsts had reached new heights as Hiccup had become the first person outside of himself and Anna that had been able to see the real heart of Elsa's issue, her fear of being too powerful for anyone to handle. By forcing Elsa to fight him while in such an unstable state, Hiccup had addressed the root of Elsa's issue, he had met her head on as an equal…something that had always seemed impossible for Elsa to find. Elsa's battle prowess and sheer natural ability had met it's perfect match with Hiccup's tactical brilliance and unorthodox fighting style.

So, where everyone else had seen a battle beyond any chance of mortal comprehension…Captain Mattias had seen the long hoped for salvation of the young woman he considered his daughter in all but blood. It was a moment that, while on the surface seemed almost trivial in the grand scheme of things, would change the very course of human history, a moment when a bond between two people, and really two nations, irreversibly changed…but no one would realize that for some time to come.

Rather than wait to see what effect his words might have had, Hiccup decided to stoke the fire of Elsa's anger and immediately sprung into action as he easily pivoted his right leg forward, while simultaneously extending out his right fist, sending a large fireball straight at Elsa's panting form. Still in a raged filled fog, Elsa quickly sidestepped the attack, twisting around the blast as she went and dropping into a crouch where she extended her own right leg creating a rapidly moving path of ice spikes. Crouching low, Hiccup sent a blast of flames straight downward through his foot and his prosthetic, before jumping high into the air, twisting mid air and sending out three quick blasts of flame at Elsa, all approaching her at different angles.

Showcasing the flexibility of her lithe form, Elsa quickly flipped forward into a handstand and performed a perfect splits in mid air, expertly dodging in-between the fired shots and setting herself up for her next attack. Still in a handstand, Elsa used her arms and her new center of gravity to expertly spin herself in place a full three hundred sixty degrees around, allowing her legs to swing in an arc and send out a large wave of ice at an angle toward Hiccup, before contorting her legs forward over her head and springing upwards with her hands, which in turn flipped herself upright. Immediately, Elsa threw her hands forward, sending out another pair of ice blasts at alternative angles, and ended by jumping backwards and twisting in midair as she kicked out a final ice blast, ensuring Hiccup would be unable to avoid them all.

Time slowed for Hiccup as his tactical mind absorbed the scene before him and he came to the conclusion that he'd be unable to dodge each of these ice blast using conventional tactics, so Hiccup went with his usual fallback approach and went with the unexpected. Mentally mapping out the path of each ice blast, Hiccup crouched low and threw out two fingers before sending out a small, charged blast of flames that seemed to completely miss the first ice blast. Elsa, in her blind rage, very nearly smirked knowing Hiccup wouldn't be getting out of this one, but her glazed over eyes widened as the small flame Hiccup had shot out succeeded at tearing a small hole right at the very weakest point of her third ice blast, a hole just big enough for Hiccup to dive right through safely.

A faint voice that sounded a lot like her own voice cried out in relief over this, but the dark whispers of rage quickly smothered it as Elsa let out an angry snarl and charged, intent on closing the distance and fighting hand to hand where she knew she had the advantage due to her superior technique. Realizing this as well, and knowing that he had yet to break through her raged induced state, Hiccup opted to avoid a direct attack with a little misdirection so as to give himself time to create some space. Grabbing Inferno from its slot on his left leg, Hiccup thumbed the release switch and released a small amount of Zippleback gas to his left, before holding out the main shaft of Inferno and allowing the blade to fully extend right at Elsa's chest, forcing her to slow her charge.

Seeing this, Elsa immediately extended her right arm and formed an ice blade to parry Hiccup's blade before sliding to his right, placing Hiccup between the Zippleback gas and Elsa, but that's exactly what Hiccup had wanted. Diving backwards amidst the Zippleback gas, Hiccup sheathed Inferno on his left leg and ignited the gas, creating a large contained blast that heated the area. Unperturbed, Elsa gracefully twirled with the skill of a dancer, her arms extended and sending out a large ice blast, dousing the flames in an instant, only for Hiccup to emerge from the resulting steam, skating on a bed of flames to the far side of the square and once again outside of Elsa's reach.

