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Last Chapter

He heard the whistle of the wind created by the Night Fury's wings. The dragon had engaged the attack course as planned, and was about to ignite all the gel behind him with one of his blasts.

Hiccup turned around to see a nervous looking lone girl in a blue dress standing, unknowingly, right in the middle of his trap. Hiccup's breath stopped. He froze in utter panic and could hear his own heartbeat throbbing in his head, he almost had his eyes gouging out.

This girl, she was trying to help him out, she had begged the crooks to lay off of him. Her hair was white her eyes a shade of blue Hiccup had never gazed upon. For a crazy moment, Hiccup thought to have seen an angel, a Goddess perhaps. The high pitched sound of the Night Fury approaching grew louder as the panic rose inside him.

His blood froze, his heartbeat fastened, he raised an arm and yelled at the girl. He wanted to tell her to stop, to get back, that it was a trap. His lips were moving, words were spoken, but none heard them. The explosion came first, it was chaos, a deafening blast, then flames all around him. He was blinded by the very fire that rose from the ground. The sheer power of the blast was enough to knock him out several feet.

The last thing he saw was a pair of confused blue eyes that had widened in fear in the middle of it all.

Chapter 6 – Until we meet again.

Blinding white. Buzzing in his ears. Wheezing. Hiccup tried to take a couple of steps , but the head was heavy, the sight blurred, he could not focus, and the world seemed to spun around him. He felt something warm trickle down his face, automatically he traced it with his fingers and winced upon contact. Trying to focus he looked at his hand and saw something scarlet covering the tip of his fingers.

He realized as an afterthought that he wasn't wearing his mask. He didn't even remember whenever he had taken It off. Some shapes began to emerge around him. Familiar shapes, trees… the forest. The ringing on his ear was picking up now, almost deafening him. He pressed both his hands against his ears in a vain attempt to sooth the pain and shut the ringing out.

There was a glare coming from somewhere in front of him, he didn't pay much attention to it. He felt a slight vibration on the ground and realized there was a black mass moving towards him. He raised his sword but only saw his bloody hand, no sword in it. The dizziness was indeed pretty intense he evaluated. He tried to squint his eyes and focus once more, but almost fell on the ground. He had to take a couple of shaky steps backwards to avoid falling.

His foot stomped on something, he didn't know what it was, but he felt it, nonetheless. He started to regain a bit of sight, but where his sight was improving his earing was more and more overwhelmed by the buzzing sound that was adding to his dizziness.

Finally he could see a familiar pair of ears, eyes and wings that looked all so familiar to him, and for once, Hiccup released a breath he didn't know he'd been holding. He extended his hand to connect with the scaly dragon that was now next to him, and that was worryingly looking at his human. He tried to speak to him, to reassure him, but no words came out of his mouth. He simply caressed the smooth scales over his head, glad that he was with him.

More seconds passed and more details came into view. He noticed Toothless side glancing at something and tried to follow his line of sight. Immediately his jaw dropped, for he could not believe at what he was seeing.

Unsure of whatever his dizziness was playing tricks on his mind, he tried to take a few steps forward, aided by the Night Fury on his side.

There, before him, stood an impressive monolith of glowing ice. For a moment Hiccup wondered whatever the explosion was the cause of it, before reconsidering it. He glanced briefly at his scaly friend trying to find in him the courage to move forward. Heart racing he took a few shaky steps closer, noticing more and more details. He was right, it was ice indeed, it had veins running through it, and it seemed to change color ever so slightly as if from the solid blue it was now shifting into shades of red, but perhaps the earlier blast was taking its toll on him. Yet, as he squinted his eyes to look better, it was changing color he noticed… it felt like it was… pulsating. It glowed, now more brightly, now less so, it was changing, like fire suddenly kindled by a gust of wind.

He stopped in his tracks.

Suddenly the reddish ice turned into a more yellow tone and for the first time in his life, hiccup felt a shiver down his spine like never before. The buzzing in his hears was finally subduing, yet no other sound came to replace it. As the ice seemed to glow brighter, he took his first step in the opposite direction, but without turning around, yet.

"What is that…?" He whispered to himself without noticing, barely audible. It felt strange to him, there was no trace of the ever present sarcasm in his voice, as if his very own words came from outside, from someone else.

The Night Fury must have picked up on his uneasiness for he placed himself between Hiccup and the monument of ice.

He reached for the night fury once again and felt the smooth scales over his neck and the tense muscles beneath them. He felt his dragon's breath, he noticed the way he arched slightly his back, ready to ignite the plasma blasts. With just one hand on him he knew everything there was to know, whatever was in front of them, Toothless was ready to engage, and that was an encouraging thought.

