Chapter 17

The funeral had been scheduled on the 23 of December since there was no way Iris or Barry where going to book it on Christmas or after. They wanted it done with as fast as possible to help Wally get through everything as easily as possible.

The few days leading up to the funeral where hard and hectic Barry and Iris where out preparing everything as fast as they could and they ended up paying for a cheap coffin that would be closed during the ceremony.

Of course Barry was the one more or less making the decisions since Iris was having a hard enough time keeping her emotions in check and not wanting to put more stress on her Barry decided to put himself in charge.

Everyone was emotional and confused but Wally was suffering the most. He began having nightmares of his father coming back to pull him to hell and even though his nightmares where a more common thing at this point Wally still couldn't shake the feeling that his father was still alive somewhere ready to take him back at any moment.

Christmas supposedly the happiest time of year become the most tormentingly slow and aggravating time of year. All parties had been cancelled until after the funeral and just everything seemed so surreal that even dinner times which where usually spent with much chatter and games where now quite and slow.

Although even after enduring all of this Wally still had hope that they would make it through this and still have a happy Christmas day.

December 13, Monday 2:00 AM

Wally awoke with a start but soon calmed down when he realised he was in his old bed. "WAIT OLD BED! What am I doing back here. no no no no no no no, I can't be back here not at this place OMG Uncle Barry, Aunt Iris!"

Wally started to panic as he realised exactly where he was he was in his old room his old house that house that almost killed him.

Suddenly loud foot steps could be heard from the end of the hall with each getting louder and louder.

Wally shrunk into his covers knowing exactly what that noise meant. "This can't be happening not again." thought Wally as the last of the footsteps stopped right outside his door.

Then without hesitation the door swung open to reveal his father who looked even larger and meaner then ever before.

"You thought your could get away from me boy, oh you wish your were fast enough, now I'm going to kill you while I have the chance." Rudy scowled now approaching the shaking boy.

Quickly Rudy yanked Wally out of the bed and threw him to the floor Wally screamed impishly which he cursed himself for.

"Still just a fuckin coward I see, nothing can or will ever change that." Rudy mocked as he advanced on Wally to began the beating Wally knew so well.

"Stop, just stop I'm not afraid of you." Wally yelled weakly in fear.

"You will be." Rudy suddenly grabbed Wally by the collar of his shirt and started pounding on his face harder and harder each time.

Wally kept trying to deflect the punches but he felt so weak and Rudy was soo strong almost to strong.

Painfully Wally looked at his father square in the face but his father looked dishevelled more so then usual, his eyes where sunken and his beard long and unkempt. The weirdest thing though was the Rudy was no longer punching him he was punching his own father.

Wally kept kicking and screaming punching his fathers face but for some reason Rudy wouldn't stop him or hit back he just kept coming closer as if to hug him or comfort Wally.

Suddenly Wally's watery eyes showed his uncle trying to calm him down with aunt Iris behind looking anxious. he was back in his room wrestling his uncle. "It was just a dream." Thought Wally as he stopped himself from pursuing on his uncle any further.

Now that Wally relaxed a bit he could hear his uncle speaking to him in a calm tone.

"Wally It's okay it was just a dream look your okay it's just me and your aunt your safe." Barry continued as his nephew no longer fought back.

Wally collapsed into himself and began to cry. "I hit uncle Barry, I fucking hit him." Thought Wally as his uncle and aunt came to comfort him.

"It's okay Wally no one's going to hurt you anymore." His aunt said now bringing over a cup of water to help calm Wally down.

"he w..was here. This, or I was .. back i..on that" Wally gasped for breath as he tried to get a grasp on reality.

"No ones here accept you me and your aunt kid, look your father is gone, he's not in the house I promise." Barry began as Wally took the cup of water from his aunt.

Wally drank slowly now calm as his aunt and uncle rubbed circles on his back. Then Wally spoke more clearly this time.

"I dreamed he was back or I was back in that house and he.. he hit me again. I didn't mean to hurt you uncle Barry I'm.. I'm really sorry." Wally looked down into his now empty cup.

"Oh kid I'm not hurt see." Barry gestured to his worn out Rolling Stones shirt and his baggy pants. They looked a little old and ratty but not a single bruise or scratch made it's sight known.

Wally took a slight sigh in relief, feeling better that he hadn't hurt his uncle and that everything was just a dream as it usually was.

The 3 just held each other for a bit before Wally agreed that he was okay to go back to bed and that they could leave.

Iris and Barry reluctantly agreed and left his room not at all wanting to face the long day ahead of them.

8:00 AM

Wally hadn't slept much after the incident just laid there on his bed but when the clock hit 8:00 and he could smell Aunt Iris making breakfast he knew that it was time to face the day.

Slowly Wally got up and stretched before making his way downstairs.

