Author's Note: Remember the part where Dr. Claw tells Inspector Gadget that he should have listened to his niece when he had the chance before dropping Penny off from his van filled with explosives? Well, this fanfic should answer on how did Claw know about Gadget not listening to Penny about her potential to the investigation.

"Dr. Claw is on his way to the valley of Riverton where he will activate the superweapon as part of his plan to rob the Federal Gold Reserve Bank. On the way there, he looked at Penny who has been quiet during the ride in his limo. At least he has the time to start a conversation with her.

"Why did you come to my lair, Penny?" he started asking her the obvious question. Penny looked at him for a brief second before looking back at the window. Despite her silence, he is not bothered by it. He has another way to reach out to her. "You know what, don't talk. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. After all, what kind of supervillain would listen to his hostage's story?"

Penny took a deep breath before started speaking.

"My uncle..." she began, her voice shaky. "He didn't listen to me when he had the chance."

"Go on," Dr. Claw encouraged, glad that his reverse psychology trick worked on her.

"All I wanted was for him to see my potential in solving cases. Whenever I asked him to let myself be involved, he kept telling me to stay out of it. When I showed him evidence in that convention, he still didn't listen to me, so I ran out of his room crying. What's worse is that he didn't even try to stop or comfort me. He just stayed in his bedroom, lamenting he will never fight crime again now that he is fired from his job because of you."

"Yes, yes, that is true."

"So Brain and I decided to solve the case without him, and that's how we found your hideout," Penny concluded her story.

"And look where it got you, getting captured by me," Dr. Claw lamented her situation, then he continued on. "Your uncle Gadget is right, Penny. You wouldn't be in this situation, had you not stuck your nose in his investigations, but at the same time I should be impressed. You found my hideout, something your uncle and his police friends aren't able to achieve especially the chief who only sees you as a Nancy Drew wannabe. He did call you that, right?"

"Yes, he did," Penny replied honestly while looking uneasy on the memory of what Chief Quimby called her as.

"Just as I thought," Dr. Claw grinned. "They don't appreciate a kid like you trying to solve their cases, but they're not smart people. You, on the other hand, are smart. You may be just a kid, but you're smart nonetheless. For that, I congratulate you for finding me before your uncle did."

As she looked at him, Penny felt like he is being honest in congratulating her.

"Thanks..." she said with appreciation.

"Anytime, kid," he appreciates her thanks.

Despite the pep talk, nothing has changed between them. They're still enemies, but there is some lingering decency Dr. Claw has shown towards Penny, something Gadget will never see of him.