Six months later.

Hermione hummed merrily as she wrangled her month old son, Scorpius, into some warm clothes. It was time for Scorpius to meet the public. Or rather the friends and family that hadn't yet had the privilege of meeting the newest member of the Malfoy family. Of course the people closest to Draco and Hermione had met their son, but there were plenty of people who still hadn't laid eyes on the new baby, and were eager to do so.

Rather then introducing Scorpius one to one, Lucius had suggested a larger gathering where his grandson could be officially announced as the newest member of the family. Initially Hermione hadn't been keen on the idea as she'd thought Lucius was wanting to plan some sort of formal gathering, and she just wasn't that comfortable with anything too formal. She had warmed up to the idea when Lucius assured her that he'd been thinking of something much more casual, and only for the people they truly cared about and wished to involve in their lives.

In fact, Lucius's first idea was to host a party at The Golden Peacock, and while Hermione had come to love the pub, and she thoroughly enjoyed the family events they held there, she wanted something different for Scorpius's big day. If it had been summer, she would have loved the idea of a garden party, but since Scorpius was born in October and it was now the end of November, it was far too cold for a traditional outdoor event. However, when she'd mentioned it to Lucius, he'd latched onto the idea and had organised an autumnal garden party for their friends and family.

After sorting the area of the garden they wished to use, Lucius had erected several magical heaters around the space, which ensured that the portion of the garden that would be in use wouldn't be too cold. He'd also had a large bonfire erected in one corner of the garden, and had arranged for the chef at The Golden Peacock to cater the evening. As far as Hermione knew the catering would consist of warm food like hot dogs, burgers, baked potatoes and warm pumpkin pasties, along with a selection of warm drinks like hot chocolate and mulled wine. Lucius had even gotten together with the twins and organised a fireworks display to end the evening.

"Well Scorpius," Hermione said to her son once he was ready and she'd pulled on a warm emerald green jumper. "It's time to face your public. Just remember to be good, and try not to be sick on anyone."

Sweeping Scorpius up into her arms, Hermione double checked he would be warm enough before heading downstairs to join the fun. Most of the guests had already arrived, and when she and Scorpius emerged from the house, they found a green and silver carpet spread out, leading towards the party area.

"Your grandfather is such a drama queen," Hermione chuckle to her son as they followed the path to the party.

As she reached the end of the carpet, Hermione stopped in surprise as she found all of the guests lined up to greet her and Scorpius. Her husband was standing closest to her, and when she gave him a questioning look he merely shrugged and gestured towards Lucius, who had stepped forward with a proud grin on his face.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he began loudly as he walked over to Hermione and plucked Scorpius from her arms. "Please welcome my new grandson, Scorpius Malfoy."

At his announcement, Hermione half-expected Lucius to hold Scorpius up in the air, but he merely cradled his grandson close to his body as cheerful cries of Scorpius sounded around the garden. As if instructions had been issued before her arrival, the guests broke away and began acting normally as Lucius paraded around the garden with his grandson.

"I think we've lost Scorp for the night," Draco chuckled, coming up behind his wife and wrapping his arms around her waist. "Father will be loathe to let him go now."

"I don't know, your mother might wrestle him from him," Hermione laughed as Narcissa joined her husband in showing off their grandson.

"Either way, I think we're free for a short while," Draco said. "Fancy a glass of mulled wine?"

"I shouldn't since I'm breastfeeding," Hermione replied. "But I would like a hot chocolate."

"What kind?" Draco asked with a smirk. "Father went a bit overboard and ensured we had every flavour imaginable."

Heading to where the hot chocolate was being served by a witch who worked at The Golden Peacock, Hermione found that Draco was right, and that she could have any flavour hot chocolate she desired. Finally settling for cherry, she and Draco picked up some mulled wine for him, before they began to circulate.

All their friends and family were present and Hermione enjoyed catching up with several people she hadn't seen since before she'd given birth. Two of those people were Theo and Padma, and she was thrilled to hear that they were expecting their first child. Another couple who also seemed to be doing well were Ginny and Seamus. Ginny informed Hermione how she and Seamus were going to spend Christmas together with Danny, just the three of them, and if things went well, Seamus would be moving in with them in the New Year. Although Hermione strongly suspected that things were already going swimmingly between the pair, and judging from the way Ginny avoided the mulled wine and kept fluttering her hand against her stomach, she would guess that Danny would have a new brother or sister heading his way.

Finally Hermione was able to re-claim her son from Lucius, and settling down on a bench with Scorpius, she scanned the crowds, looking for one face in particular. By now the party was in full swing, and she was sure she had spoken to everyone they had invited. However, one person was noticeable by their absence. It would seem that Ron had chosen not to accept her invitation.

Hermione would admit she'd been surprised when Ron hadn't ran back to Canada after Danny's birthday party. Instead, he'd moved back to The Burrow and had taken a job with the twins, both of which were supposed to be temporary until he decided what he was going to do now he was back for good. He'd even visited Hermione at her shop and promised to accept her new life, although she knew he was struggling with the thought of her together and happy with Draco.

