The nurses and the doctors were running around like usual. From patients to patiens. Maybe a surgery, maybe a death, I'll never know. I slowly started reading my book again. The Animal farm. Probably for the 20th time since I got here, but this is my favorite book. It's easy to read but hard to understand. The journey from communism to a dictature distracted my toughts from my illness. Sometimes so much I couldn't even feel the pain it gave me.

"All through that summer the work of the farm went like clockwork. The animals were happy as they had

never conceived it possible to be. Every mouthful of food was an acute positive pleasure, now that it was

truly their own food, produced by themselves and for themselves, not doled out to them by a grudging


They are freer than me. I sighed.

-How are you?-I heard a male voice from the door. I didn't even look at him, just say the words I mostly say to the people who want to talk to me.

-Dying. As usual.-I expected him to leave the room and leave me between these walls. But he sat down on the chair next to my bed and looked at me. It was hard to read while he was looking at my face, so after a while I closed the book and looked at him.

He had light blue eyes and blonde-ish curly hair. His skin was white but not as pale as mine was. I could see in his eyes that he was interested, because I saw that light that I haven't seen in years. He turned to me and put his hand on the guard of my bed. He was wearing a dark blue shirt with his sleeves rolled up to his elbow. I saw a slight smile on his thin lips before he started talking.

-I'm Tom. Tom Hiddleston. Nice to meet you-and he smiled at me. He shook my hand.

-Alice-I said-Why are you here?

-Well I do charity work here. I talk to people who don't have visitors and the nurses told me that you didn't have any for a while.

-My parents sent you to me. Am I right?-I looked away, I knew my answer. They want to know if I'm still alive. They should've called the hospital.

-Actually no. Why do you think that?-His voice sounded so gentle and soft next to my raspy voice from the lack of speaking.

-Because they are like that!-I shouted.-Sorry if they didn't pay for you to talk to me but if they did, I want you to go away. I don't need someone to talk to me because of the money they are getting.-I started playing with my black, waist long hair and waited for him to leave.

-I would like to stay-he said-may I know how really are you?

-Well they told me that I have six months to live-I looked at him. His eyes were full with sadness-they told me this for the last 5 years, so I'm basically waiting for my death. Why are you here?

-I want to make people happy.

-Why? You should make yourself happy and that's all.

-Because making people happy makes me happy too. I love seeing some heartbroken people smile for the first time because-he looked around and then he looked at me. I felt like he was seeing into my soul-i feel this unexplainable warmness inside my heart.

-And how do you want to make me happy? You don't even know me.-He smiled.

-Well I guess I should start knowing you.-I closed my eyes and laid on my pillow.

-Im Alice, 23 years old. I live here for 6 years. I have ALS and I'm going to die. Is it enough for you to know why I'm like this?-I pointed to myself.-Ohh and my left hand is basically paralyzed. I can't really move it but it suddenly moves by itself. And I have an IV because if malnutrition.

-Well I think I should introduce myself to you too. So I'm Tom-he started.

-Tom is not a real name-I said.

-Well I'm Thomas then, but most people call me Tom.

-And parents call their kids Honeybun-it's not their real name too.

-You want me to go. Right?-He stood up.

-Yes actually. It would be amazing.-I closed my eyes again. This man just made me a hundred times sleepier than I was before.

He slowly walked to my door and opened it.

-Well. I'll come back tomorrow.

-If I live trough the night.

-Have a nice rest of the day.

And he closed the door. I saw him slowly walking away from my room and I really don't know why but I felt a little excitement because he'll come back tomorrow. But I don't even know if he really will come back. He'll probably forget me in minutes.

I closed my eyes and I suddenly was in my imagined world.