Chapter 1

Wally West, on the outside a fun loving, impulsive loud mouth geek. At least that's how most people would describe him, but underneath all of that Wally had a secret something eating up at him for what seemed like too long now.

It had been 3 years now since Wally's mom "Marry West," Had passed away and things had gotten worse around the house.

Rudolph West, Wally's dad, has always been rough around the edges, and just a bit more discipline, but Mary always seemed to bring him to life and keep him in check.

That was until the passing, Grief stricken, Rudolph turned to drinking. He would spend countless hours getting wasted while his superhero son was at home balancing his superhero life with his normal life.

10:00 PM Friday

Wally was downstairs in the kitchen looking through their cupboards for food, with little success.

His stomach growled.

He looked out the window, "Dad should be home any second with the groceries, then he could eat."

Wally made his way to the couch and turned on the T.V, switching through the channels trying to take his mind off of the immense hunger he was fighting.


Wally jumped from his seat and turned towards the door.

The door flew open and in came his father staggering all over the place holding a beer can in one hand and the house keys in the other.

Wally let out a sigh of relief.

"Hey dad, you umm get, you know the groceries?"

"Huuuh, ummm no I was out, eat what we have in the house."

"There is no food in the house, you were supposed to get more"Wally whispered under his breath.

"Whaad you say to me boy." Rudolph now looking angry.

"Nothing, nothing. I'm sorry I asked."

"You're always sorry, fuckin wimp."

His dad stumbled towards wally only to lose balance and catch himself on the counter.

Wally sighed, and helped his father up to the couch where he passed out.

"Great, no more money for food, thanks to beer, and I have a long training session tomorrow with Black Canary." Wally thought as he headed up the stairs.

His stomach growled.

Wally walked into his somewhat cluttered room, and opened his closet where his Kid Flash Uniform was.

"Tomorrow's gonna be a long day"

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