How dare he make a fool out of you, Elsa's inner darkness, the very foundation for the raging storm inside her, whispered in outrage as Elsa stood shaking in anger, the wind and ice of her storm still rapidly swirling around the area, keeping the guards pushed back, but not bothering Hiccup in the slightest. You, who hold power he could only dream of, and he dares to put himself on your level so as to challenge you? This slight, shall not be allowed to pass! It is time for you to remind this human of his place before you. It is time to show him your true power! Embrace me more fully, and he will be made to pay for his insolence!

Once again a faint voice that sounded like her own tried to cry out, this time louder then before, but just like before it was quickly smothered by the dark whispers before it could gain Elsa's attention. With steely determination, Elsa stomped on the ground so as to create a small U-shaped ice path for her to skate upon, and set to work hurling icicle after icicle at Hiccup from various angles, all while gliding back and forth along the ice. Despite the hailstorm of sharp projectiles hurtling his way, Hiccup merely smirked as his brain processed the entire scene within an instant, already mapping out the easiest path through with minimal effort.

With the barest of movements, Hiccup sent out a single flame amidst the icicles, aiming at one of the last ones Elsa had sent his way, before coating his hands in flames and deftly sidestepping every icicle that came his way, only needing to use the backs of his hands to tap three individual icicles out of his way. As the last of the icicles impaled into the houses behind him, Hiccup stood casually in the sole hole he had created in Elsa's otherwise perfect attack, and for a flicker of a moment Hiccup would see just the barest color return to Elsa's eyes, before they glazed over once more with a hard glare. Hiccup had hoped to break through Elsa's mental rage by now, but it looked as though Elsa had been holding back this whole time despite her volatile state, showcasing the amount of control she actually had even without realizing it. With this thought in mind, Hiccup knew that now it was just a matter of breaking through Elsa's mental fog and convincing her of this fact, which prompted him to kick things into high gear.

"Ok, between you and me I've got to say that little display was really…a bit lacking don't you think?" Hiccup mocked with his signature snark as he dusted imaginary lint off his shoulder with a blank look, choosing to up the ante with his usual MO, dry wit and smart mouthed comments. "I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm sure those moves would've sent most men running for the hills by now, but…come on Els you know me. I need something with a bit more oomph to it, you know? At least give me a little something to wet my feet with before things really get going."

Predictably, Elsa was not pleased with the sentiment as she once again snarled in rage as she jumped backwards and sent two long curving shots at Hiccup from both ends of the square, before launching into a series of lightning fast jabs and kicks that sent multiple ice blasts at Hiccup. The timing of the blasts would have them all reaching Hiccup within moments of each other, but given their weak power level Hiccup figured they were simply a distraction to divide his focus. With a calm cool air about him Hiccup quickly crouched low and brought his fists together, first compressing and then expanding a concentrated blast of flames into a protective dome around him, strong enough to block each of Elsa's ice blasts at the cost of his visibility.

Having expected this move, Elsa quickly gathered her power and, balancing on one foot, she kicked out with all her might the very moment Hiccup lost visibility, sending a large ice blast spiraling right for Hiccup's last known location even before her pervious strikes impacted against his defensive dome. However, the drawback of Elsa's plan was that while Hiccup had lost all visibility of Elsa's movements, so had Elsa lost sight of Hiccup's own movements, which Hiccup used to his full advantage. Taking a calculated risk, given that he could only guess what kind of attack Elsa would send his way based of his knowledge of Elsa's fighting style, the very moment Hiccup felt Elsa's first strikes impact his dome, he launched himself backwards low and to the right, sending out a light blast of flames to help propel himself along the melting snow covered ground and out of his flame dome.

