Chapter 1

Fox's Mother's Day

Alex woke up and went to the kitchen. It was still dark, but Alex wanted to get breakfast done. He got the cookbook and looked up pancake recipes. He mixed the flour, sugar and the other ingredients together. He stirred it until it was smooth. Then he made the pancakes. It took a bit. Finally, he made the last pancake.

"Alexander?" Owen came in.

"I made breakfast. It's for Mom." His tail wagged in excitement.

Owen smiled. "She will like it."

Owen helped him gather the juice and syrup. Alex got a bowl of berries for the side. He wondered where to put the card and present. The tray was crowded now. They put it on a cart and drove it to his parent's room. Owen announced their presence then they went in. His parents were sitting up on the bed. Alex parked the cart near the bed.

"I made pancakes!" He told them, smiling.

"Good job, Sweetpea." Fox told him.

"Would you like breakfast first or your card?" Owen asked.

"I'll read the card." She said.

Alex gave her the card. He had made it himself. It was white with blue flowers on it. On the inside, he wrote "Dear Mom, Happy Mother's Day. You are good mother. I love you very much. -Alex."

"This is a wonderful card, Alex." She told him.

Fox reached out and Alex leaned in for a hug. She kissed the side of head. Then she opened the present. It was a bracelet and a box of chocolates. Owen had helped pick out the bracelet. The bracelet was gold with a few rows of gems. Fox thanked them for the present. Then the family had breakfast together.