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Third Person POV

A young, small boy, no older than eleven years old, sat on a tall wooden stool, uncomfortably cringing as the pointy black hat that sat above his head moved about, muttering in a rather loud tone. The tiny boy that sat underneath the hat sighed, simply wondering whether he could just leave the hat and go home.

His hair was a clean, pure white, and streaked with lines of dark gray, combined with a style that was messy, short, and noticeable. But the boy didn't ant to be noticed anymore. Instead, he sadly cringed, wondering why the people sitting at the four long tables that stood in frontal him had to so intently stare at him.

Ah, yes. Doubt. I see. Your mind is full of great, curious intelligence. Perhaps you could be a Ravenclaw.

Confounded, the small boy began to move about on his stool, wondering where the voice came from. Then he looked at the hat that proudly sat upon his head.

Like many Ravenclaw, you're strange. Weird. Eccentric. With a few streaks of wisdom. And you question everything. But while your mind has great intelligence, your heart isn't in the same place, is it? You want to have power. You want more. You want to prove yourself worthy.

Yet, I can't say you're a Ravenclaw or Slytherin. You could have fit in at Hufflepuff, but your rather, well, serious nature says otherwise. But Gryffindor is for the brave, the bold, the heroes of the world. You don't exactly fit in anywhere. Where do you want to go, boy? It's all up to you at the end, anyways.

"Gryffindor? What's Gryffindor? The name sounds cool."

Ah, yes. Well, Gryffindor it is.


Everyone that sat underneath a certain red banner dramatically cheered, raising their hands into the air, and cheering, and clapping, and whatnot. They looked at the small boy expectedly, who shyly smiled, stood up, and placed the hat on the chair as he ran towards the Gryffindor table with a small smile and no shortage of pride in his heart for being part of Gryffindor.

He soon sat at the table, shook more than a few hands in pride, and leaned back on the wooden bench, hoping for the sorting ceremony to soon end, due to the large heaps of food that were rumored to await him. Fortunately for the young Matthew Zammen, the ceremony soon ended, and a huge circular plate then appeared before him, along with forks and spoons and huge plates stuffed to the brim with heaps of luxurious, mouth-watering food that appeared to be extremely appetizing yet rather unhealthy all the same.

Matthew clinked his utensils together, and quickly began to dig in, enjoying the huge heaps of food that awaited before him. And although he didn't know it, the people around him would soon take control of his life and become his greatest friends.

Sirius Black sat nearby, with long, sharp black hair that nearly reached his shoulders and a rebellious gleam in his eyes. Then there was short, timid Peter Pettigrew, with scruffy, yet short hair and a somewhat fearful look in his eyes. And you couldn't not mention James Potter, with his short brown hair and broken glasses, or Remus Lupin, with his brilliantly intelligent eyes, combed blonde hair, and formal expression.

Matthew quickly and messily devoured his heaps of meat and vegetables and potatoes and whatnot with no evident mercy, if at all, smirking, seeing the large heaps of delicious, mouth-watering food slowly awaited him and made his stomach greedily grumble, to the disgust of many that sat near him.

Yet, Matthew didn't mind scarfing down the huge meal that quickly stuffed his belly. All the young boy could think of was what was before him, and nothing else.


"Hey! Isn't your name Matthew?"

Matthew turned around to see a boy his age, slightly taller, slightly more mature, with blonde hair and a red tie. The blonde boy smiled, immediately taking Matthew's hand and firmly shaking it.

"Well, hi. I'm Remus. Want to hang out in the Gryffindor common room after the Transfigurations class? I don't know what you've heart about it, but from what I know, McGonogall is going to be brutal. Just word of mouth, though."

"Oh. Um, okay."

Remus sighed, smiling, then shook his head dramatically.

"You don't have to be so shy, Matthew. It's not like someone's gonna kill you in the first week of school."

"Well, um, what about the second week?"

Remus gazed into Matthew's eyes, confused, then began to laugh.

"Oh, um, I mean nothing by it. But seriously, you'll be fine here. If you don't make it through your first week of school here, don't worry, that's gonna be my bad."

"There's a chance I'll die in the first week?"

"I'm just joking, I'm just joking! Don't be so tense, jeez. Now, come on. You can meet my other friends. Is that cool with you?"

"I guess."


Remus and Matthew ran throughout the corridors, which were stuffed to the brim with young students, all between the ages of ten and eighteen, hoping to catch their next class as they madly dashed about, hoping to actually make it to class on time.

"So, Matthew, what's your favorite food?"


"Great! What kind?"

"Well, I especially prefer strawberry cheesecake, with the crumbling layer, smooth texture, and creaminess-"

"Damn. Stop talking, you're making me hungry."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I really am, don't hurt me-"

"Jeez, I thought I just told you that nobody will probably kill you in the first week of school. Now, hurry up, or else we're going to be late. Like, seriously, come on. Why do you have such short legs?"

"Um, I don't know. You see, my dad-"

"I'm just joking around, calm down. Sorry if I scared you."

"It's fine."


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