(AN: I want to inform you that i'm going to skip to where some action begins. We are gonna skip the school with Usagi being late, etc.)

I woke up to a loud BOOM.

"What was that?!" Sky and I ask each other.

"You can talk!?" I ask.
"You heard me talk?!" Sky asks.

I give Sky a look.

"Fine." Sky sighs and something happens.



"I'm Princess Esca."

"Of course you are Akemi."

"We wish to be ordinary girls again."

I Jump out of bed.

"Sky, what's going on?!" I ask her as I grab my school uniform, as it's the closest to me, and get dressed.

"I actually don't know!" Sky replies.

"Yeah right, you knew about the Dark Kingdom." I say as I grab my brooch.
"Well this time I dunno what's happening!" Sky says. I run to Usagi's room only to see she's gotten dressed in jeans, shoes, a shirt and a coat.

"Why are you in your school uniform?" Usagi asks.

"It was closest." I reply with a shrug. We ran outside and then we get to the front of the crowd.

"What was that?" Usagi asks. I shrug.

"Hey Usagi, Hi Akemi."

"Oh hi Ami!" I say as I turn around to face Ami.

"So even your super brains are curious about this stuff too." Usagi says. She then yelps. "HEY QUIT PUSHING!"
"Sorry, somebody behind me was pushing." A girl with a brown ponytail says. I refrain myself from shouting out "MAKO!", as I know she doesn't have her memories, as Usagi would never say what she said to Mako and Ami.

"Your that giant girl who just transfferred to our school." Usagi says.
"You don't really have to call me giant." Mako says.

"Did I say that?" Usagi asks. She then becomes quite still. Then, we look down. Usagi yelps as I sigh. A poster says: WOW! ALL CANDY IS 80% OFF!

"If all you ever eat are sweets, then you'll turn your whole body into a bun too." A voice says.

"And hey, Odango Atama."

I turn around to see Mamoru, and the love of my life, Aka. But they don't have they're memories.

"Hey!" Usagi shouts. I stay motionless and silent.

"A bunhead turning into a bun body is almost too much for me to take." Mamoru says sarcastically.

"Well, you're a butthead." Usagi retorts.
"A butthead? That's pathetic." Mamoru says.

"OH YEAH?!" Usagi retorts. I look at Mamoru and Aka.

"Let's be friends and quit this arguing. I'm Akemi, mostly known to you as Odango Atama, and that's Usagi, Bunhead." I say quite calmly. Usagi tries to retort, but Aka stares at me.

"Ok." Aka says.

"Akane, is it a good idea to be trusting Odango Atama?" Mamoru says. "What if she turns against us or Bunhead turns against us?"
"I trust Odango Atama." Aka says.

"Ok." Mamoru says.

At school the next day
"May I introduce, Natsumi Ginga-and Seijuro Ginga?" Ms. Haruna announces.

"Hello!" Everyone welcomes the two newcomers.

Could they be our next enemy? I think. I feel a evil aura around those two.

"So you just came back from studying overseas?" Usagi asks.

"Si." Natsumi says.

"Wow! You're multilingual?" I ask, sounding amazed, when i'm really not.

"Talk some more in spanish for us!" Naru insists.

"Blah blah, blah blah, blah." Natsumi says.

I speak in real spanish.

"Esto es español, ella no hablaba español. Lo siento si te ofendí Natsumi." I say. Everyone, including Natsumi, looks at me.

"It means, This is spanish, she didn't speak spanish. Sorry if I offended you Natsumi." I translate.

"Wow, so you're multilingual." Usagi and Naru say amazed.

"Si." I say. I then talk in French. "Je suis multilingue."
"What does that mean?" Usagi and Naru ask.

"I am Multilingual." I translate.

"Wow!" Natsumi says. "You're impressive. I see how you could do well." I blush at that comment. Then, a flute starts playing and I rush out with Usagi and Naru.

