*Chapter Five: A New Chance*

I was alone in the park. I couldn't think of anything else but Fiona. She was so special to me, one of the few people I loved… why did she have to go? I know she was dead but… I loved her.

I walked through the town, and I stopped in front of an hospital. There was something strange pushing me to go there… suddenly, a nurse ran through the hall and fell down with a lot of papers. I went to help her.

"Thanks" she said, and I helped her with her papers. But when I read one of them, guess what I found… the paper said 'O'Connor' Pretty strange. Wasn't that Fiona's last name?

"Excuse me, miss" I said "Could you tell me who this person is?"

"Oh… O'Connor… that's one of my patients… from the fire occurred near Morton High School"

"And it's dead?" I asked.

"She's been unconscious for 2 weeks" she answered "She's been between life and death, because we didn't know if she could die any moment. Now she's fine" What? She was alive? I had to know…

"Can I see her?"

"Sure. Room 245" she said, and I ran to the rooms section.


"235…240…242…yeah! 245. Here it is" I said.

I slowly opened the door and walked into the room. I saw a person lying in the bed, and I came closer… I looked at the face, and it was very familiar…incredibly familiar…

"Fiona?" I asked. Yes! It was Fiona. Somehow, she had ended up there.

Suddenly, she began to move, and slowly opened her eyes. She gave me a long glance, trying to recognize me.

"Are you okay?" I asked her, and she gave me the same smile I liked from her.

"Cole…" she whispered, and I gently pulled her into a hug.

We talked, and she explained me everything. She wasn't dead, she was just unconscious. That's why her body wasn't cold like the other ghosts I had seen. She didn't forget what happened in those two weeks… and I doubt I ever would… I thought I had lost her, but now I had a new chance…


"Cole! Your girlfriend is here!" My mom shouted.

"In a minute, mom!" I said, running all the way down the stairs. Fiona was waiting for me, because we were going to Madison's party.

"God, Cole! It can't take you that long to put on a jacket!" my mom yelled, and Fiona giggled.

"Okay, okay, I'm ready!" I shouted, running to the hall where my mom and Fiona were waiting for me.

"Cole!" Fiona said, hugging me. I looked at her. My God, she looked great. "We're gonna be late for the party!" she added.

"Yeah, we've gotta hurry" I said.

"You two make such a cute couple" my mom said, and Fiona and I blushed. "Bye guys, have fun!"

"Thanks, Mrs. Sear!" Fiona said.

"Bye, mom!" I said, taking Fiona's hand and we got out of the house.


In the party, I was with Jeremy and Rick.

"So this is Fiona…" Rick said.

"Yes. Nice to meet you, guys" she smiled.

"Cole, you have good taste… she's hot" Jeremy said into my ear, and I pinched him.

Fiona and Rick laughed.

Some time later, a slow song came onto the speakers.

"Wanna dance?" I asked Fiona.

"Sure" she answered. I put my hands around her waist and she put hers around my neck. We were dancing when we found Jeremy dancing with his girlfriend Madison (well…trying to dance. Let's be honest, he's a bad at it). But when he tried to do a move, they slipped and fell down. Everybody was laughing, me and Fiona included.


Later that night, I was with Fiona at the backyard of Madison's house. We were talking about anything that came into the conversation. Then there was a moment when we were silent. I didn't know why. But I hugged Fiona, and put my hands gently on her face. I looked into her eyes for a long moment, I came closer and… yeah, I kissed her. I felt her lips against mine. It was just a moment before she put her hand on my neck and kissed me back. We kissed for…my god, it seemed like an eternity. Then I broke the kiss and whispered softly into her ear "I love you, Fiona"


It's been 8 months since that happened. Fiona now lives with her aunt, 2 blocks ahead of my house. We also study in the same school so I'm used to walk with her and Jeremy when I go home. Okay, it's been a little time, but I still love Fiona like I always did. And it still amazes me, it's a strange…and beautiful love.

The End.