Chapter 4


Bonnie watched her husband slip on his suit jacket. He then went to his dresser, grabbing his gold watch and slipping it onto his wrist. Bonnie was sure that watch alone cost him more than it should have, not that her husband cared. He'd never cared about such trivial things as he called it.

Money meant nothing to him.

Simply because he had enough of it to last him more than one lifetime.

Slipping out of bed the slight chill in the room hit her bare arms and thighs. She'd only been in a cami and shorts. Slipping her arms around her husband she pressed her head to his back. Damon relaxed feeling his wife touch him.

He'd never get tired of that feeling. Ever. Especially after knowing what it was like to lose her for a period of time. No matter how short it had been.

"You're going to do great," Bonnie whispered into his back.

Damon sighed. "How do you know?"

"Because I spent the past hour riding the shit out of you before I sucked your cock in the shower. You should be energized as fuck."

Turning around Damon laughed. "You're crazy you know that."

"But you love me anyway."

He kissed her quickly. "I do."

Together Bonnie and Damon left their bedroom. While Bonnie headed to the kitchen, Damon headed to his office to grab his briefcase. By the time he was in the same room with his wife she already had a morning cup of coffee ready for him to go.

"Do you want breakfast?" she asked.

Damon's body warmed. His wife was always there, ready to please him in any way, shape, or form. For a single moment his past transgressions crept back to the front of his mind. He willed those thoughts to go away, having no interest in thinking about how he once almost lost the best thing in the world.

"Not this morning, but thank you." He placed another kiss against her forehead. "I'm going to head out. Call me if you need anything."

She smiled into Damon's jacket, loving the way his scent filled her. Besides the cologne he had on his smell was all him. Sexy. Alluring. Dangerous. She loved it. "I will, promise."

She'd make sure of it. In fact she was going to make it a point to call him every day at the office like she did in California. It had become a habit after they moved and tried to fix things. He never complained about it. Bonnie was positive that people in the office thought she was one of those crazy wives. If they knew the half of what she had been through in her marriage they might not have been so quick to judge.

"Thanks for helping me today," Bonnie said to Caroline as her friend backed out of their driveway. Since her car had been a lease in California, much to Damon's disapproval, she had yet to get one here. She knew her husband could buy her one if she asked but she wanted to do it herself. And she would. She just hadn't gotten to it yet.

Caroline grinned. "It's no problem. Anything for my bestie. Elena wanted to come but I said no. First, I needed alone time with my friend I already shared you at the barbecue and second I want to give my input without her trying to tell me what I think I mean."

Bonnie shook her head. While they were all friends Caroline and Elena had this thing between them. It was weird. They got along but to an extent. She wondered if all of them weren't so connected would their friendship even exist? From what she'd heard when she and Damon were in California the two didn't go out of their way to see each other often. Only at events and whenever the girls all got together. They'd only been out once or twice together for a coffee date with just the two of them.

"What's that about?" Bonnie questioned.

Caroline sighed. "You know I have love in my heart for her but we aren't in high school anymore. Elena doesn't run everything and she isn't the center of everyone's attention. I'll admit I had my problems back then but I've grown, a lot."

Bonnie nodded in agreement. If anyone had come a long way it was Caroline. She went from a girl craving attention to a fierce, loyal individual who loved with all her heart.

"Anyway," Caroline drawled. "Are you nervous?"


"Damon going back to work."

Was she nervous? Yeah. Especially when that's where their issues really started. That's where he met her and where his affair began. She gulped down the memories not wanting to think about her life had been blown to smithereens by her husband.

"Yeah, I am."

"It's okay to not trust him Bonnie."

"I do trust him," she whispered. "It's just after everything that's happened I get nervous when he's in certain situations, you know? Like if he goes out for the night with the boys I worry. If he doesn't answer when I call my body can't handle it. I get twitchy, fast. Now that he's back to work in the place he met … you know, I'm nervous."

"If it helps his secretary is a man."

Thank goodness for that. Bonnie worried less knowing that Damon's personal assistant was not the same sex as her. It made her so happy that when he told her she gave him head on the sofa before riding him until they'd both came at least twice. The memory made her thighs clench together.

"Whatever that look is on your face I don't even want to know," Caroline said. "Seriously get it off."

Bonnie laughed. Before they went to their first stop Caroline stopped by a local drive-through coffee shop to get herself an iced coffee. Bonnie wasn't much of a coffee fan so she only ordered a water filled with ice. Caroline rolled her eyes making sure to tell her friend how boring she was. After that they went to the daycare Caroline's co-worker suggested. From the moment they parked Bonnie knew she could see herself brining Logan here. First impressions were everything and the outside space was definitely beautiful. Flowers were planted along the walkway. The door had lettered blocks on it shaped as a horizon over the company name and hours.

Caroline had called ahead setting up a meeting for a tour and personal information session later. Sally, the owner of the facility was nice enough to do the deed herself. Bonnie sometimes wondered to herself whether or not people did things because of her last name. The Salvatore name had a lot of pull and she being Damon's wife meant she often got to reap in the benefits. Whether she wanted to or not.

"When do people typically bring their kids to start?" Bonnie asked after they looked around. Logan sat on her lap, his back against her chest. His tiny fingers locked around her own melting her heart.

Sally grinned in her seat. "As early as six weeks."

Although Bonnie couldn't imagine bringing Logan into daycare so early she understood why some parents had to. Things were tight. Not everyone had a two parent household, and even if they did not every job understood that some had to stay home with their kids. It hurt her heart to think of mothers who didn't get that extra time with their babies. Not realizing she was doing it she held Logan closer.