Hiccup rolled slightly further to his right as he exited his flame dome, but right as he was rolling into a kneeling position the alleyway right behind his flame dome caught his eye, and for a moment time seemed to grind to a halt as Hiccup took in the strange yet familiar damage that had carved a path through the ally. The damage looked almost as if a concentrated windstorm had torn a hole in between the two buildings and for half a heartbeat Hiccup felt as if he knew who had done this, but an instant later Elsa's ice drill tore through Hiccup's protective dome and slammed into the ally, destroying the evidence as time restarted itself. Thrown to the side from the force of the impact, Hiccup mentally berated his lapse in attention as he quickly rolled himself into a standing position, before his eyes widen in horror as another ice drill rapidly descended upon him.

Just barely able to dodge, Hiccup was unable to respond at all when Elsa bodily slammed into his side, making him wince in pain as he staggered backwards, suddenly off balance. Capitalizing on this, Elsa easily went on the attack as she took hold of Hiccup's arm and, bodily twisting Hiccup around her, slammed him into the ground before quickly straddling Hiccup's prone form and readying for a final strike, but hesitated as her inner voice cried out loudly against the raging storm. Unaware of this fact due to the distracting nature of the sudden positioning he found himself in, a slightly flushed Hiccup could only barely focus well enough to send out a simultaneous flame blast with all four limbs, rocketing himself out from under Elsa and knocking her off him in the process.

Despite this, Elsa quickly rolled into a standing position and sent blast after blast Hiccup's way, clearly no longer concerned with holding back and eager to press her advantage. For the next few minutes the two went back and forth trading blasts of flame and ice, with Elsa giving each shot her all and Hiccup merely trying to survive and minimize the danger for the rest of the men still hidden around the area. Captain Mattias and the other hidden guards were quickly being pushed back even further by just the glancing power that was being exerted before them, but despite this Mattias and the others found themselves too enraptured with the awe inspiring display to worry about their own safety.

Knowing that he had no chance of winning this way, as Elsa's technique was too strong, Hiccup desperately tried to think of a new plan when, like a bolt from the blue, Hiccup recalled a little technique that he had been working on ever since the dragon dance back on the pairs wedding day and, while it was still far from perfect, it might just be enough to turn the tide of this battle. Deciding to take the gamble, Hiccup dodged the next blast, but rather then dodge the one that followed Hiccup instead stood tall and slammed a fist to the ground even as the next ice blast practically fell upon him. The blast exploded against the ground, kicking up a lot of snow, but a mere moment later Hiccup emerged from the blast zone completely fine, though he was panting heavily and his skin seemed to be much redder than normal.

Surprised, Elsa tried to send out another blast, but in the blink of an eye Hiccup was practically right in front of her with a hard look in his eyes, before he sent a large blast of flames right into the ground in front of Elsa, with the explosive power throwing her backwards into a snow mound, which cushioned her fall. With the edges of his vision starting to go black, Hiccup hurried back to the other end of the square at speeds no human could typically move at, nearly collapsing as his hold over the technique faded and his skin returned to its normal coloration. With his legs threatening to collapse under him, a panting Hiccup leaned up against what remained of the Great Hall's doorway and surveyed the scene around him.

As his breathing started to even out, Hiccup felt something nagging at the back of his brain. The square and the immediate area were a wreck, but despite this, Hiccup could see the place where each and every guard was currently weathering the storm still raging all around them. It looked as if each of the guards hiding spots were practically untouched by any direct damage from the pairs attacks, though there was more than a bit of collateral damage, but it wasn't until his eyes fell on a panting Elsa that the final pieces of the puzzle fell into place. As a staggering Elsa extracted herself from the snow mound and glared in Hiccup's direction, Hiccup could finally see the barest evidence of the tears Elsa had been shedding the entire time, proving that despite how hard the storm inside her was raging, the scared little princess inside her had been fighting just as hard to protect everyone else.

Now I just have to make her finally see that, Hiccup mentally stated with a firm set to his jaw, knowing that it was finally time to end this and dispel Elsa's fears once and for all.