"He's amazing." I whisper.

"I know right?" Usagi and Naru say.

It was Seijuro. He spots my group, but his eyes are locked on me.

"Seijuro...?" I ask confused as he walks up to me. I was saved by Natusmi.

"Brother, what do you think you're doing?" Natsumi asks.

"Oh...I...Uhm..." Seijuro says and then walks away.

AFter school
I Bump into Aka.

"Hey Akane." I say as I get up. "Is it alright if I call you Aka?"

"Sure." Aka says.

"Well, Usagi's in detention and she had me run and grab her some type of manga or pork buns, so, do you wanna come with me?" I ask.

"Sure." Aka says. We walk together, talking about why Usagi's in detention. Meanwhile, Natsumi and Seijuro are talking. I hear what they're talking about, well, the part about Seijuro playing the flute in the hallway.
"You can't play the flute in the hallway it's unacceptable. I'm surprised you didn't get detention." Natsumi says.

"It was for fun." Seijuro says. I don't hear anymore as we walk away. I glance one more look at them.

They might be our enemies. I think.

"Something wrong, Ake?" Aka asks. I look up and blush at the sound of my old nickname.
"Yeah." I say. I then blush a deeper, darker red. "I mean no!"

"Alright Ake." Aka says. I stop blushing.

At the house

"Usagi, STOP." I say.

"And then he looked straight at Akemi and tried talking to her! I think he has a crush on her!" Usagi squeals into her phone.
"I know right?!" Naru exclaims on the other end of the phone.

"But then Natsumi ruined the romantic moment." Usagi whines.

"It would've been cool if Seijuro and Akemi kissed." Naru says.

"I know!" Usagi says. I throw up in my mouth.

"That won't happen!" I say alarmed.

"I know I was only joking." Naru says.

"Naru said: I know I was only joking." Usagi repeats.

I stare at Sky, my face pleading: Help me.

"No. You're on you're own." Sky whispers. I whine.

"AHHHH!" Naru screams on the other end of the line.

"Naru?! Naru?! NARU!?" Usagi and I scream. I'm still in my school uniform. So is Usagi and we rush to Naru's store/home and up the stairs with Mom.

"Naru!" We scream.


I look the same as always when I transform.

"AKEMI?!" Usagi looks dumbfounded.

"I'm the pretty guardian, who fights for love and peace! I am Sailor Earth! And now in the name of the Earth, i'll punish you!"

The monster stares at me. It's tentacles extend towards me and I jump out of the way.

"I'm better at dodging than you think." I say with a hand on my hip. The monster attacks again and I jump and dodge.

"Quit acting so stupid. You think i'm Sailor Moon, the klutz who can't dodge any attack thrown her way?" I ask. "I'm Sailor Earth." I jump out of the way.

"EARTH TREE SHAKE!" I shout and attack. The monster doesn't dodge, and I hit it. Before it had hit it, the monster had tried to grab and drain my energy. I grab the tentacle and wrap it around the monster, then stand, with my hand on my hip.

"I'm sorry, but you'll have to do better than that." I say as the monster drains it's own energy. "Sailor Moon-" I look at Luna and Usagi. Usagi had just gotten her memories back.

"MOON PRISM POWER! MAKE UP!" Usagi shouts.

Sailor Moon then appears.

"Hey you! Do you think you can just drain energy?! That's unforgivable! SO now in the name of the Moon, i'll punish you!"

"MOON TIARA ACTION!" Sailor Moon shouts and destroys the monster. A projection of aliens appear.

"Who are you?" I ask.

"Ail and Ann." An alien with pink hair says.

"That's Ann." The other Alien says, he or she has blue hair. "So i'm Ail."

"Hmmm." I say. "So you're our new enemies huh?"

"Yes, it appears so." Ail says.

"Well i'll steal the heart of my Akane first." Ann says.
"YOU'RE AKANE?!" Ail shouts and the projection fades away.