Iris looked up to see her nephew emerge from the stairs looking tired.

"Good morning Wally." Iris chirped trying her best to lighten the mood.

"Morning." Wally returned taking a seat at the table.

Wally looked around but didn't see his uncle sitting in his usual chair reading the newspapers and drinking non caffeinated coffee since real coffee would let's just say make a speedster a bit hyper.

"Wheres Uncle Barry." Asked Wally.

"He's in the shower, just getting ready."

"Oh." Was Wally's response feeling the reality of today's activities really sink in.

Iris looked back at her nephew feeling a bit sad as well before stacking his plate full of waffles.

"Here you are." Iris laid the plate in front of her nephew and sat down with her own across from him.

Wally just picked at his food only really eating one of the waffles that where there and for a speedster just one waffle is not enough.

"You need to eat more then that Wally." Iris proclaimed as Wally got up to scrape his plate.

"Not hungry."

"Well 1 waffle is not enough and 1 waffle is especially not enough for you."

"I know I know but I really can't eat anymore." Wally said desperately.

Iris nodded but said. "You'll have to eat more at lunch then okay."

Wally nodded and scraped his food, turning around in time to see his uncle down stairs freshly showered shaved and it seems as if he had brushed his hair.

"Morning Wally." Barry said now grabbing himself some breakfast.


Wally walked over to the T.V to watch the news as Barry and Iris ate together.

"Captain cold and Captain Boomerang seen stealing from bank on 32 street." Was the headline and as soon as Wally read it his heart sank.

"Uncle Barry the rogues are robbing a bank shouldn't you be."

Wally was cut off mid sentence by the news.

"Superman stops the rogues with no casualties."

"It's okay kid I got the league to take care of any rogues in central city today." Barry replied while eating his 9th waffle.

"Oh okay."

"Wally I think it's time to get ready." Iris cut in as she cleared her's and Barry's plate.

"Already." Wally moaned not at all wanted to leave.

"Yeah already the ceremony start's at 10:45 which leaves us a little over an hour." Iris continued.

Wally sighed and got up from his spot to start preparing for the funeral.

Quickly Wally combed his hair, brushed his teeth and put on the navy blue suit he had hanging up near his door.

He hated wearing suits but he new his aunt would never let him leave the house in sweatpants and a shirt so suit it was.

After Barry helped him with his tie Iris came down wearing a long black dress with her hair down in a loose braid, Barry just wore a generic black suit.

The 3 then got in the car and drove to Central City Cemetery, where Rudy lay waiting in a white cheaply made casket.

The Ceremony was very empty only around 6 other people showed up some that Wally recognised and others he had never seen before.

Throughout the ceremony Iris cried only once briefly near the beginning and even though virtually no one was there Wally still felt that there where more people then there should have been.

Afterwards several people gave there condolences to Wally Iris and Barry and after everyone was gone Wally approached the large white casket that held his father.

He stared at it for a good long while Barry and Iris sitting back letting Wally do what he needed to do.

"I know your gone, but you still haven't left me alone."

"Your in my head haunting me.. haunting me because.. because I don't want to be like you."

"You where a shitty father. A father that only cared for himself and his wife but then when she left all you could do was blame me, what a 12 year old kid who like you was the mourning the loss of her fucking mother." Wally felt tears streak down his cheeks as his voice grew heavy.

"The truth Is I always new why you hated me, I always knew you blamed me even when you where too scared to admit it, I remind you of her. And you can't bare to think that it was you drunkenly driving her home one night when you crashed into that ditch and fucking killed her."

"You can't stand to look at me because it reminds you of what you did to her." Wally screamed now trying to unlatch the casket to look at his father.

Barry ran up to Wally to stop him but it was too late the latch had snapped and there was Rudy laying peacefully in his casket.

"I don't care anymore, YOU CAN"T HURT ME BUT I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT YOU DID KILL HER AND I FORGAVE YOU FOR IT, BUT I WILL NEVER LOVE YOU FOR IT!" Screamed Wally as he fully broke down in tears having just said things he hadn't told anyone ever.

Barry held wally trying to lead him away from his father, and Wally complied knowing that he had said what he wanted to say something he was to afraid to even think of for the last 3 years.

the 2 helped Wally to the car where a tear stained Wally finally smiled.

"Are you okay Wally." Barry asked now driving the car.

Wally paused for a moment pondering the question. "You Know what Dad I'm better then okay."

Barry was at first shocked and then smiled, he knew all along that he was Wally's real dad and he was glad that Wally accepted him after everything.

"I love you son."

"I love you to dad."


Finally finished my first ever Fan fiction hope everyone that took the time to read it enjoyed it and I will be writing more stories on Wally very shortly.

Hope everyone is well and goodbye.