He kept looking at the monolith, it was both mesmerizing and frightening. A part of him told him to run away and yet another part begged for him to move closer and inspect it. For the first time he noticed a shape within, the ice, a Silhouette. The image was too distorted to deduce anything from it, yet this was enough to reignite his curiosity and bring him closer, careless of any danger.

He noticed the smallest of patterns running all over the edge of the almost pyramidal structure in front of him, traces of well-researched shapes, and not random ones as he had assumed at first. Even the angles, and the shapes as a whole were too well outlined to be the result of chance. In the center of it all the silhouette, and pieces of what appeared to be a cloak, or perhaps a dress of some kind closer to the edge of the ice, he wasn't sure. Suddenly from the ice appeared his own reflected face. Only from that moment did he realize that he was but a few inches from the monolith of ice.

Just the time to realize it that immediately from the ice rose the intensity of the light blinding him for an instant, and forcing him to cover his eyes with an arm raised. He shook his head in amazement and tried to back away a few steps. The fear as well as the light increased every moment. He tried for a moment to peek through the fingers, but the glow was now so intense that only a white light could be seen. He heard below him the growl of the dragon, but couldn't make much more of it.

It ceased suddenly as it had begun, and the blinding light was replaced by an unnatural cold, one Hiccup had never felt before.

He finally lowered his arm and as he looked up, he saw something in front of him that in no other lifetime he would have ever imagined to see.

Where there was solid ice before, a figure stood out. A lone creature with a feminine shape, like a Siren or a goddess maybe, emerged from the ice. No it wasn't anything like that, how could it be. His heart raced, the night fury was now steady on all four, his eyes locked on the life form before them.

Hiccup could not describe what appeared before him he could not believe it, he studied the creature, trying to figure out what it was, and for the briefest of moments they looked into each other's eyes and he saw fear in those… blue eyes, he realized. Fear that was instantly replaced by anger. Suddenly he felt his heart stabbed by a blade, and in that moment, Toothless fired. Before he could realize what was happening, before he could do anything to avoid it, the situation spiraled out of control in an instant.

But then something happened, something he had not foreseen, something incredible. The blast, the very same blast that Toothless fired suddenly froze midair before shattering on the ground in a loud bang, sending shards of ice everywhere. He was speechless.

Is this the work of a dragon? Maybe another dragon was protecting her, but where? He didn't see any. Was it a Changewing? But they certainly don't spit ice. Could it be a snow wraith? A thousand thoughts crossed his mind in a second before he saw the woman raise her arm slowly towards Toothless, and for an incomprehensible moment he was afraid. And suddenly light, and... ice. A blast, directed straight at his partner. Luckily the dragon with incredible agility managed with a leap to avoid the blow, but ended up sending his rider to the ground.

"Toothless what…?" He could not muster the words to finish the sentence, he remained still, his mouth twisted in a silly way. For a crazy moment even the woman in front of him seemed astonished, but it was only a moment, perhaps only imagination, because she had resumed to move her hands in a way incomprehensible to him, and as if she had to raise something to the sky, in a moment rose before him a wall of thick ice that removed from view the mysterious figure.

Toothless fired more shots at the wall of ice, which under the firepower of the night fury began to waver and finally crack and then crumble to the ground in a thousand pieces, but the damage was done, and behind the knocked down wall there was no figure that could be seen, the trees were too dense. Only then he realized that the wind had picked up, and it was now snowing intensely.

He was startled when he heard a sound behind him, but turning around he saw the familiar lines of another dragon, a bright Deadly Nadder that he very well knew. Lifting his head he could see the terrified look the rider was giving him.

"Astrid…" he slowly began to say, not feeling in the mood for a discussion, but was quickly nipped in the bud. "What in the love of Odin was that?!" She yelled at him, on the verge of crying. He was trying to find the words to describe what had just happened. "if that was part of your brilliant plan then I'm telling you, you are done!"

He looked down at his feet, still a bit numb. What even is the deal now?!

"Astrid, it's not like I could know… and then she just appeared out of nowhere, and me and Toothless and then sh..."

"What are you even mumbling about now? How could you be so careless to stand right in the middle of the explosion?! We went over this, we had a plan! And you care to explain me what all this thing with the Nightmare Gel was, and why it almost sent you to Valhalla?!"

"I was going to… but then she appeared…" He stopped talking the moment her Blonde, enraged friend dismounted from the Nadder, axe in hand, and proceeded menacingly towards him, giving him all sorts of traumatic flashbacks.

