"Who are they?" Ron whispered at the entrance of the Ravenclaw Tower. Before they went in, Ron wanted to know who exactly were they looking for. He really didn't need to look like an idiot in front of the entire Ravenclaw house.

Luna gripped his hand tightly. Yes, they were still holding hands. It just felt oddly comforting.

"Lisa Turpin, Padma Patil, Marietta Edgecombe, Cho Chang, Terry Boot, Michael Corner, and Anthony Goldstein." she whispered back.

Ron clenched and unclenched his other hand. She named seven Ravenclaws. Seven. What was wrong with these people?

Luna saw his reaction written broadly over his face. She knew she had to continue, to tell him the rest.

"Wait!" she half yelled, desperately holding him back. "I don't think they do it willingly." She said in a milder tone.

"What?" Ron said incredulously. This girl was obviously too forgiving. He was going to murder those githeads who made Luna so insecure that she immediately trusted anyone who showed her even a small bit of kindness.

"You heard me. I don't think they do it willingly. At least," she ammended, "they would prefer not to."

Ron just stared. And stared. And stared. After two minutes, he seemed to regain his voice. "Alright then. Okay. Let's... let's just go in now, we can sort this out later."

Luna nodded solemnly.

"Right then..." Ron rubbed the back of his neck. "How do we get in, again?

Luna smiled at him. "You ask the eagle knocker to get in, and he'll ask you a riddle."

Ron smirked lightly. "Well, why would anyone expect anything less from Ravenclaws?"

Luna smirked back and touched the eagle knocker lightly. The eagle abruptly started to speak, and Luna hastily retracted her hand.

"What has one house's head, it's rival's tail, and the body of none?"

Ron smiled inwardly. This was easy.

"A chimera." Ron said confidently. The eagle knocker looked surprised and annoyed, until he smirked.

"Indeed, Mr. Weasley. I inherently thought that a Ravenclaw might have told you the answer of this riddle, but I would have... known if such an occurrence happened. Looks like I owe the 7th year Ravenclaws three passes for their friends! Three! My reputation will be ruined!" he grumbled good naturedly.

Ron raised an eyebrow and was about to start interrogating the knocker, but Luna tugged him inside Ravenclaw Tower before he could say anything.

Ravenclaw Tower was exactly and the opposite of what he was expecting at the same time. Sure, there were millions of books stacked sky high to the ceiling, but the layout was extremely modern. More modern, he realized with a lurch, than Gryffindor Tower.

Ravenclaw Tower's common room was in the shape of an extremely large oval. There were large velvet dark blue couches with bronze embellishments (such as pins on the arms). surrounding the fireplace, with high backed chairs of the same type surrounding a large, rectangular ebony table with small copper embellishments. In the middle of the room was a peculiar circle of couches and chairs, all of them pointing inward, with an eagle blazed in the center of the floor. Those, Luna whispered, were for relaxation, and they fit the entire house. Ron couldn't help but smirk when he noticed the walls though. Starting right from the white marble and bronze floor that faded into blue once it reached the staircases and to the ceiling that was a miniature replica of the Great Hall's, a warm brown bookshelf that curved along with the wall slithered it's way through the entire perimeter of the room, sometimes stopping to jut out a book to somebody. Bronze sticks in the shape of everchanging birds fluttered across the ceiling, sometimes making their way to a large window opposite the door, where they dissolved into puffs of mini copper-colored clouds once they passed it. Two identical staircases were on either side of the large window, and probably led to the dorms. Finally, there was a life sized white statue of Rowena Ravenclaw right in front of the double doors, which he and Luna had to go around to get to the actual common room. Overall, the atmosphere was very modern, but still had a homey feel to it. It was, Ron realized with a jolt, a place that he wanted to be. Ravenclaws were the type that encouraged you to read and learn, but didn't nag you to, like Hermione. It was a friendly atmosphere, like Hufflepuff, but understood when you needed to be alone (unlike Hufflepuffs, who were firm believers in group comfort). Growing up with second hand things that were out of fashion and so obviously old, Ron had always secretly wanted to one day have a modern home. Even the Ravenclaw colors were so soothing. Don't get him wrong, Ron loved the action and pop of Gryffindor, but Ravenclaw was a place where he wanted to go back to after classes, whereas he always dreaded going back to Gryffindor Tower, since he knew that he would never get any work done, with the rowdy and loud atmosphere, his twin brothers always pestering him, Hermione nagging him to do work, and his spoilt sister constantly screeching at him to get Harry to like her. Ravenclaw was soothing, it let you do your work, ask questions, read or draw or whatever, or quietly chatter with somebody. Ron noticed that 1st years were talking softly with 7th years, something that was practically unheard of before in anywhere but Hufflepuff. Yeah, Ron decided, he might actually ask for a transfer. Suddenly, Ron got abruptly pulled out of his thoughts.

