Magnus was fucked.

Definitely fucked.

He'd always thought, the moment he'd find his soulmate, everything would fall into place. That he would love him or her from the first second. That they could share their lives, could be together in a relationship. He wouldn't mind complications, as long as they could be together. And he also didn't mind waiting for many centuries, as long as they would find each other.

But well, life, as always, laughed at his hopeless romantic thoughts.

It was a casual Friday afternoon in the year 1990, when Magnus opened the door to his loft, letting Maryse Lightwood inside. A woman he'd hoped to never see again.

Valentine was defeated, and she'd just given birth to her first child about a year ago. A boy as far as Magnus knew.

But well, he couldn't care less about the Lightwood family or any other Shadowhunter.

Magnus wasn't very fond of Maryse and Robert Lightwood. Would never be. Quite the opposite, to be honest.

They had a history that wasn't very...delightful. With them being former members of the Circle, it wasn't a surprise.

But Magnus also wasn't an asshole who declined his help when needed. And so he let her in, greeting her with as much empathy as he could muster.

"Mr. Bane," Maryse greeted him, she didn't look him directly into the eyes. And why should she? He was a Downworlder, less worthy.

Of course, she wouldn't make eye contact with Magnus.

She, despite everything she'd done, to him as well, was a beautiful woman, even in Magnus' eyes.

She had long black hair, a skinny figure, and blue eyes, as he was told. Something, Magnus had always loved to see. His favorite combination. And yet, Magnus didn't know if it genuinely was the color of her eyes.

Because Magnus hadn't met his soulmate until now. And that was why he couldn't see any color other than black and white...well and grey. Living for so many centuries, Magnus sometimes started to wonder if he would ever meet his soulmate.

But back to the woman in front of him. Magnus couldn't allow himself to get lost in his melancholy thoughts. There were only a few mere people who knew about this. And Maryse Lightwood would never be one of them.

Nothing else besides her beauty was appealing to recognize about Maryse Lightwood. She had a terrible character, or at least that was what Magnus remembered of her. And he definitely didn't want to change his mind about her, or her husband.

Magnus sighed inwardly, waving his hand to welcome her inside his home. Carrying a small bundle with her, Maryse stepped into the loft. Looking around the room, she pressed her lips together in a thin line. It was evident that she wanted to be here as much as Magnus wished to have her in his loft. Well, at least at this point, they were equal.

"What can I do for you?" Magnus asked as he took the lead, walking into the direction of his living room.

"I need a spell or a potion to protect my son. Alec."


Thank you.

Magnus rolled his eyes and turned his back at Maryse, preparing a drink for himself, not bothering to ask her if she wanted something as well.


"To protect him from what?" He asked instead of judging Maryse, turning around to face the woman. Taking a sip from his drink, Magnus watched, waiting for an answer.

"He's getting sick very fast. I...I can't bear losing him," Maryse answered, holding her head as high as possible as she pressed her son against her chest. And for the first time, Magnus felt something like sympathy for the woman in front of him.

"Let me see, what I can do for him," Magnus recommended, placing his drink on the table beside him. He held his hands out then, earning a skeptical look from Maryse.

"I have to look at him if you want me to help him. Don't you worry, Mrs. Lightwood, I won't bite. I already had lunch," Magnus half-heartedly joked as he waited for the woman to give him her son.

But yet, Maryse was hesitant.

Did she honestly think that warlocks ate children? She couldn't be so simple-minded.

Once more fighting the urge to roll his eyes, Magnus tried his best to be as patient and assuring as possible.

"Will you give him to me? You can stay right beside me. Just in case."

Magnus hated that he had to persuade Maryse for that.

That she thought he would hurt an innocent child.

But yet, what else would he think? That a Shadowhunter would trust him or any other Downworlder?

He fought back a snort.

"Yes...yes, of course," Maryse eventually answered, finally loosening the grip on his son, handing him over into Magnus beringed fingers.

