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Chapter 1-Hermione

Demigod dreams are annoying. Period.

I woke up feeling pretty pissed off at the gods, specifically Hypnos, for dreams. I stretched, freshened up, and walked out to meet the day. I decided to go to the Big House and say hi to Grover, who wasn't doing so well after an encounter with a dracaena. I met Annabeth coming towards me on the way there carrying a large box with Percy Jackson, Poseidon Cabin. written on the side. "Percy!" Annabeth called. "This came from your mom apparently. Some old stuff of yours or something like that." "Oh, thanks Annabeth!" I called back. "Hey, how's Grover?"

"Oh, he's doing better. Mind taking this? It's heavy."

"Sure." I said as I took the box. It wasn't too heavy, but I didn't say that to Annabeth. "I'll bring this back to my cabin." I told her. "See you later?"

"Yeah." She replied. I turned around and headed back towards my cabin. That was the last time I saw Annabeth Chase alive. I walked back to my cabin and stepped inside.

I put the box down on my bed. It was sealed with duct tape. I grabbed my penknife and sliced it open. It was filled with notebooks and pictures and drawings and stuff. I allotted the rest of the afternoon to looking through it. And where is a better place than the beach? So I lifted the box and headed down to the sandy paradise.

Line Break

After a few hours, I made it through the box. I was about to pack everything back into the box when a glint at the bottom caught my eye. I peered in and saw a silver ring. I picked it up. There was a little blue sequin stuck on the outside, and on the inside it said 'To Percy, stay silly. H.G' I sat there, thunderstruck. My gods. This brought back memories. I still remembered he day I recieved this ring. And then an explosion and a blast of heat came from behind me. I was tossed like a ragdoll into the sea. I looked up above the water as I sank down and there was red everywhere. I waited until it dissappeared, then rose from the water. And very nearly sank back down at the sight before me. The hill separating the beach from the camp was gone. But that wasn't the problem. Not by a long shot. No, the problem was the entirety of Camp Half-Blood was blasted to smithereens. And there was no doubt in my mind that everyone was dead. I noticed the storm clouds hat had appeared about two minutes ago dissipate, and I knew who was responsible for this. I set a course for the Empire State Building.

When I arrived, the doorman was no longer present. The elevator was as open as it had been during the Battle of Manhattan. I got in and pressed the button for the 600th floor.

Some crappy song was playing. 1 star. Horrible service. Will not use again. I walked briskly along the sky path, and almost ran up to the Throne Room. I saw red as I rammed the doors open.

The fifteen deities present(The Twelve Olympians plus Persephone, Hestia and Hades) all looked up in surprise and shock. "What did you DO!" I shouted. Zeus looked at me. "How... did... why...?" "I was on the beach when you brutally destroyed Camp Half-Blood, Zeus. Mind telling me why you did that?" He seemed to pull himself together. He sneered. "I do not have to answer to the likes of you, demigod." he said. I uncapped Riptide. "Zeus, I will remind you that I am destined to defeat Kronos, a being ten times more powerful than a god. What could I do to you?" He paled a little. "There is your reason, boy. You demigods were becoming too powerful. I had to-we had to-resolve that problem." I felt that my overflow of anger would have flooded the room. "There wouldn't happen to be a prophecy involved, would there?" I snapped. He sighed, then recited:

The Children of Olympus grow powerful still,

And unless the Gods show their primal will,

Unto the Immortals death shall reign,

Reliving the past and predecessor's pain,

Constant yet is the spawn of the sea,

Which either way revenge he'll see,

Olympus shall stand by Olympian's might,

Lest the Aeon-old legacy succumb to night.

I stood there in thought. So I'll get revenge for camp. Well, that's the first time a prophecy's worked in my favour. So I stuck Riptide into the throne room floor. A crack appeared, then it widened. Water gushed out. Hestia dissappeared into the flames and Poseidon evaporated, but before anyone else could leave, a wall of water covered the throne room. "You were right to fear our power, Zeus." I said. "And now I'm taking yours. Everyone here loses their main Immortal abilities for the majority council vote to destroy the demigods." Zeus evidently tried to blast me with lightning, but it didn't work. Once everyone's power was drained sufficiently, I continued. "Now, by the will of Olympus to survive, I bind you here, to keep the Eternal Mountain from being lost forever." And with that, I used my godly abilities to teleport from the room.

Line Break

I appeared in my mom's apartment. I knew, however, that I couldn't stay there. Not with camp gone. I took what I needed and left a note on the counter explaining it all. Then I wondered where I'd go. Then the ring came to my mind. The ring I had recieved from Hermione Granger at the end of a fun-filled summer when she'd been holidaying from England and was renting the apartment next to ours. We'd been the best of friends that summer. We sent each other one or two letters, and I remembered her address. And I knew where to go. I teleported.

I appeared in the middle of a rainstorm in London. I felt a pain behind my navel and felt the godly powers drain from me. Of course. I was away from the heart of the West. I moved the rain around me so I didn't get wet. I still had my demigod abilities. Good. I looked around at the house numbers. I found the number 32. I walked up with the ring in my hand. I knocked on the door. There was fumbling with keys and the door opened a crack. A bushy haired forteen-year-old girl looked out at me.

"Yeah?" I wordlessly handed her the ring. Her expression started on confusion, then surprise, then shock. She looked up at me disbelievingly. "P-Percy?" I saw the silver ring with a brown sequin to match her eyes on the hand that held my ring. "The one and only." I replied. "Oh my god, what are you doing here?!" she exclaimed. "Good question," I replied," but inside? It's wet and freezing." "Sorry, sorry. Come in!" She opened the door wider and I stepped in. I took off my shoes and jacket. I put my bag by the foot of the stairs. She noticed this. "You staying nearby?" she asked. "All in good time, Hermione, all in good time. Where are your parents?" I inquired. "On their way home. They'll be here in 5 or 10 minutes."

"Excellent. Let's surprise them, shall we?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Ah, my little apprentice still has her enthusiasm!"

She laughed. We went in and sat on her couch and started catching up. Eight minutes and forty-seven seconds later her parents walked in to see their daughter casually talking to a strange man on their couch. Her mother yelped. "Eh, Hermione? Who is that?" Hermione smiled and stood up. "Do you remember our trip to America?" she asked them. "Yes, dear." Her mother replied. I turned. "Percy Jackson, at your service."

Her dad's face erupted into a grin and her mother beamed.

"Percy!" Her dad called, "Good to see you!" They took off their shoes and coats and sat down opposite us.

"So why are you here, Percy?" her mother asked. "Well..." I took a deep breath." My, uh, stepdad left and my mom died, and the summer camp I went to was...knocked down, and I couldn't stay in America anymore. So I found the ring Hermione gave me, and I thought I might as well come to Britain and see her, anyway." "Oh, Percy, I'm so sorry." her mother said. "Do you have anywhere to stay?" Her father asked. "Eh, currently, no. I was gonna find a cheap apartment or something-" "Percy, that just won't do." He looked at his wife for confirmation. She nodded. "Percy, you can stay with us." My eyes widened. "Really!?" I asked incredulously.

"Of course, Percy. You made a very good impression on Hermione and ourselves in America, and we'd love it if you stayed here." her mother said. I teared up. "Thank you guys so much. This really means a lot." "Now, we only have two bedrooms, so you'll have to bunk in with Hermione if that's-" "No problem at all." Hermione interrupted. I smiled. The rest of the day was spent catching up and making arrangements, and as I lay on the Grangers' air mattress that was my bed until they got a proper one, listening to Hermione's snores, I thought that maybe everything would be okay after all.