"Elsa, that's enough!" Hiccup shouted out as he began a slow steady march towards the emotionally torn ice princess, determined to help free her from her inner demons. "I've already proven that I can take everything you can throw at me…you can't hurt me Elsa! Or rather, I should say that, you won't hurt me Elsa. And you know what else, look around you Elsa, you don't want to hurt anyone either! The storms been raging this entire time, but not only am I still here, you've somehow managed to avoid hitting any of the guards despite being 'out of control'. What kind of monster can't even hurt people while in a blind rage?!"

Elsa's eyes widened slightly, the color slowly returning to her eyes, as she processed Hiccup's words, looking around the destroyed square, but seeing the relatively intact hiding spots of each of her guards. Elsa truly wanted to believe Hiccup's words, she wanted to be able to let go of this fear and of the storm that always seemed to be raging inside of her, but years of self conditioning were not that easily swayed. The storm intensified and the color faded from her eyes as Elsa clutched her head in pain, the dark angry whispers returning once more.

Do you really think you can trust the words of a viking? The dark whispers cried out, the voice starting to sound strangely masculine with just a hint of a Southern Isles' accent to it, as Elsa's head began to throb even harder. His brethren were most likely the very ones that destroyed the one place that truly brought you happiness in life. You saw how drained he was after that last technique and how desperate he was getting. He's simply trying to use smooth talk to tell you things you want to hear so as to get you to drop your guard so he can end this. Stop denying what you are and fight back with everything you have…it's the only way to truly protect yourself in a world that will never accept you as you are.

N-no, a faint voice that sounded like Elsa's own seemed to whisper out her objection, but it lacked true strength to fight back, so despite her internal wish, Elsa felt the raging storm direct it fury right at Hiccup.

"Elsa, you're not a monster!" Hiccup hollered against the roaring wind, bracing himself against the ice once again forming on his forearms, but this time he resolutely pushed forward towards where Elsa stood, still clutching her head in pain. "You've never been a monster. You have more control then you realize Elsa! The reason you think you're a monster is because you've been alone all this time, placed on a pedestal, and kept separate from everyone simply because you were different. No one could understand you…until now Els! I understand what it's like to be different and to be set apart from everyone. You don't have to pretend with me Elsa! You don't have to hide who you are around me!"

Lies! The dark thoughts shouted in Hans' voice, trying to reassert control even as Elsa fought against the tide of darker emotions. Every word of it was nothing but lies! How could he possibly understand?

Because Hiccup knows what it's like! Elsa's inner voice cried out with renewed strength, determined to retake control and finally end all these years of suffering. He's endured the hate and scorn of his own people, the very ones that named him 'Hiccup the Useless'! He's different from any viking…any person I've ever met before. Hiccup has seen the real me…and he accepts me just the way I am.

Though the storm lessened the smallest amount, and was barely noticeable, Hiccup knew that Elsa's true self was finally starting to take back control of her mental state. She was starting to see the truth, but given the pained expression Hiccup could still see on Elsa's face as he finally neared her, Hiccup knew that she was still teetering on which way she would go. Knowing Elsa needed a bit more help, Hiccup decided to give her one final push in the right direction…despite knowing that his next move, was likely to be the most dangerous and deadly gamble he had taken this whole battle.

"Els," Hiccup whispered, knowing Elsa would hear despite the howling wind as he lifted her chin to stare directly into her tear filled eyes that were still partially glazed over. "The fact is, you care about others too much to be a monster. You've locked away your emotions for so long that they've become like a caged beast within you, but despite your anger, your emotions are still just that…yours. You don't have it in you to hurt someone else because you don't want to hurt anyone. You hold so much love in your heart that even in the midst of a blind rage you were still able to shield everyone here from your wrath. Love is the key Elsa…and love will always thaw a frozen heart. You have nothing to be afraid of anymore Els and I'll always be here to help you remember that, if you'll let me."

