Chapter 2

Mother's Day Buffet

"Ok, you get the picture done?" Alex asked Artus.

"Yeah." He nodded.

"Alex, get the ribs!" Nashville yelled.

"I got it!" He went to the oven and flipped them over.

"Where's the measuring cup?" Tachi asked.

"Here you go, Tachi." Brooklyn gave her one.

Tachi poured the milk in the cup then dumped it into the bowl. Brooklyn helped her stir it. Then the batter went into the cupcake tin and into another oven. The kitchen was chaotic as they prepared the food. They slowly got the food onto the table. Goliath and the others helped. Soon, the table was set. Angela, Katana, and Elisa walked in.

"Wow, you made all of this?" Angela asked.

"Yep." Nashville said.

"I helped too!" Tachi glared at her brother.

"You all did great." Elisa said before Alex could add to the argument.

"I made a picture." Artus gave Katana a picture. Angela and Elisa leaned in to look. It was the whole clan with his mothers in the middle. Happy Mother's Day was spelt wrong, but they understood.

"Thank you, Artus. I will put it on the fridge." Katana told him.

Hudson brought out the cards. Each of them had a name on it. He gave each card to the recipient. They opened it and read it. Alex didn't know what the others wrote. He had written that he loved them and wished them a good Mother's day.

Then they filled their plates. There were ribs, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, watermelon slices and other fruit, and salad. They had some coke and orange juice to drink. For dessert, there were blueberry cupcakes and ice cream. Everyone enjoyed the meal.