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True Friends Of A Feather

"Okay, ready?" Rachel asked the three people with her.

"Ready," Jamie said.

"Ready," Enigma said.

"Ready," Fiesta said.

Taking a deep breath, the Tech Portal Master closed her eyes and focused. Master Eon had recently taught her how to teleport and she had been practicing with her sister and a couple of their friends who could also teleport. A golden glow surrounded her and the other three before they all vanished from Skylanders Academy and reappeared in a field of lush grass and flowers. She opened her eyes and was immediately greeted with the sight of Spiral Mountain and grinned.

Jamie, recognizing where they were, cheered. "You did it, cous!" He said happily, hugging her.

She hugged him back. "Thanks," she said.

"And on the first try too," said Enigma with a chuckle.

"So this is where Banjo and his amigos live?" Fiesta asked.

"Just down the way from here," said Jamie, stepping onto a nearby path and leading the way. Moments later, they arrived at a familiar house, but Rachel paused suddenly, catching her cousin by the shoulder. He paused and looked at her, noticing she had an odd look on her face.

"Is it just me, or is it really quiet?" She asked.

Enigma sensed it too. "It feels too quiet," he said.

Jamie realized it too and took off for Banjo's house with the others right behind him. Bottles came out and shrieked at seeing Enigma and Fiesta. "Go away!" He yelped, scurrying backwards as they drew closer.

"Bottles, it's okay," Jamie said as he and Rachel reached their friend.

"They're with us," Rachel said reassuringly.

Bottles calmed down at seeing them. "Thank goodness you're here," he said. "We can't find Mumbo anywhere."

"What happened?" Fiesta asked, recalling Rachel had said Mumbo was a friendly shaman.

Banjo came up with Kazooie on his back. "Some bullies came up and attacked Mumbo," he said, having heard the Supercharger's question. "I just got back from searching the usual spots he'd be in and found nothing."

"What if he's lost?" Kazooie asked.

"But why did the bullies attack Mumbo?" Jamie asked.

"We don't know, but they said some hurtful things," said Bottles. "Like he was a bad shaman and they even destroyed his three red feathers."

Rachel felt anger fill her when she heard that. "You guys stay here," she said. "I'll go look for him."

"Are you sure, Rach?" Enigma asked.

She nodded. "Be careful, cous," Jamie said, knowing that when his cousin made her mind up, there was no changing it.

"I will," she promised. "You guys be careful too in case those bullies come back."

They nodded and watched as she headed out in search of the shaman. "I hope she finds him," Kazooie said.

"She will," Fiesta said with a nod. "One thing about Rachel is that she never gives up. She'll look for Mumbo until she either finds him or he returns."

"I hope he's okay," said Banjo. "He was really upset when he ran off."

Jamie nodded, hoping the shaman was okay too.

Some distance away...

"Mumbo!" Rachel called out, hoping the shaman would hear her. "Mumbo!"

She heard no response and this got her worried. "Oh, I hope he didn't run into any trouble," she said aloud.

"I fear he might have," came an unfamiliar voice.

Rachel whirled around, her telekinesis gathering in her hands as she saw the newcomer that had spoken. She had blonde hair, green skin, and wore a beautiful pink dress. A golden wand was in her hand and she had wings on her back. Rachel blinked, looking confused as she had never seen this person before. "Are you...a fairy?" She asked.

"A fairy godmother, to be exact, my dear," the fairy said kindly. "Or if you prefer, a good witch."

The young woman blinked again. "Who are you?" She asked.

"I am Brentilda," the good witch said.

"Brentilda?" Rachel repeated before dread filled her. "Um, you're not related to Gruntilda, are you?"

"Unfortunately, yes," Brentilda said. "She is my sister. But rest assured, I abhor any evil, including hers."

The Tech Portal Master relaxed at this, her powers calming down as she calmed down. She then perked up as she recalled what the good witch had first said. "Mumbo's in trouble?" She asked.

"Yes," the good witch said. "I saw him crying as he ran past and he was headed for Freezeezy Peak." She gestured to a mountain to the left. "You must go there. And quickly."

Sensing the urgency in Brentilda's voice, Rachel nodded before activating her telekinesis, knowing that flying would be faster than walking. "Thank you," she said to the good witch.

Brentilda nodded. "Good luck, my dear. And hurry."

The young woman took off like a shot, her worry about her friend kicking up a notch as she then decided to try a trick that she had only seen Master Eon do and she hadn't learned it quite yet, but time was off the essence. She closed her eyes and concentrated as she was flying. Moments later, cold air hit her and she opened her eyes just in time to dodge and avoid a snow drift. Quickly regaining control, she landed on a path that she saw and took a deep breath. "Whoa," she said as she gazed at her surroundings, relieved to see she was in the right place. "I got lucky this time. I could have ended elsewhere."

Quickly, she moved down the path. "Mumbo!" She called to him before finding footprints in the snow and she recognized them to be her friend's. She followed them until she came to a lake that was frozen and noticed the footprints stopped there, but there were no others.

She did see a hole in the ice, however, right where the footprints stopped. One that looked like it had been broken recently by someone standing on it.

And when she looked closer, she saw Mumbo deep in the frozen water and he looked to be nearly unconscious. Horror filled her as she realized with a start that he was drowning. "Mumbo! Hang on!" She yelled, quickly activating her telekinesis and forming a bubble around herself before she jumped up into the air and fell rapidly towards the ice feet first. The thin ice shattered upon impact with the telekinetic bubble and she quickly swam downwards towards Mumbo, who weakly reached for her as she got closer. When his hand touched the bubble, it went through, which allowed Rachel to grab his hand and pull him in to safety.