Magnus took the child, carefully turned him around, and looked at him.

And well, that exactly was the moment, Magnus Bane knew he was fucked.

Big, beautiful hazel-colored eyes were looking back at him in wonder. The boy was wrapped into a blue blanket.

A. Blue. Blanket. Hazel. Eyes.


Magnus couldn't speak as he looked at little Alexander Lightwood. The one and only.

His soulmate.

Magnus lost his control for a moment. His demon mark - cat-like golden eyes - flashed up as he watched the little boy in his arms for a while longer than apparently necessary.

"Is something wrong with him?"

Maryse's voice finally brought him out of his stupor.

Magnus cleared his voice, glamouring his eyes before turning to look back at Maryse. And yes, her eyes were blue. Not that that was necessary right now, but well, Magnus couldn't help but check.

"No. He'll be fine. Give me a minute, and I'll prepare something for him. Give it to him with his next food, and you won't have to worry about him getting sick anymore."

A small smile appeared on the woman's face as Magnus gave Alec back to his mother.

"Thank you, Mr. Bane. Honestly."

Usually, he would be surprised by a thank you from a Shadowhunter. But today, Magnus was just glad that he could keep his attitude up and press a: "You're welcome," through his gritted teeth.

Magnus turned around, walking away from the woman.

From his soulmate.

He exhaled a shaky breath as soon as he was far away enough for Maryse to not recognize. And while he was preparing a potion, he couldn't stop to think.

There was no way in hell and heaven that he would have a chance to get together with his soulmate. With Alexander about to become a Shadowhunter in the future and Magnus being a Warlock - a Downworlder with demon blood running through his veins, Magnus knew that they wouldn't ever have a chance. Knowing what had happened in the past with Downworlders and Shadowhunters, who were soulmates, Magnus knew that he had to protect Alec from that. That he had to keep his distance to the only person that was made for him.

And it fucking broke Magnus' heart.

He went to see his friends after Maryse had left.

Catarina and Ragnor.

He'd told them everything that had happened, and they honestly tried to comfort him, but nothing worked.

The pain in his heart would never ease, as long as he would live. Magnus simply knew that.

Alec Lightwood always wondered what it was to finally find and be together with his soulmate. To be happy with the person you love.

Everyone told him that when a person found their soulmate, they would finally be able to see colors.

Problem was, Alec could see colors since he could remember.

Bright and wonderful.

It was in his dreams that Alec, since being a child, saw those golden cat-like eyes. The most beautiful thing he'd ever seen until now.

And that led him to one conclusion.

He already must've met his soulmate. Alec didn't even waste time with the thought about not having one. It happened from time to time, yes.

But not with him.

That was what he thought for many years until he stopped seeing the beautiful eyes in his dreams.

And now, being in his early twenties, Alec started to consider that perhaps, he didn't have a soulmate, despite his hopes.

Maybe the Angels punished him for being gay.

For having a crush on Jace, his parabatai.

Perhaps he was supposed to be alone for the rest of his life, watching his siblings and beloved once finding their soulmates and having their happily ever after.

Just as he started to try and accept the thought of being alone for the rest of his life, he began to see them again. Golden eyes, flashing up right in front of him as soon as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Alec knew that this meant something. But what? Which person had such magical eyes?

Alec looked out for them. On every mission. No scratch that.

All the time.

He desperately wanted to meet the person, the eyes belonged to. Alec wasn't someone to be alone for the rest of his life. And he also refused to get married to someone who wasn't his soulmate. Like his parents.

Even if he wasn't out of the closet yet, Alec knew that his soulmate was out there, waiting for him.

When Magnus saw Alexander Lightwood for the first time since he held him as a baby, he was a grown man.

And holy shit, he was the most beautiful creature walking on earth.

Magnus was at his club, the Pandemonium, accompanied by people he honestly didn't care much about anymore the moment he saw Alexander.

