I woke up, my head throbbing. I look over at Usagi, Luna, and Sky.

"Luna? Sky?" I ask and yawn. "Where...are...the others?"

"We don't know." Luna says as she pushes on Usagi's head. "USAGI! NOT THE TIME FOR NAPPING! TIME TO GET UP!" Luna suddenly screams and Sky and I look nervous.

"Not...gonna work?" I say nervously.

"It's gonna work." Sky assures me as Luna continues pushing Usagi's head.

"Try...something about Mamoru?" I say nervously.

"HEY! USAGI! MAMORU IS HERE!" Luna screams.

"I'M UP!" Usagi shouts then looks around. She slaps Luna.

"Not funny." Usagi grumbles as I let out a high-pitched laugh. I stop, hoping it doesn't draw attention to ourselves.

"Hmmmmm." I say as I look around. I get up off the ground and see 3 people, 2 with strange animals, walking towards us. I walk towards them. They notice me.

"Hello." I say.

"Hello!" A boy with black, messy hair says.

( He Reminds me of James Potter, Mauderer Era (Story will come out after I publish this), from our past adventure, where we met Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and James. I might've fallen in love with Lily Evan's hairstyle, but I might try that another day. Mine's still in buns, BACK TO STORY! GOT OFF TOPIC SORRY!)

"Uhmmmmm..." I struggle to find the right words. "Well ummm you see uhmmm..." I go for the obvious question and sigh. "Do you know where I might be?"

"Yes. You're in a forest surrounded by trees." The black haired boy says.

"That's a little obvious but ok." I say. I then ask: "Are we in Tokyo, Japan?"

"What's Tokyo, Japan?" A girl with purple hair asks.

"It's the place I come from?" I say nervously. I then rub the back of my head and ask: "Have you seen a park with monsters around?"

"No." A boy with green hair says.

"Figured." I sigh. I then mutter: "Might be from a different dimension."

"Pardon?" The girl asks.

"Oh nothing!" I lie as Usagi pops up.

"We might be from a different dimension!" Usagi pipes up loudly.

"WHAT?!" The three ask.

"Nothing!" I say.

"Akemi's lying!" Usagi whines. "We're from a different dimension!"

"USAGI!" I shout and slap her..

"What should we do?" The black headed one asks.

"We should be polite Ash." The girl says.

"What d'you think Cilan?" The black headed one, who apparently is Ash, asks.

"I agree with Iris." The green headed one, who apparently is Cilan, says.

"Ok..." The girl, who apparently is Iris, says: "What are you...And where did you come from?"

"I'm Akemi Tsukino, this is my sister, Usagi Tsukino." I say and point to Usagi. She's whining to Luna and Sky about me slapping her. "My goal is to..uhm...protect Earth...and to be a doctor, like my friend Ami. Usagi's is...Well...She likes Sleeping, over-eating, etcetera, and she fails everything so I really don't think she'll get a job."

"AKEMI! YOUR MEAN!" Usagi calls over her shoulder and continues whining to Luna and Sky.

"And she's a bit of a crybaby and klutz." I sigh as Usagi gets up, lands flat on her face, and cries.

"WAAAAAAAHHHH!" Usagi cries.

"And the two cats are Luna and Sky." I say. "Our friends are Makoto Kino, Rei Hino, Ami Mizuno, Minako Aino. And Minako has a cat named Artemis. We also have boyfriends, Mamoru Chiba," I lean over so Usagi doesn't hear and whisper: "That's Usagi's boyfriend, he's calm on the outside when terrifying things happen, but is terrified on the outside." I then continue in my regular voice. "And then Akane Chiba, Mamoru's brother. That's my lot. You?"

Just as they were about to answer, cries of joy from Usagi make me turn around and scream in happiness.


We all hug each other.

"I can't believe this is happening...it feels like a dream." I whisper to Aka and hug him.

"I know how you feel Ake." Aka says.

"Is it ok...if I just...?" I say and peck a kiss on his cheek. I pull apart first and turn to face the other three. They look so confused.

"What just happened?" The black headed boy asks (ASH).

"OHHH right...right..." I say. "This is Aka. His dream is the same as mine. Mamoru's is too, and Mamoru is the one hugging Usagi while she's crying over him."
"Hey!" Mamoru shouts over Usagi's tears. "Didn't I tell you when we were at Hogwarts (Madurer's era), that you can call me Mamo?! I don't mind because you're Usagi's sister!"

Mamoru just continues trying to pull himself away from a crying Usagi.

"Usako, that's enough...please stop...Bunhead?" Mamoru asks nervously.

"Hey!" Usagi says. "I thought you stopped calling me that when you-know-what happened!"

(AN: The 'you-know-what', is the time when they found out they 'loved' each other (Read: Sailor Earth (Akemi Tsukino) if u don't understand) )

"Well..." The girl says. "Our introductions...I'm Iris, and i'm a pokemon gym leader!"

"Hey! I didn't know that." The black headed boy says. "But i'm Ash, and I wanna be a pokemon master!"
What are Pokemon gym leaders and Pokemon masters? I wonder.

"I'm Cilan.." The green headed boy says.


"Did I forget you Axew?" Iris asks.

"Oh yeah...Pikachu!" Ash says.

"What are Pokemon?"