Hiccup could tell that his words were really starting to reach Elsa, but to cement this in her mind Hiccup decided to do something he may or may not have been wanting to do for quite a while now. With a small smile, Hiccup brought both hands up to cup Elsa's tear stained cheeks and, brushing his thumb lightly over her tears, threw caution to the wind as he dove head first into the potential fire with almost no hesitation. And so approximately four months, three days, six hours, and ten minutes after their first kiss as husband and wife, not that he had been counting or anything, Hiccup brought his lips down to meet his wife's own in a gentle, but meaningful kiss.

Elsa's teary eyes widened greatly at the sudden unexpected action, but a second later her mind went blank and the full color returned to her eyes before her eyelids slowly fluttered closed as time seemed to grind to an immediate halt and the storm instantly died down around them. The kiss was simple and almost tentative, but the warmth and emotions it conveyed were almost suffocating in their intensity and as it spread through Elsa, the last vestige of the dark whispers of fear were finally banished from her heart. There was still questions they needed to answer, words they needed to say, and tearful apologies that needed to be made, but as Elsa pressed her lips just slightly more firmly against Hiccup's, responding to what he had offered her with his actions, she decided that that could wait for a little longer. For right now though, this moment was all that mattered.

"I love and respect our dear princess, but I swear her stubbornness knows no bounds Destin?" Chief Medical Officer Camilla Pedersen quietly muttered to Captain Mattias as she finished her medical examination of him and began packing away her equipment with a shake of her head, her long silver hair swaying with the motion as she ran a tired hand over the tanned skin of her face in mild exasperation. "She practically dismissed me outright before I could even attempt to so much as come within five feet of her, telling me she's fine and that I should check over the rest of the men that had weathered her storm. The rest of the men have a clean bill of health, but I'm worried about Princess Elsa's physical and mental health right now…especially after having such a major 'episode' like that. As the royal family's personal healer, I've been right there with you to witness every meltdown she's ever had and you know as well as I do how much of a toll it takes on her, and this is the worst one she's had since she was eight."

"You hardly need to remind me of that fact Camilla," Captain Mattias whispered with a quite chuckle as he smiled at one of his oldest friends, able to see the fondness behind those narrowed hazel eyes as Officer Pedersen discreetly watched the Imperium princess over near the only survivor they had found in the village. "You're not the only one that's spent a lifetime watching her grow into the strong young woman she is today…sometimes frustratingly so. From the moment she was born till now, we've ben there for almost every moment of her life, so believe me I am well aware of her habits, but I'm starting to think that it's time we left these matters to Prince Hiccup."

"Ah, yes," Officer Pedersen returned with a chuckle of her own as she watched Hiccup nearly trip over his own feet after sneaking a shy glance at Elsa, one that she returned, both acting more like a pair of inexperienced teenagers than a married couple. "Her kind hearted adorkable husband, that happens to be just as stubborn as her, is defiantly a perfect match for our dear princess. Come to think of it, Prince Hiccup was also just as quick to wave me off when I went to check him over for any damage after the pair's little mock battle here. I heard from the men about that little technique he used and if I was to wager a guess, it's a technique that allows him to raise his body temperature so as to increase the speed at which blood is pumped through his system, increasing his physical strength and allowing him to move at much faster speeds. It's also extremely risky and dangerous, especially since he doesn't have complete control over it just yet, but of course that's almost expected with these two."

Captain Mattias could only nod in agreement with that assessment as he turned his attention to the Hiccup and Elsa, watching them interact for a moment, both so different and so much alike and, as Camilla had said, absolutely perfect for each other. Mattias couldn't help but think of the immediate aftermath of the storm, just before the Dreki-Rede had arrived at the port with the rest of the crew and the dragons quickly disembarking, unsure of the situation, but quick to offer their aid in whatever fashion it was needed. Having caught the tail end of the couple's kiss, Captain Mattias' emotions had been understandably conflicted, but as Hiccup had comforted the crying princess as she had tearfully apologized, Mattias had come to realize just how much had changed in such a short time.