It was as if his eyes were suddenly glued to him. And though the club was full of people, Alexander stood them all out.

Everything stood still as he watched him walking through the crowd, accompanied by his parabatai, Jace Wayland. His sister, Isabelle, also joined them.

Of course, Magnus had kept an eye on Alec through all those years, making sure that he was doing well. But he'd done it through Catarina, Dot, or Ragnor, not being able to face Alec more than necessary.

And he'd done pretty well.

Until today.

It still hurt a lot to know that he could never be in a loving relationship with Alec. Nevertheless, Magnus knew everything about the Shadowhunter that was documented and what his friends had told him. And that was why Magnus also knew that he was looking out for him. Or, more so, his eyes.

Magnus didn't know how Alexander might have remembered them. He'd been not much older than a year when they met. But somehow, their connection must've been more profound than even Magnus knew could be. He comprehended that sometimes, soulmates were able to remember their very first meeting. But Magnus didn't know that this also was meant for a child.

Following every grand move, until Alec was out of his sight, Magnus forgot everything around him. Even the drink in his hand.

Having seen Alec made his heart heavy, his excellent mood disappear.

The familiar sting in his heart hurt just as much as almost 20 years ago.

Magnus was done with this evening.

He emptied his glass and left the party without another word.


Jace had found his soulmate.

Clary Fray. No, Clary Fairchild.


Alec couldn't even force himself to be happy for his parabatai. As hard as he tried. And he really wanted to be happy for him.

But goddamnit. This girl was just so fucking annoying.

And when his sister found her soulmate only hours later, Alec was done.


Could it get worse?

"Impossible," Alec muttered to himself as he waited for Clary and Jace to come back from the Silent Brothers.

Isabelle was with Simon, her newfound soulmate who happened to be the most nerve-wracking human on this goddamn earth aside from Clary, doing whatever they were doing.

Alec honestly didn't want to know.

And when said Simon was kidnapped by the Vampire clan of Brooklyn hours later, Alec knew that it could get fucking worse. How were two people able to bring so much chaos into his life within a few hours?

His mood was impossibly bad when he and Isabelle made their way into the Hotel Dumort as a fucking distraction so that Clary and Jace could save Simon from the Vampires.

Since Clary and Simon had come into their lives, everything had turned upside down, that was for sure. And all Alec could do was lashing out at both of them, including Jace.

Only his sister kept him as calm as possible.

Jace did everything imaginable to help Clary getting her memories back. He put her over everything and everyone.

And now they had to find a warlock. The High Warlock of Brooklyn, to be accurate.

Magnus Bane.

Alec had heard a lot about him but hadn't been lucky enough to meet him by now. And that was why his curiosity was the only reason why Alec actually joined his siblings and Clary on their crazy mission to find the warlock.

At the Downworlder rave, Magnus was gone too fast, fleeing from the Circle through a portal, as soon as they appeared.

But for once since she'd appeared out of nowhere, Clary was useful, and they were able to follow him.

Right in time, though.

Valentine's men had found the place, Magnus and many other warlocks were hiding.

The moment, Alec found him, he was fighting a member of Valentine's Circle.

"Your cats' eyes will be a nice addition to my collection."

Wait, what?! Cat's eyes?

Alec put the thought aside, having no time to think about it at the moment.

Saving the High Warlock of Brooklyn was more relevant.

Shooting an arrow at Valentine's Circle member's leg, Alec came closer, leaving the rest for Magnus. He waved his arms graciously and fired his magic at the man. He was knocked out fast, slumping to the ground with a loud thud.

Turning around to check the room for more of Valentines' Circle members, Alec, still in a lousy mood, muttered: "Well done."

"More like medium-rare," was the answer Alec became. And the voice was...well, like music to his ears.

Surprised, he turned back around at Magnus, who was looking at him, his expression unreadable before he apparently pulled himself together and stepped closer to Alec. It seemed hesitant, but only for a moment.