The shaman coughed harshly as the young woman held him and turned him on his side. He spat up some water before panting for breath, shivering as he was very cold. Rachel pulled him closer. "Hang on, Mumbo. I've got you," she said reassuringly before she flew upwards, the telekinetic bubble still around them as they broke the surface of the water and ice once more and the young woman flew over to a beach that was nearby. Making the bubble then form something similar to an igloo, the Tech Portal Master called up her fire powers and some shuriken. The fire caught on the metal shuriken and spun around similar to when she used them for an attack, but this time, it was to help her friend get warm.

Mumbo shivered, but as the fire began to warm the air around them, his shivering calmed down and he looked up to see Rachel's concerned face. "Rachel?" He asked in surprise. "How did you find me?"

"Brentilda told me you were headed this way and she was worried you were in trouble," the young woman answered. "And she was right. What happened?"

"I slipped and fell into the water while I was running," he admitted. "I...I didn't think I'd get out of there."

She hugged him closer. "Everyone's been looking for you," she said. "They've been worried sick."

He sniffled, finally feeling warm enough and he hugged her. "Thank you for saving me," he said.

"You're welcome," she said with a smile. "And by the way, you're not a bad shaman. Those bullies were wrong."

He looked at her. "You really think so?" He asked.

"I know so," she said before wishing she had three new feathers to give him. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a small golden flash and three red feathers floated in mid-air. She looked up and saw Brentilda smiling at her and she nodded her thanks to the good witch, taking the feathers and giving them to Mumbo, who accepted them gratefully and put them on, but still looked sad. Rachel fell into thought before smiling, having an idea as to how to help Mumbo forget his misfortunes and feel better. "How about we have some fun here?"

He looked up at her. "Like what?" He asked curiously.

Standing up and going over to a patch of ice that was thicker and could easily support their weight, Rachel stepped onto the ice. "Ice skating for one," she said, skating out a bit before turning back to him. "Come on. It's okay."

Swallowing, he carefully stepped onto the ice, but slipped and fell down. Rachel went up to him and helped him up. "Try again," she said gently.

"I've...I've never ice skated before," he admitted.

"It's okay," she said. "I'll show you."

Nodding, he tried again, but fell down. Rachel smiled gently and helped him back up. "Here. Do what I do," she said gently.

Seeing her move slowly, he did the same and for a moment, he seemed to have found his balance, but suddenly he slipped and fell down, one of his feet accidentally tripping Rachel, who yelped in surprise as she fell down on Mumbo's chest as they both fell to the ice. Taking a moment to get their bearings, Rachel looked up and giggled in amusement. "You okay?" She asked.

He nodded, though his face turned a bit red. Chuckling, Rachel helped him back up and they continued skating and it wasn't long before Mumbo was skating right beside her without help and he was having a great time, making Rachel smile. After a bit, they took a rest and he looked at her. "What other fun do humans have in the snow?" He asked.

"Well, there's bobsledding, making snowmen, and a snowball fight to name a few," she replied.

Seeing Mumbo's face light up, she giggled as he used his magic to create a bobsled and they went sledding together for a bit before building a snowman and getting into an epic snowball fight that ended in a tie, but they were both laughing too hard to care as they were just happy to have some fun.

Rachel grinned as she came up to Mumbo. "There's one more thing we humans do to have fun," she said.

"What's that?" He asked.

She grinned. "Tickle attack!" She cried out, glomping him and tickling his sides and ribs.


"Oh, did I find your tickle spot?" She asked teasingly.

He squealed as she kept tickling him, but he quickly turned the tables on her and tickled her, making her laugh before they had more fun in the snow, heading back when it started to get late. Everyone glomped Mumbo when they arrived and thanked Rachel for finding him, glad their friend was safe and sound.

A few days later...

Rachel was walking down the path as she was thinking about a new song she and Fiesta were working on when three other people came out and it only took her two seconds to realize these were the bullies that had hurt Mumbo Jumbo. "What do you want?" She asked.

"We heard you went and saved that stupid shaman," sneered one of the boys.

"I always help my friends," she said firmly.

"Then you're as dumb as he it," said the second boy.

"Get her!" The third one said.

Rachel turned to run, but they caught her and she grunted as she tried to block the blows, mostly succeeding, though a few punches did connect with her arms. "We'll teach you!" The first boy said.

"STOP!" Came a cry and they looked up to see Mumbo was standing there and he reached out with his magic, catching the bullies and holding them in mid-air, making them cry out in surprise. Mumbo looked at them angrily. "You attack me and then you attack one of my best friends, especially the one who rescued me?!"

His hands glowed brighter. "That just won't do," he said.

Rachel sat up, her arms a little sore from being punched, but she was alright for the most part. "Mumbo?" She asked in worry.

He smiled at her. "Don't worry, Rach. I'll make them something harmless," he said before his magic grew brighter and the three bullies were changed into butterflies. The young woman smiled as she saw this and stood up before hugging her friend.

"Thanks for saving me," she said.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

She nodded. "A little sore, but still in one piece," she said.

Brentilda appeared and waved her wand, healing Rachel in an instant. "Thank you, Brentilda," she said to the good witch.

"You're welcome, dear," she said before looking at Mumbo and winking. "Never forget, Mumbo. You've got real friends whose words are more powerful than a bully's words will ever be."

"I'll remember that," he promised.

Jamie, Enigma, Fiesta, Banjo, Bottles, and Kazooie came running up to them. "What happened?" Banjo asked.

"Oh, some bullies came up and attacked Rachel, but don't worry," Mumbo said with a smile. "I took care of them."

The others smiled before Banjo suggested a friendly showdown with him and Jamie against Rachel and Fiesta. Agreements filled the air as the group of friends headed back together. Rachel hugged Mumbo again and he returned the hug, glad to have her as one of his best friends.

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