"Lun... Looney, why'd you bring Ronald Weasley into our common room?" Marietta Edgecombe sneered lightly. Suddenly, all soft chatter in the common room stopped.

"I'm here," Ron said rather bravely, "I'm here to see you answer a wrong.

Marietta stiffened, but raised an eyebrow all the same. "Well, well" she drawled, "what have we done for the mighty Harry Potter, sorry, sidekick, to walk into our humble," Marietta gestured across the room, "abode." Marietta smirked, but there was something other than derision in that smirk. There was regret. Broadcasted for the entire tower to see it.

Suddenly, Luna spoke softly, but firmly. "Marietta, drop. The. Act. Now."

Woooh! I hope that this satisfies at least a little bit of your Roncentric story tendencies today. I know, I know, I said I'd post on the 9th, NOT THE 14TH, but I'm sorry, I'm sorry, ok? But I'm posting now. The love and reviews I'm receiving for this astounds me, y'all are so kind. But please let me know the answers to the following questions:

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Robstar21- Yeah, it's awful, nobody actually bothered to think about how Ron felt about the twins, and then Ron gets portrayed as a bully in fanfiction! Ron's not a bully!

Troyweb - I agree, the twins were the actual bullies, even if they didn't know it. I get the impression that Fred and George hated bullies, but they didn't realize that there was a fine line between bullying and pranking, and they crossed it a lot. As for Ron being a bully... just no. Ron was, in no way, a bully, but he was so much more than some comic relief either. Some bash Ron for the sole reason that he left, left when Harry needed him, but you can't blame Ron for being slightly jealous when he never got any attention from his family! Plus, Ron ALWAYS came back. That has to count for something.

A Guest - Hey, your ideas were amazing! I didn't even think about making the story anything more than a oneshot, but your review showed me otherwise. The storyline will basically be sticking to your review.

Nanetezz - I honestly never really thought that the twins bullied Ron until now, when I realized that quite a bit of Ron's insecurities were from them. There was always something off about their behavior toward him, I suppose.

The K2 - I agree. Completely. I used to get bullied quite a bit when I was in, say, 3rd and 4th grade, all by older students, to the point where a kid two years older than me threw an object at me, and it hit. I still have the scar. I... everyone, even my friends, thought I was a tattle tale, and that was true. I was. The only solution my parents ever showed me was to tell the teacher, and that's what I did, but that got me a lot of bullying from other people, not that I ever really cared. But the point is, to this day, whenever that guy sees me, he smirks, and he points on his own face to where I have the scar (no matter how small it is). He does small annoying things, like tripping me and stopping me when I'm late to class, and then people say, gurl, that was years ago, get over it. But I can't. Other people have done other things to me too, but I don't have much of a problem with them since they act like some type of a decent human being. This is basically the same thing that happened to Ron, in my opinion. The twins gave him lifelong Arachnophobia, and then they laugh at his reaction to spiders. So, yeah. I get what you're saying. All the best to you too!

James Birdsong - Thank you!

Gwen - I get where you're coming from with the whole Ron = rude classmates thing. His friendly arguments with Hermione used to be taken as a time where he just hurled insults at her for no reason by me too. But Ron is a great character that doesn't deserve the hate. :)

Chemrunner57 - Yeah, I love Ron and Luna too! I kinda sorta hate it when fanfiction writers portray Harry and Hermione as smart and powerful, and then show Ron as nothing special or some sort of stupid villain. Ron is not a bully, but he is so much more than a comic relief. But anyway, I love Red Moon, I always feel like Ron and Luna would work so well together!

Another Guest - Thank you! Yes, I'm planning on a confrontation between Ron and Hermione, (if y'all want it) but how is your choice too. ;). Hermione is my favorite character, but her flaws are what make her special. Hermione is rather condescending, and it is true, the house elves were happy, but she thought she knew best. She always thinks she knows best, and she was quite rude to Luna too, wasn't she?! So, yes, Harry and Hermione will meet Luna soon.

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Troyweb - I mean... I suppose, lol. I don't know if you've noticed so far, but here's the chain reaction: Luna's getting bullied by the Ravenclaws; the Ravenclaws are doing it because (something) else is going to happen to them; the one who's forcing the Ravenclaws is doing it because of someone else. Or two. I'm thinking Voldemort and Dumbledore, ya know?

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