"I'm Magnus. I don't think we've been formally introduced."

And Alec couldn't fucking help himself but smile. And it wasn't just a simple, polite smile he used to throw at other people.


Alec felt his whole fucking face lighting up as he looked at Magnus while answering him. His lousy mood fastly forgotten, he also took one step closer to the warlock.


And Magnus? He just smiled back all so tenderly, making Alec blush in an instant.

Wait...blush? Him?

What by the Angels was going on with him?

"Well, uhm, we uhm...should really...uhm, probably know..." Alec stuttered out, gesturing in the direction where his siblings were waiting for him.

He'd never stuttered.


But there was something about Magnus that made him feel like a fucking teenager.

"Right." Magnus was fast to agree, nodding in understanding as another slight smile crossed his lips. "We should...join the party."

"Right," Alec replied, looking at Magnus once more. Feeling another smile making it's way to his face, Alec was fast to turn around and almost ran away from Magnus.

What the hell was wrong with him?

Magnus was back at his home. After the disaster, Clary had brought with her, and the final loss of her memory, Magnus hadn't heard from the Shadowhunters for a few days. Not that he minded at all. Magnus actually enjoyed the peace.

He liked Clary a lot.

She was the only child, he'd come to see growing up.

Clary had become a lovely young woman. But yet, she'd brought nothing but trouble with her.

Having a drink, Magnus was about to sit down and simply do nothing other than petting his cat, his wards announced visitors...Shadowhunter. And...a werewolf?

Suddenly curious, Magnus waved his hand and let the doors to his loft pop open. And that exactly was the moment Clary, Jace, Simon, and Luke Garroway struggled to get inside.

Quickly, Magnus made his way over to the three and helped Jace, placing Luke, who obviously was wounded severely onto his couch.

"What happened?" He asked in between, lifting his hands to ease Luke's pain. Blue magic spilled out of his fingers, surrounding Luke, who calmed down in an instant.

"Alpha bite," Clary exclaimed frantically, taking Luke's hand in his. "Can you help him?" She asked desperately as Luke started to groan in pain once more.

Of course, Magnus could help. It would merely need a potion and his magic. A lot of it. more look at Luke told him that he would need strength...his soulmate's power to be accurate.

It didn't often happen that soulmates needed each other so much. But since he'd seen Alec a few days ago, Magnus had this strange feeling in his gut. It was his body, his very soul who was craving for his soulmate. And his magic did the same. He couldn't do anything without thinking about Alexander.

And because of the fact that Magnus wanted Luke to be alive, he went to Jace.

"I need some ingredients. And I need Alexander," he told a surprised Jace, before handing him a list with the things he would need.a

"Why Alec?"

"Virgin energy," Magnus answered solemnly. It wasn't the truth, but Magnus couldn't and wouldn't admit to anyone that he needed Alec at his side because he was his soulmate. No Shadowhunter could know.

And Jace only shrugged, occupied with other things. Things, Magnus didn't care about. He took the list and pulled out his cellphone to call his parabatai.

Magnus didn't know what he was telling Alexander, he quickly turned around and crossed the room. Waving his hands, Magnus brought all the ingredients he would need to a table and started to prepare the potion.

An hour later, Magnus already felt drained. Luke was in a lot of pain, and Magnus poured all of his magic into him to keep him alive.

Where, by the hell were Jace and Simon?

"I'm running out of magic!" Magnus panted, standing over Luke, holding his hands high, letting wave over wave of magic pouring into a groaning Luke.

Clary, who Magnus had already told how to put the last ingredients into the potion, desperately looked at him.

"What do we do?"

"I can't leave him. You have to feed the potion to Luke as soon as you prepared him," Magnus told Clary through gritted teeth, unable to even look at her. He honestly was barely holding himself up.

"What about you?"

"I hold on as long as I can," Magnus almost shouted, trying desperately to stay his ground. He'd seen many Alpha bites before. But this one, by far, was the worst he'd ever helped with.

