'Take your time' had always been an odd sentiment to me. It wasn't as though I was impatient but after over two hundred on this earth, things like time seemed trivial. Another thing I didn't understand anymore was 'soon', it didn't make any sense, it happened now or in a hundred years I'd still be here waiting. And to me that kinda sucks.

If another vampire asked me what I do, I'd say I'm a nomad but that never felt like it applied to me. i wasn't a nomad by choice but rather default. My sire, the one who changed me was probably dead and I couldn't care less, he told me about what I was and the laws and even introduced me to a few people, that was all I needed from him.

Fifty years ago I met a strange vampire called Irina, she told me of ways beyond my imagination, that a vampire could feast on animals rather than humans. She offered me to join her coven but I refused, again I was lonely and suspicious by nature.

I couldn't say it was fun.

Out of all the people in the world I trusted my closest friends were not any of them, Alistair was a swiney little bitch but i knew him well, even Charles and Makenna, most of the Irish and Egyptian covens who I held dear to my hearts would betray me in a heartbeat. The only people I'd ever really trusted were my sisters, Louise and Ethel, and they had been dead for years. Many, many years.

As an English nomad with a taste for travelling I didn't get much time to breathe, the Volturi had been up my ass for years and I really hated dealing with their petty begging. Aro thought I was useful, or rather my gift was, I could look at someone and just know little things about them. Benjamin said it was my Spidey-sense and Makenna said I just knew shit.

I can't really argue with them to be honest but my gift doesn't work like that.

It's like being observant, magnified to the point where I don't even need to make observations, I just knew. It was like a vibe lingering off people,if they were dangerous, if they were trustworthy, if they were criminal. I tended not to trust anyway though, people's vibes can change easily.

The only person it hadn't worked on was Kebi and that was only because the weak cow didn't have a personality, the only reading I could get was that she loved blood and Amun. But with vampires that's more common than not.

When I say 'most of the Irish coven' I mean it, Liam is plain rude and Siobhan can be too stubborn but Maggie, to me I loved her like the twins, like a sister. She was so innocent and sweet but yet we always worked together, both having gifts to identify the truth. If there was one person in the world I'd do anything for it was Maggie, she didn't deserve the cards she was dealt and I strived to make her an animal-eater like me.

I was in some forest in Montana when she called me, surprised the hell out of me as well.

"Maggie?" I asked into the cell phone, my voice thick from my previous hunt.

"Yup!" she said a little too happily, she only ever got like this when she put down a liar. "We are in Washington right now and about to head home but a gifted friend told me to check up on where you are."

I growled. "Who knows about me, Maggie?If it's from the damn Volturi-" she stopped me short with her laugh. "What?"

"OH ANNA! Leave it to you to be the only supernatural on Earth not to know! Even Alistair, even the werewolves!" she laughed and I considered the possibility vampirism was finally driving her mad.

I decided to ignore her and began to run towards Washington, I was passing through Idaho when she stopped laughing.

"OK, we're in Forks, just search for our scent, Siobhan sends their love. See you soon." She said when I got into Washington.

It was understandable that I would miss the big action after excluding myself from the immortal community for so many years but Maggie seemed actually surprised. I couldn't say I wanted to hear this story but something told me it was necessary.


Maggie ran into the room with a burst of happiness and familiarity and we all stopped what we were doing so she could whisper something to her coven and Liam could pull a sour face.

Siobhan put a tight smile on her face and turned to our family. Carlisle in particular.

"I'm sorry but Maggie's forgotten her manners. An old nomad friend is in the area and is comin' to visit." She seemed apologetic but her mood was just as annoyed as her mate, only Maggie seemed happy with the arrival.

"Are they going to be a threat to Renesmee?" Bella asked, unconsciously answering my first thought.

"No, the girl's gifted and doesn't trust well but much like Alistair she's all bark and no bite." Maggie giggled and put her arm on her creator's shoulder, she seemed to think that was funny.

"She's like Alistair in a lot of ways, Siobhan, a grumpy european nomad with trust issues and an invasive method to get out of Volturi's way. No wonder they get along!"

Liam's mood and sour expression deepened and he turned to me before walking out the door in a sulk.

"You thought Edward's self-loathing was bad, little 'Alistairia' has been killing humans for fifty years longer than he ever did."

Unlike Alice I was not looking forward to this, this nomad seemed like bad news, I'd hated Alistair from the moment i'd felt his mood and she didn't seem any better, my only consolation was her youth, Liam had said fifty years and that was perfect, not too well trained, not too strong, not too informed.

Exactly how I liked my enemies to go down, stupid. Emmett was the perfect wrestling partner.

"Looks like a certain idiot isn't happy to see me."An amused british voice said, it twinkled like bells and sent shivers down my spine, for the first time in a century my first instinct was not to kill but to protect.

I turned to see the most beautiful immortal I'd ever seen in my life leaning against Esme's door frame. She was a masterpiece, her lengthy dark hair was ruffled from a long run and her blushless cheeks freckled, I sensed an exoticness in her looks that didn't fit with her English accent. Although her beauty shone from every feature, from her tall frame to her plush pouty lips, it was her eyes that captured me the most, though. A liquid golden that only two covens in the world possessed.

Maggie threw herself at the nomad and I fought the urge to growl even though her intentions were pure.

"ANNA!" She smiled into the hug happily, uttering the precious name from her lips.

"Maggie!" Anna laughed and my dead heart felt it would beat again, "Care to explain what you're doing in Washington with..." she glanced up at us and saw our eyes, her mouth opening in shock.

Her eyes flickered to each one of us, analyzing us. She had just finished Edward and Bella when she saw Renesmee. We all waited with baited breath for her response.

I found that I would turn on my family instantly for her, for reasons unbeknownst to me, she became my everything.