From that question Sally went on without Bonnie having to ask anything. She told her about the hours, faculty and staff some of who she met on the tour. It would be a definite expense every month but worth it. She knew eventually Logan would have to interact with other students. Especially if she went to school during the day. When they went to the college after this place she definitely wanted to keep her options for online classes open. If she had it her way she could do at least two or three online and the others in person so she didn't loose out face to face communication.

By the time Sally was done talking Bonnie was sold on the daycare. She made sure to get all of the paperwork that she needed so when she and Damon discussed it tonight he would be on board. As she buckled Logan back up into his car seat she couldn't help but wonder what Damon was doing.

How is first day back on the job was going.

"Good morning Mr. Salvatore," a voice said from the door.

Damon looked up from his spot at his desk. He was glad he'd come in early. It gave him enough time to do little things, like place pictures of his wife and son up on his shelves, and a picture of the three of them together on his desk. Gave him time to reorganize, get his computer started, kick his feet up, and relax.

It'd been a long time since he'd been in this room. Mixed emotions hit him as he looked around. His faults slammed into him like a truck. Ultimately the only reason he felt odd about being here because this was one of the places he used to fuck someone that wasn't his wife. He wiped his face at the thought and was glad that Marcel had come to get his attention.

Damon studied the boy, or young man rather. Klaus' friend from what he gathered. That was part of the reason he got the job, connections. Not that Damon cared. If you knew someone who could help you go for it.

"Call me Damon."

Marcel nodded. His shirt was tucked into his pants and he had on a pair of glasses. From the first look of it Damon bet the kid was a nerd. He wondered how he ended up friends with Klaus Mikaelson of all people.

"Damon," Marcel said, still standing in the doorway.

Damon waved a hand. "Come in, sit."

Once Marcel was settled Damon took his feet off of his desk. "You nervous?"

"A little."

Damon grinned. Good. The kid wasn't a liar. Even if he had tried it would have been no use. Damon saw right through him. The fact that his shoulders seemed to shake wasn't helping him cover his nerves.

"Don't be. I promise all the stories you heard about me aren't true." He wiggled his eyebrow, "Well some of them are."

"Just here to do my job."

"Like you already. So as you know I am going to be taking over the operations of this place. I don't know how things were before I got here but they will be run my way. Whatever my brother taught you, erase it from your head."


"First thing for you to remember when my wife calls you answer."

Marcel nodded. "Understood."

"I like to know about my meetings first thing in the morning. If it's a big one I'll probably remembering but mentioning it days prior is nice." He watched in amusement as Marcel began to take notes. "If my office door is closed and someone wants to come in call me first." Especially if its Stefan, he added quietly.

"Got it."

Damon went on about a list of things. Each thing that was said Marcel nodded his head, jotting it all down.

"Do you have any questions?"

Marcel shook his head. "What kind of coffee do you want in the morning?"

Damon sighed. Although the question was a nice one it irked him to no avail. "You aren't my maid and you don't have to get me coffee or lunch or anything. I can get it myself. More people need to realize that." Marcel looked at his new boss caught off guard. He licked his bottom lip before opening and closing his mouth. Obviously he didn't know what to say to that. "Nice to meet you."

Once he left Damon spent the remainder of his time looking at a new account that had come up. If he secured it that would be a big win especially on the first day. He was so engrossed in what he was doing that he didn't notice Stefan until he was standing before him.

"What?" he said to his brother, not looking away from his computer screen.

"Nothing I just thought the new boss would be here to great all of his employees."

He heard the snide in his voice. Apparently now that his wife wasn't around playing nice was done and over with. "Once the breakfast I had ordered for everyone gets here I'll be sure to say hello. Make sure you get your plate last."

Stefan sat down. "What are you doing Damon?"

"What does it look like? I'm working, the same thing you should be doing."

"No, what are you doing here? Haven't you caused enough damage? Why come back? You and Bonnie were doing great in California. Now you have a son together. How did you manage that by the way? When you guys left she practically hated your guts. Did you poke holes in the condom to make sure she'd never be able to leave you?"

That did it. Damon was on his feet in seconds. Before he realized what he was doing he had Stefan pinned to the wall, choking him. "You watch your fucking mouth."

Stefan laughed. "Oh, someone's definitely angry. Did I hit a nerve?"

Damon leaned in. He wanted his brother to see every part of his face. "You stay the fuck away from my wife."

"And if I don't."

"I'm serious Stefan. I better not catch you around her when I'm not there."

Stefan rolled his eyes. "Unfortunately even if I wanted Bonnie she wouldn't go for it. She's too in love with your dumb ass. But since we're threatening one another the same goes for you. I better not catch you around Elena when I'm not there."

"Tell her to stay the fuck out of my house then." Damon didn't bother mentioning the fact that he had no interest in Elena Gilbert. Not even in the slightest. He told Stefan she was nothing but a slut before he started dating her. Not his fault his brother never listened.

Damon let Stefan go. His brother tried to act like being pinned to a wall didn't effect him but Damon saw past him. His heart was racing. His face was red. Stefan was pissed. Oh well. That's what would happen when he walked around and made false accusations.

"I'll see you at breakfast then."

Damon knew he should let it go. He knew he shouldn't have said anything. Unfortunately for Stefan, he was an ass. Once he got to the doorway of his office he called out his brothers name. "Just so you know Logan was made out love. Pure love. Something you will never know or understand."

Stefan didn't linger and by the look Marcel had on his face he had heard more than he ever wanted to.

"Sorry," Damon apologized.

"No worries," Marcel said back. "Happy first day."

Yes, Damon thought bitterly. Happy first day.

Bonnie is 11 years younger than Damon. When they met she was 19 and he was 30 :) Thanks for reading! :)