It didn't take much longer before Magnus started to sway and feel dizzy. He wouldn't last much longer.

And just when he thought that his legs gave out.

But instead of sinking to the ground, Magnus felt hands on his shoulders, steadying him, holding him firmly.

Bending his head weakly to the direction he assumed the person holding him, Magnus saw Alexander watching him with a worried expression.

"Help me," Magnus murmured, breathing heavily. "I need your strength."

Holding out his beringed hand, he saw Alec nodding through his blurred vision. Alec took Magnus' hand and squeezed it gently.

"Take what you need."

They shared an in-depth look. Almost as if to look into each others' soul, before Magnus gratefully smiled at him.

Alec, standing behind Magnus, steadying him. He held Magnus' hand tightly in his palm. Magnus could barely concentrate on anything other than taking Alec's strength to have enough magic to save Luke.

And finally, after another few minutes had passed, Clary came and fed the potion to Luke. Knowing that Luke would feel better within minutes, Magnus stopped pouring his magic into Luke's body and slumped against Alec, knowing that he would catch him.

And just that was the case.

Catching his breath, Magnus took his time and leaned heavily against Alec. He was absolutely drained, could barely hold the glamour on his demon mark.

" okay?"

"Could me to my room? I need to rest," Magnus only answered, feeling cold sweat on his forehead. It wouldn't take much longer before he would pass out. And Magnus was too proud to faint in front of all these people.

"Yes...sure," Alec shyly answered. He helped Magnus to his feet, who leaned heavily against the Shadowhunter, guiding him with a nod to his bedroom.

The way wasn't long, but his legs gave out at least twice until Alec finally helped him sitting down on his bed. Gladly, the Shadowhunter had held him throughout the way, steadying him when needed.

Magnus felt too weak to even speak, as he recognized that Alec was helping him out of his shoes. He wouldn't have been able to do that on his own. But yet, Magnus was surprised that Alec did that much for him. He wanted to tell him that he didn't have to do that, but Magnus just was too weak.

He didn't even acknowledge that his glamour must have dropped somewhere on the way to his bedroom.

"Do you need anything else?" Alec asked, his voice gentle, yet very worried. Magnus looked at him and shook his head, not realizing the shocked expression on Alec's face.

"Just need to rest," he murmured exhaustedly, forcing the words to get out of his mouth. "Thank you, Alexander."

Magnus forced his body to move, to lay down. He didn't even feel his head hitting the pillow as he fell asleep in an instant. Magnus also didn't recognize how Alec, all so tenderly, wrapped a blanket around his body. Or that he sat down on the floor beside his bed, watching over Magnus while he recovered.

Alec didn't know what to think.

His soulmate was Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn.

Alec would recognize those golden eyes everywhere. And the moment, Magnus had looked at him with his cat-like golden eyes, all so exhausted from keeping Luke Garroway alive, it had hit Alec.

By the Angles. Out of anyone, Alec hadn't thought that a Downworlder, a warlock even, would come to be his soulmate.

Not that he minded.

He didn't mind at all, to be honest.

From the moment of their first interaction, Alec hadn't been able to stop thinking about the warlock. No matter how hard he tried.

And that was something that hadn't happened before.

Now sitting on the floor beside the drained warlock, Alec knew why. They were soulmates.

Of course, Alec couldn't put his mind away from Magnus. His body was craving for the warlock, he wanted to have him as close as possible.

Feeling the delight of finally having found his soulmate flowing through his body, Alec allowed himself to relish the feeling for a moment.

He knew that he should be confused, angry even. But Alec wanted to give Magnus a chance to explain the situation, for Alec was sure that Magnus they were soulmates. He already felt the deep connection they shared.

Watching Magnus' sleeping form, Alec decided to stay right where he was. Magnus needed protection while he was out, and Alec required answers. Making himself as comfortable as possible, Alec leaned against the bedframe and watched his newfound soulmate.