Although her life wasn't the only thing Ron was struggling with, and Hermione knew that his friendship with Harry had been deeply affected by his earlier departure, not to mention the words they'd had at Danny's party. Their easy, laid-back friendship had been shattered, and it was almost as if they'd had to become friends all over again. However, Ron was struggling with the fact Harry was so friendly with so many Slytherins, and he especially resented Blaise's place in Harry's life as it was clear he thought the former Slytherin had replaced him as Harry's best friend.

Even so, Hermione had invited him to the party, not that she had entirely expected him to turn up. She hadn't seen Ron since she'd had Scorpius, although he had sent a card and a present via Molly when she'd first come home from the hospital with her son. But obviously that was as far as it went, and he wasn't willing to come and see her son in the flesh.

"And who wouldn't want to see you," she cooed at her beautiful baby boy. "You're the most handsome wizard alive."

"I wouldn't let Malfoy hear you say that, he might get jealous," a voice from Hermione's right remarked.

"Ron," Hermione greeted, turning her head and smiling at her ex-boyfriend. She just hoped he wasn't going to cause a scene, but then again she doubted even he would have the brass neck to sound off about the Malfoys in their own back yard. "I didn't think you were here."

"I almost didn't come," Ron admitted quietly as he slid onto the bench beside Hermione, his eyes locked on Scorpius. "He looks like you," he eventually said.

"Really?" Hermione frowned, looking down at her son who already had his father's silvery-grey eyes and the few wisps of hair he had were platinum blond. "I think he looks like Draco. Everyone says he's a typical Malfoy."

"In some ways," Ron conceded, hardly able to deny the child's connection to the Malfoys as it was blatantly clear. "But he has your nose and mouth. I'd dare like to bet he has your heart as well. Big, full of love and very forgiving."

"It's easy to be forgiving when my life is so great," Hermione admitted. While it was true that Ron had hurt her deeply when they'd been together, it was easier to forgive him now as she was so happy and settled in her life.

"Do you ever wonder what might have been?" Ron whispered, his eyes still locked on Scorpius. "If I hadn't been such a git, this could be us. Scorpius could be our son, and we could be sitting here with our family."

Glancing towards Ron, Hermione wondered how to reply without hurting him. The truth was, she couldn't imagine any world where her and Ron would have worked as a couple. Looking back, she could clearly see their relationship had always been destined for disaster. Even though they'd loved each other, they hadn't had enough in common, or wanted enough of the same things in life, to keep them together. As Harry had once said, some people were meant to be together, and she and Ron just weren't one of those couples. However, she and Draco were, and she knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was right where she was always meant to be, with him and Scorpius.

"I know I was the one who messed it up," Ron said softly. "But I don't resent you the life you've made for yourself, Hermione. I only wish I hadn't been such an idiot, then maybe I could have been part of it."

"You can still be part of my life, Ron," Hermione said. "You can still be my friend. I would like that."

"So would I," Ron replied with a small smile, although Hermione suspected that he would never truly accept her life and would always wonder about what his role in it could have been if only he hadn't ran away.

Not wanting things to get too tense with Ron, Hermione suggested they get some food. Moving over to where the food was being served, they each helped themselves to a baked potato. However, when Severus Snape meandered over and started talking to Hermione, Ron slid away and she noticed him chatting to Seamus and Ginny. She also spotted him talking to Harry later on, although once again he darted away when a former Slytherin, this time Blaise, put in an appearance.

"The fireworks are going to begin in ten minutes," Lucius called, several hours into the party.

At the word fireworks, all the children began to cheer and Lucius explained where the display would be taking place, and where the best place to see everything would be. While Lucius was organising the fireworks, Hermione took Scorpius from Narcissa, who had been sitting with her grandson for the last half hour, and alongside Draco, took her son back into the manor before things got too loud and noisy.

The excitement of being the star of the evening had seemingly gotten to Scorpius and he was fast asleep before they'd even gotten him to his nursery. Changing him into his pyjamas, Hermione settled her son into his crib, and gazed lovingly down at her sleeping baby.

"The fireworks are starting," Draco called softly, reaching out for Hermione and dragging her over to the window.

Nestled at Draco's side, Hermione watched the elaborate display light up the back garden of the manor. The twins had clearly gone to a lot of effort as the fireworks all related to Hermione, Draco, Scorpius and the Malfoys in some way. There were dragons and lions and snakes and even the Malfoy family crest all included in the display. And the final firework spelled out Scorpius's name in glittering green sparks.

"Amazing," Hermione whispered as her son's name danced in the sky above her.

Although Hermione wasn't just meaning the fireworks and the party. She was thinking about her entire life. Buying a house in Malbrooke had changed her entire life, and she couldn't be more thrilled with how things had worked out. True, she'd endured some tough times and some heartache along the way, but it was worth it to reach where she was now. It was all worth it to end up married to a wizard she loved deeply, with their perfect newborn son and friends and family who were there to support and love them.

The End.

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