"Destin," Camilla called out softly, though her eyes, thick with unidentified emotions, were still trained on the royal couple before them. "I've already heard it from the men, but their perspective only tells me the obvious facts…not the deeper truths. So, please I have to know. What exactly happened here?"

"Simply put, she's in good hands Camilla," Mattias replied with a far off look, even as it felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders, knowing as he did how true his words were. "She's finally found her equal and he banished the darkness in her heart. He set her free."

The next hour passed by in a blur of activity as nearly the whole of the crew combed the destroyed village looking for any signs of survivors or any clue as to who could have committed this atrocity, but nothing but ash and destruction could be found. The only lead they had was the sole survivor that seemed to be stuck in a permeant catatonic sate, and though Hiccup and Elsa were eager to question him more thoroughly, Medical Officer Pedersen was adamant that he not be questioned until she had completed her examination of him. In the interim, the pair had sent both Leah and Mia, along with a number of guards, to check the forest area outside of town, hopeful that maybe some others had survived the attack by hiding amongst the trees.

"My lady," Officer Pedersen suddenly called out towards Elsa and Hiccup as she exited the makeshift hut that had been erected just outside of the village for any medical needs. "I've just finished my examination and for the moment our new friend seems to be in stable condition…at least physically. Given the traumatic experience he's just gone through, I can't accurately attest as to his mental stability, but I'd hazard a guess and say it's fragile at best right now. I know that you and Prince Hiccup are eager to question him about what happened, so you may do so now, but I would suggest you tread lightly with him. He may be unarmed and have no elemental ability, but there's no telling what might set him off or cause him to break down. I have no doubt he'd pose little danger to either of you, let alone both, but if he does suffer a break down it would be unlikely that you'd be able to glean any useful information from him. They'll be a guard right outside the tent if you have need of him, but I'll be giving some of the men another look to ensure that none have suffered any adverse effects from the ash still in the air."

Hiccup and Elsa nodded in acknowledgement as Officer Pedersen left with a crisp bow, before making their way towards the small medical hut ready to get some answers. Reaching out for the tent flap at the same time, Hiccup and Elsa's hands briefly touched causing both to jump apart, faces red at the sudden spark and both still unsure how to act around the other given the kiss they had shared not long ago. Both were well aware that their was something there between them now, something more then just friendship, but neither knew exactly what it was and where they currently stood with the other as they still had yet to fully address the issue in more than the abstract.

"Hiccup, I…" Elsa began unsure.

"Els, I…" Hiccup stuttered out at the same time.

Suddenly, their eyes locked and both Hiccup and Elsa let out a small laugh at how ridiculous they were both being.

"How about we take care of this whole village situation first?" Hiccup supplied diplomatically with a small smile that Elsa returned shyly. "We can deal with this thing between us once things calm down a bit more."

"Yeah, you're right," Elsa replied easily, feeling lighter, but no less happy at the sentiment, content for the moment. "We already know that we each feel, 'something' for the other. The specifics can wait for now. The attack on the village takes precedent over our personal affairs, but we will be talking about it later…right?"

Finding the meek and embarrassed way Elsa had finished her question to be absolutely adorable, Hiccup opted to answer with a soft kiss to her forehead, rather than verbally. Despite her red face, Elsa couldn't help but smile at Hiccup's action, already finding herself becoming used to the minor displays of affection, but of course they both had a duty to fulfill at the moment. So, schooling their expressions, Hiccup and Elsa entered into the medical hut, intent on discovering the facts on what had happened to the village, but given the lifeless expression on the young man's face it would not be an easy endeavor.

"I know that it must be painful, what you're feeling, but I want to express my deepest condolences," Elsa began speaking to the young man in a subdued tone, the pain she was feeling displayed on her face clearly as her eyes took on a misty quality to them. "I loved this village too. I know it's not the same as what you must be feeling, but it pains me to my core to see it in such a state."

