Slight AU. The 2 kisses happened between Tommy/Jude but Tommy never asked her on a date and nothing happened around her 18th. This is set shortly after her 18th.

Tommy sat at the mixing board putting the final touches on Jude's latest single. It was past 11 pm and his co-producer, and friend, Jude had succumbed to sleep over an hour ago, taking a nap on the burgundy leather couch located behind him. He had gotten up to cover her with his leather jacket, a little while ago, given her forehead a gentle kiss when he bent over her. She smiled slightly but remained peacefully asleep.

He was pulled from his concentration on the music when he heard noises coming from behind him. He swiveled in his chair, looking at a still sleeping Jude but she no longer sleeping peacefully, instead shifting and gripping the leather couch. Moans and sighs could be heard escaping her parted lips.

Tommy's gripped his hand into a fist at his side. He couldn't believe she was having a wild dream in his studio. And it was probably about Jamie Andrews. He gritted his teeth, remembering that a few months ago his own desire's had been squished.

Tommy had finally planned to tell Jude that he loved her and wanted to be with her, renting out her favorite Italian restaurant for the night before her 18th birthday. It was finally going to be their time.

But alas, his plan had hit a fatal flaw, because just a week before that fateful day, Jude came in smiling, sharing that Jaime had taken her dinner the night before and they were going to try again to be a couple. Tommy felt his hopes crash before him. He couldn't say anything though, she was happy. Kwest had then become the lucky recipient of his private dinner, already having the night paid for. Kwest came in the following day, with a lopsided grin, having earned major brownie points with girlfriend, Sadie.

Tommy came out of his memories when Jude starting to become louder. He had had enough, he couldn't sit there listening to this, it was torture. Just as he stood to go shake Jude awake, her noises changed.

"Mmmm...Tommy", he froze startled. He looked at Jude continuing to swift around. "Tommy!" she yelled passionately.

Tommy turned around and gripped the sound board. His breathing suddenly coming out as ragged gasps. His mind raced as did his pulse, she was dreaming about him?! And from the sounds of it, it wasn't so innocent. He tired to calm his breathing and pulse by taking deep breaths.

Jude sat up and removed the leather jacket from around her, it still wafted Tommy's scent and cologne. She was still dazed though and not fully awake, in a state between dream-state and reality. Her eyelids half drawn, still imaging herself in her fantasy world. She saw Tommy with his back to her, smiled sultrily and came up behind him, hugging him behind, molding her body to his and nesting her check into the space between his shoulder blades, breathing him in. Her arms reached out and encircled his waist.

Tommy stiffen immediately. After a few tortuous moments he carefully turned to face her, still encircled in her embrace. He looked down at her face, with a raised eyebrow. He noticed that her gazed was unfocused, and she seemed to mentally somewhere else, not actually present in the moment.

Jude grinned up to him and reached up to kiss him, murmuring "Mmmm..Tommy" in the process. The sigh Tommy didn't realize he was holding escaped his lips. He was powerless to stop it, he too seemed to be in a dream-like daze. Not that he was complaining.

When their lips touched though, he snapped awake, and put all his feelings into it, making it passionate. He reached behind Jude's neck holding on and angling the kiss. A few minutes, he ran his tongue against Jude's bottom lip, asking for entrance. This caused Jude to snap awake and realize she was no longer in her fantasy but really in the studio, in Tommy's arms, kissing him like she had just been doing in her dream. She stiffened, dropped her arms from around his waist and stepped back to brake the embrace. She was breathing slightly heavy and so was he, raising her eyes she risked a glance into his and noticed they had darken significantly.

He reached out for her again and grabbed her into another kiss, this time stepping back with her until the back of legs bumped into the couch. He sat her down, never braking contact with her mouth. He was reaching the point of no return so he had to ask. Tommy pulled back, breathing heavy, "what about Jaime?", wincing slightly mentioning the other man's name and revival in Jude's affections. He didn't want her to regret what may happened between them to as a mistake, having cheated on her boyfriend.

Jude blushed pink and hid behind her hands. Looking at the floor, she told him "we broke up last week...I moaned...Tommy...after we kissed" she sheepishly admitted.

Tommy chuckled a little, putting his index finger under her chin to swift her gaze back to him. He pecked her lips and grinned. "You can moan Tommy whenever you want around me" he said with a raised eyebrow, semi-jokingly.

His tone shifted and deepened "what do you say about playing out one of our fantasies?" Looking straight into her eyes.

"Our fantasies?" Jude gulped. Thinking she may have misheard him.

Tommy gave her a sexy smile, "you aren't the only one to have wild dreams in the studio. Why do you think you sing so many takes? Half the time, I'm not really listening but thinking of what else you and I could be doing instead" he admitted unabashedly.

Jude's blush deepened and without thinking blurted out, "mine usually involve less clothing". As soon as the words were out, she slapped a hand across her mouth, her eyes having gotten large.

Tommy chuckled, standing up. "That can be arraigned" he said while taking off his shirt.

Sometimes reality can be as good as fantasy Jude momentarily thought, before losing all train of thought when Tommy passionately kissed her again.