"And who exactly appeared, do you care to explain?" She breathed almost in his face. He could see her nostrils dilatating.

Wait what? She hasn't… she hasn't seen her! The siren, or the woman, I don't…

"Well?" She pressed on.

Oh boy, this is going to be fun.

"Look." He said, finding back some of his old sassy tone before pausing.

Yeah. I'm just gonna say there was a magic woman that shoot ice out of her hands that distracted me from finding a safe place away from the explosion.

"there was a magic woman that shoot ice out of her hands and distracted me from finding a safe place away from the explosion." He smiled like a retard.

Why do I do things!?

"You… there… WHAT!?" She was definitely surprised. He kept the smile up.

The sweet sound that hammered inside her chest and echoed in her ears, like a gentle reminder to say, hey you're still here, you're still alive. it was all she heard, the only thing Elsa sensed. Thump.. thump… thump. A single sound repeated over time. It was all she could hear, again, and again and again. She was alive. She tried to move an arm as little as she could but failed. For a moment the Snow Queen felt as if wrapped in a soft sheet and for a moment she felt like a child again, completely hidden under blankets that seemed endless in the bed of the castle.

But that wasn't the case. No, she was outside the castle. Keeping her eyes closed she tried to concentrate on her sensations, and immediately felt a connection with the surrounding world, the trees, the forest, even herself, almost as if she were an external spectator. And the blankets, those same blankets under which she hid as a child not for who knows what reason, only to have for a moment the illusion of being able to disappear from the real world and travel alone far elsewhere, well, those blankets were no longer made of soft wool, but cold ice instead. She was trapped inside her own ice. And the world was still out there.

And this time she wasn't alone, she could feel other souls around. She tried to focus to expand her sensations around her, reaching deep for the magic so rooted within the land until she was certain of it, certain that she wasn't alone.

She just needed to melt the ice and face whatever threat was outside, waiting for her.

But what might have been easy for others, turned out to be terrifying for her, and the more she stood still, the more difficult it was to thaw the ice created around her. And the more seconds passed the heavier that ice became and the more labored her breathing became, the same ice created to protect her from the world was now suffocating her, taking away her breath with every passing moment. But she wasn't ready, she wasn't ready to reveal herself to the world yet. And yet if she kept this up there would never be an opportunity to do so in the first place. There was no choice this time and she took a deep breath.

In her mind an infinity of emotions followed one another, confusion, fear, and finally anger, anger towards a world so hostile for someone like her and from which she had tried so desperately to escape, until an idea flashed through her head, brilliant and ruthless at the same time. For too long she had tried to hide from the world, safe under soft blankets, and the world had gone on quietly while she suffocated inside narrower and narrower walls, but no more. Now it was time to fight, and if the world wasn't ready to accept her she was ready for the first time to take her fair share of it. And so in her anger she did it, she melted the ice.

She was ready to fight for her share of the world.

The light finally grazed upon her face again, and fresh air filled her lungs once more. But as soon as she opened her eyes reality hit her with unprecedented force and the real world showed itself again for what it was, and in a moment Elsa realized a small detail she had not considered, apparently the world was ready to fight back.

Her nightmare had come to life. From the almost blurry shapes in the queen's memory it had now taken form before her, awfully real. A winged creature cursed with the power of fire, a dragon, was standing right in front of her. The memory of her dream came crashing down upon her, almost cutting her breath.

And a doubt and a realization took hold of his mind, she was cursed and unnatural. And as such this creature had been sent with the sole purpose of removing her from this world, as if she were a mistake to be fixed.

But she was strong in her determination to win her place in the world, and in an imperceptible way she summoned all her powers, ready to launch the attack. Only the creature was faster, perhaps it had sensed her intentions, she didn't know, but it struck with indomitable force against the Snow Queen. Yet her own magic, almost as if foreign to her, moved once again to intercept the fatal blow, which froze mid-air and shattered on the ground in a clatter.

For a moment the queen herself was surprised by her own behavior, she had done it, she was in control of her actions, yet she had almost acted completely on instinct. But now wasn't the time to think about that, it was time to act.

Gathering her strength she hurled a deadly blow at the monster in front of her, but the beast was agile and fast, and with a leap managed to dodge her blow, although slamming into a person.

A person?