"We know it'll be difficult for you to talk about," Hiccup spoke up, playing off Elsa's opening as he placed a supportive hand on her shoulder, though his eyes remained fixed on the young man that had barely twitched since they had entered. "But we need to know what happened here…we need to know what you can tell us about who did this. Our men are searching for survivors even as we speak, and we will see to it that aid is administered so that this village may be rebuilt, but the men who did this must be held accountable. Neither the Imperium nor the Confederacy can tolerate such an act of unprovoked aggression and until these men are brought to justice, no village will be safe. Please, anything you can tell us might make the difference in stopping this before it happens again. I know our actions won't bring back what was lost, but it will help with the healing process and ensuring nothing else is lost too."

For a few moments all was still, with Hiccup and Elsa beginning to think that the young man was in too much shock to answer them anytime soon, when suddenly he turned to regard the royal couple and merely said, "But that's just it…it's far too late. There won't be any healing nor anything left for people like me after they're through."

"I know it seems hopeless right now, but…" Elsa began, hoping to capitalize on this chance the young man had presented by simply answering, even if it was a predictably negative response, but the young man spoke up once again interrupting her.

"No, you don't understand your highness," the young man spoke simply and softly, the same dead expression on his face as he stared at nothing, like he was simply waiting to die. "These men weren't pirates or bandits, they were merely the messengers."

"Messengers?" Hiccup muttered in confusion, Elsa eye's wide as she turned towards her husband in confusion. "What do you mean? Did they leave some kind of message for someone or…"

"Yeah, and you're standing on it" the young man interrupted again with a lifeless chuckle. "I love my village, but even I know that we hold no importance or strategic value to anyone, so no one would waste their time with us for any other reason. The almost bored indifference I saw in the men's faces as they desecrated my village made it clear, especially when you realize that they literally took nothing, absolutely nothing, just burned it all to the ground. The attack itself was nothing personal…it was just a simple business transaction, with the two of you as the intended recipients I'd wager. Try as you might, you won't find anything that they don't want you both to find because even I'm smart enough to know that the attack on my village wasn't some grand first move…it was merely the issuing of a challenge. Something's coming…something big, and we're all merely pawns in your game amongst leaders. So, why bother caring about the useless pawns sacrificed along the way…you have more important things to think about."

Hiccup and Elsa could only stare wide eyed at both the information as well as the implications, but above all it was the hopeless bitter aura around the young man that concerned them the most as neither were sure how to handle it. Thankfully at that moment, an excited roar suddenly sounded out into the early evening air, causing matching smiles to cross both Hiccup and Elsa's faces. Without any hesitation, Hiccup reached forward and hauled the surprised young man up from the ground, practically dragging him towards the entrance of the small tent as he said, "Yeah, you defiantly don't know us at all if that's what you think."

Before the young man could respond, the trio were outside the tent, with a smiling Hiccup pointing towards the top of the hill where a number of people were beginning to exit the forest led by Officers Hansen and Olsen. The young man's jaw dropped and his knees began to buckle, though Hiccup held firm in his grip of him, as tears prickled his eyes, the amount of happiness and relief he was feeling threatening to overwhelm him. Suddenly, from the midst of the group, a young woman quickly maneuvered her way to the front before sprinting down the hill in a manner similar to Elsa's earlier sprint, charging straight for the shocked young man in between Hiccup and Elsa.

"Kai!" The young woman cried out in utter joy, tears flowing freely as she desperately tried to close the distance between the pair.

"Gerda!" The young man, whose name was Kai, screamed in pure unbridled joy as he stumbled forward, barely able to hold himself upright, but refusing to stumble until she was in his arms again.

The two practically crashed together in a tearful blubbering mess, but the love they shared was clearly evident as was their absolute joy over the unexpected reunion. Hiccup and Elsa could only smile in turn as Elsa subtly inched closer to Hiccup, prompting him to wrap an arm around her in contentment and happiness. Both knew of course that this wasn't the end of things and that there was still many hardships to come and questions to find answers to, but just like the kissed they had shared earlier, for now this was more than enough.

