Edward left Bella. Bella decided to move on with her life. Five years later, she is a psychology Teacher's Assistant at Dartmouth in New Hampshire pursuing her Doctorate when one day, a Cullen is in her class... Explore how Edward gets her back with a few little twists, but Bella isn't the same girl he left in Forks. Vampward and Human Bella.

I do not own Twilight or the characters. All that belongs to Stephanie Meyer.

I was approaching Dr. Brueing's class for our first day of the fall semester. I had to admit I was excited about being a teacher's assistant under her, even if I was nervous about tutoring others. She was one of the more profound and prominent facility members in the Psychology field. I knew working under her would give me the top notch guidance I needed to excel in this career.

After Edward, life was just so bland. I found nothing interesting, especially not boys. I couldn't really get serious with any of them anyway; I was always comparing them to him. But what really stood out to me were the minds of outlier's, people who weren't normal, people who were strange and made others uncomfortable. After my very abrupt ending with the supernatural, I couldn't find it in me to go back to the boring old human life I had. My intuitiveness and smarts always allowed me to figure out people. I decided why not use it? Not that I'll ever be able to read those minds…

Dwelling on the past didn't hurt as much anymore. I have come to the conclusion that I was unwanted. Of course self-esteemed issues brewed, but as I said, I'm not in the mood to date. I want to succeed in my field, and that is where I focus my energy.

I walked into the big auditorium for the freshman's Psych 101 class. The buzz of conversations in the room are loud, and I find my seat in the front on stage with my co-worker's: Shay and Evan. Introductions between us are made as Dr. Brueing enters the room. She calls the class to order. I turn to face the group, curious to see the crowd I would soon be helping.

I cannot help but feel slightly uneasy. There's something in the room, something triggering my reaction, like I knew I was being watched. I glance around the students, one by one. Dr. Brueing decides to introduce us to the class. The students I would be lecturing during discussions would be in the Monday morning slots. She announces Shay, then Evan, who both stand and wave to the students with a quick hello. As my name is called, I too stand and wave. When I sit down and glance back, that's when I see him..

My breathing stopped. My heart hitched in my throat. I couldn't believe what I was surely hallucinating. There is no mistaking him. Nothing nor no one in the world could have such a breathtaking and perfect face. His bronze hair an untidy mess just like I remembered it. His unordinary pale skin caused him to stand out more from the other students. His eyes wide as he stared at me, as I am sure mine mimicked, shocked to see him here as he was to see me. I couldn't make out much gold in them, they were more black and bruises under his eyes dark. I shuddered as I imagined what that meant. I still couldn't breathe.
What did it mean that he was here? Were they all here? Here in New Hampshire? Or was it just him? I could just be imaging it all. I couldn't, wouldn't believe that he stumbled into this exact classroom on this exact campus by accident. There was just no way that was possible. I haven't hallucinated him in a while…. And I have never hallucinated HIM under these normal circumstances. Was I losing my mind?

But there he was, staring intently at me as I was him for the whole class. I did my best to slow my breathing, trying to avoid making a scene that would surely come if I began hyperventilating. I'm surprised I didn't faint. I was beyond noticing if anyone saw my odd behavior, too stunned to form coherent thoughts really. I just stared at him, relishing in the beauty of his face, forcing it to memory as I always did when I imagined him.

Thankfully, this was only the very first class. Dr. Brueing warned the students after going over the syllabus that today was the only easy-going class of the year. She expected full cooperation and perfect attendance for the rest of the semester. With that, she assigned the first chapter reading and 10 question analysis. There will be a vocabulary quiz this Friday. Class dismissed.

I was still too shocked to move. Blinking rapidly, I finally tore my eyes away from him as students rise from their seats, trying to keep my breathing under control. I just needed to get home and then I could break down again…

I rise and grab my bag, pushing through the students that wanted to speak with Dr. Brueing. I know I was being rude ignoring the ones in my own discussion, but I couldn't be in here another moment, another second. I was so close to losing it. I push through and follow the students out of the auditorium. I didn't see him leave, but I knew that meant little. He could be lurking in the shadows still. Just got to get home…

But I knew I wouldn't make it that far. The one stall bathroom of the 3rd floor would have to suffice for my breakdown. I barely held it together as I ran in and slammed the door, locking the bolt and sinking to the floor. Waves of pain washed over me, despair and anguish clouded my mind as I sobbed my broken soul out once again. I didn't care if I was loud, I'm sure I was blocked out by the stampede of students moving to their next classes. Several minutes went by when I received an email from Dr. Brueing:

Hello Bella,

You took off pretty quickly from class today looking quite pale, are you well?

Also, I have just posted the TA schedules and the students in your class. It being the first day, please keep in mind that this number count will change as the students switch. I have assigned you to Friday morning, I hope that is not a problem. Please review the schedule and let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you Ms. Swan. Your thesis on music theory in terms of psychology greatly fascinated me.


Dr. Brueing

I clicked the attachment and quickly glanced through the list. Despite the recent events of a few moments ago, nothing could've prepared me for what I saw. I gasped and my world was suddenly flipped upside down again. In the list of names, I couldn't even fathom the others because the attention of one stood out to me so much more vigorously. In the array of names, only one was the bane of my existence but also the focus of my entire universe. There, under Ashley Cullory, was the name Edward Cullen.

Holy shit! I am Edward Cullen's TA! Edward freaking Cullen is in my psychology class!