It was only at that moment that Elsa saw him, a boy, and her astonishment was such that for a moment she lowered her guard, for that boy looked at her not with malice, but with fear. And that hurt her more than any blast. Was this how she wanted to be looked at by the world? and that boy, was the dragon his? what did it all mean? Once again Elsa was overwhelmed by a river of thoughts and emotions, and for a moment looking at her own hands that had tried to hurt just moments ago she wondered if she was not the monster and the freak of nature. the breaking point, that limit that once passed you cannot go back. She realized that she had too many thoughts crossing her head. She looked again at the boy on the ground, knocked down by the dragon. In the distance, above him, another distant shape appeared in the sky and she realized that there were more. She had to run away. Quickly she gathered her strength again, but this time not to attack, but for defense, and raised a solid wall between her and the enemy, before turning around and run away. To cover her escape she unleashed around her an intense snowstorm that could conceal her from view.

That night Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third was buried in a sea of questions. He had a lot of questions, too, only at the moment it was his friends' questions that pressed him, but how could he explain what happened just a few hours ago when even he could hardly believe it, let alone describe it.

"What if it was a trick, some illusion perhaps? Hiccup are you sure about that?" The most repeated question, this time it was Astrid to ask it. Of course he had asked himself the same question, and at the moment he couldn't find a good answer. With his mind working at full speed he could hypothesize dozens of possible scenarios to explain the incident, yet one after another inexorably they collapsed before the facts. And the facts were clear, for the first time in his life Hiccup had met a human blessed with the power of dragons, and that terrified him, though it wasn't just that.

"Hiccup come on! Talk to us" He looked up, at the rest of group, all hanging on his lips. "What do you want me to say?" He exclaimed almost angrily, taking the girl sitting next to him by surprise. "I have told you exactly what I saw, what I know you know too now, I don't know what else to tell you".

For a moment a restless silence shrouded the group before Fishlegs stepped forward.

"What if it's a new dragon, one we've never seen before?" Asked his friend, but before Hiccup could even start to grumble, he continued with his thesis.

"I mean, there are other possibilities besides the ones we've considered, right? We've seen dragons that can change shape, dragons that can become invisible, I mean, hiccup, we've seen some amazing things, who's to say it's not a possibility?".

For a moment, even the young chief considered the possibility that somehow he had been tricked, that it was indeed a dragon, part of him actually hoped that was exactly how it had gone as the other option was both extremely exciting and terrifying for him to think about.

"What if she had like tiny dragons, hidden in her hands maybe?" Snotlout suggested, while making weird gestures with his hands.

"I don't know guys, let's give it a rest, we'll figure something out tomorrow." He suddenly stood up and excused himself from the group, moving away from the cozy warmth provided by the fire they had lit a short time before.

He stopped only once he reached his best friend, at a safe distance from anyone else.

"And what you think bud? Any ideas?" The dragon gave him a brief bored look before continuing to nibble on a piece of wood he had found nearby, showing little interest in the problems that plagued his companion. "Yep that sound about right" Hiccup deadpanned, pestered by his lack of enthusiasm.

For a moment he kept staring at that poor little piece of wood that was meeting the wrath of the night fury, while within himself a sea of questions were making their way up again.

Was that truly you? Are you real? I know you must be. Maybe you're no different than... maybe... maybe I'm just getting the wrong perspective! Maybe you're not a human with the powers of a dragon at all. Maybe instead you are a dragon with a human form. Ha! Perhaps Fishlegs wasn't too far off when he talked about shapeshifting dragons.

He smiled while still looking at the log of wood, but still, there was something that didn't quite fit.

the oh-so-human reaction he had, those emotions, those things he had never seen in any dragon, no matter how much they might try to mimic human behavior. Toothless himself, who by proximity to humans took on many of their characteristics never had such a reaction. no, there was more, much more to the story, Hiccup was sure of it.

And just like with any new dragon he encountered, he suddenly was excited once more, perhaps something impossible had happened perhaps the two worlds came together into one being, and for the first time since the encounter hiccup wished to see her once more, to study her, know everything about her. Just like a new dra-

"Hiccup!" a voice distracted him from his thoughts. He turned only to see blonde hair and blue eyes that immediately prompted a smile out of him. He reached for her hand before squeezing it tightly, feeling reassured by her presence alone.

If she was surprised she didn't show it, but for a moment her eyes lit up as well.

"Let's get some rest, come on" She repeated the same advice he had given a little earlier, and as he nodded, they together reached their sleeping bags. "We have to find her, Astrid, you know that". He told her simply, watching her carefully to see the reaction on her face and hoping she wouldn't take it too badly. She didn't answer, if she had something to say, she decided to keep it to herself.

Just before slipping under the covers the two exchanged a knowing look, they were ready to face the challenges that the tomorrow will bring.