"Well, I suppose that's that huh Torch?" Mason, also known as 'Madguts the Murderous', muttered with an amused chuckle as he regarded the large red Typhoomerang laying by his side before returning to his observations of the royal couple and the village survivors from his hiding spot amongst the trees. "I was sure that the obvious marks we left amidst the village would get Hiccup's attention, but after that little lovers spat those two had in the main square I highly doubt any were left standing. I saw the ice princess' ice drill destroy the ally I carved a path through and I imagine your scorch marks were lost in the melee too. I guess that means we can forget any chance of our little rivals coming to hunt us down today. Oh well, let them have their moment I suppose. We'll have another shot at Hiccup and Toothless soon enough, eh boy?"

At the sound of Toothless' name, Torch left out an annoyed growl before swiping a clawed wing at a faint scar on his long neck, a souvenir from one of the dragons earliest fights with the Night Fury, though Toothless himself wasn't without his own souvenirs from said fights. Mason could only chuckle as he ran a hand over his partners head in a soothing manner, calming the agitated dragon and earning a content purr from his friend in return. With a smirk, Mason moved to mount Torch's saddle, but he couldn't help the vicious smirk that spread over his face as he once again observed Hiccup's interactions with Elsa, already able to see the change in the pair in the aftermath of their brawl.

"Seems like things will be getting more interesting between those two pretty soon," Mason chuckled to himself as he began to direct Torch towards a clearing so they could take to the sky without drawing attention. "I'll have to remember to have a private chat with his little ice princess next time I see them. Still have to congratulate the happy couple after all, right Torch?"

Torch gave a roar of confirmation as the pair readied to take to the sky, but as Torch looked as if he was about to leap in the air, he suddenly froze as his head craned back the way the pair had come. Curious, as he couldn't sense any danger, Mason arched a brow as he maneuvered in his seat to peer over his shoulder, only to see nothing out the ordinary…at least until a tiny voice suddenly called out to him from below. Surprised, Mason turned in his saddle more fully and peered down at the ground to see a smiling little red headed girl, no more than three or four a most, holding a stuffed dragon and waving at the pair, trying to gain their attention.

"What in the world…" Mason murmured to himself as Torch turned fully to regard the girl, creeping closer until he was close enough to touch her with his snout so Mason could see her better, the scene from an outsiders perspective looking like a crazed man and a horrid beast were about to attack a defenseless child.

"Hi," the little girl suddenly said with a huge beaming smile, her eyes closed, as she waved her arm in greeting this time before placing her hand on Torch's nose without a hint of hesitation.

"What are you doing here kid?" Mason questioned with a raised brow, confused as to the kids actions, but this only seemed to make the little girl smile wider.

"I saw you guys hiding in the trees," the girl replied simply with wide innocent eyes as she rocked back and forth on her feet in a cute manner, her head tilted the side just slightly. "Do you want to play?"

"Maybe next time kid," Mason muttered with a chuckle and a shake of his head. "We need to be on our way."

"Oh," the little girl mumbled with a disappointed look, but quickly smiling again as she continued. "Ok then, we'll play next time."

The little girl started skipping her way out of the forest and back to the other villagers, but just before Mason and Torch could turn away she turned back with a large smile and waved once more while calling out, "Thank you again mister for helping us get away from those meanies that made my mommy cry. You were really nice, so visit us again real soon ok? I like you!"

Mason could only stare off in the direction the little girl had disappeared, before shaking his head with a smirk and directing Torch up into the air. A moment later Mason could hear Torch letting out what he knew was a teasing screech, the dragon craning his head back to give his rider a knowing look, but Mason could only chuckle in turn.

"Yeah yeah, I know," Mason mumbled as he looked back in the direction of the rapidly shrinking island and the little girl he had saved from that pointless raid. "Just because I don't play the hero like a certain talking fishbone I know…doesn't mean I don't know how bud."

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