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Chapter 1 - Hakausu Sordd

Hakausu Sorrd, put on his outer robe before stepping out on to the veranda with a mug of Vulcan white tei in his hand. It was 5.00am, the sun was just starting to rise over the ocean, it was going to be another agreeable day. He took a deep breath of the fresh sea air before making his way to a wicker chair. A soft breeze brushed across his face, bringing with it the scent of something faintly sweet. It smelt like khio'ri svai-tor (star flower), but not quite. He had awoken two hours previously to meditate. This was his routine first thing in the morning and last thing at night. He had been taught the discipline from a very young age as part of Surak's doctrine of logic. It aided him in maintaining an inner peace and calm, and of course it helped to keep what could sometimes be very turbulent emotions under control.

Sordd was a healer attached to the Vulcan Embassy on Earth. Assigned the position two years ago he had brought his young family to Earth where they had been residing ever since. The new post had brought dramatic changes to his family on top of everything else they had gone through in the past three years, however, finally they were beginning to adjust to a new norm.

Over the last 6.5 standard days they had been staying in the 'Four Seasons Complex' a series of apartments close to the coast. Staff and families from the Embassy were arriving on rotation, staying for seven standard days, before returning to the Embassy. It was yet another attempt to improve friendship and understanding between Vulcans and Terrans.

T'Shahel, his daughter, and Avarak, his son, were currently sleeping in their rooms. He would give them another thirty minutes before waking them up for the day. Meanwhile he would spend the time sitting, listening to the surf rolling up the shore. This had a particularly calming effect upon him which he had to admit had come as a pleasant surprise. Vulcan was a harsh, desert planet with barely 25% of its surface containing water. In contrast about 71% of Earth's surface was covered with water, the oceans holding the vast majority of that precious resource. Generally speaking Vulcans did not know how to swim, it was unnecessary where they lived. A tinge of fear arose up inside, to get caught in the ocean and not be able to swim… his fear was not logical, he would not be in the ocean, so that emotion was pushed away.

Fifteen minutes passed. In the distance he could see some humans swimming out from the shore. He had noticed them the first morning after he had arrived and had been quietly impressed with their skill. He had looked on as they manoeuvred what looked like a narrow plank in the water. It was quite fascinating, everything they were doing stemmed back to the basic laws of physics. On enquiry he had been informed that they were surfers. Apparently the ultimate goal of their pursuit was to ride and progress along the wave using a surfboard, it was great fun the human had insisted! Sorrd had simply raised an eyebrow.

He heard someone opening the door of his room and quietly walking across the floorboards, well they were endeavouring to be quiet! He turned around and saw that it was his sa-fu Avarak. He was dressed in his sleeping robe, his silky black hair, which at the best of times was hard to tame, was ruffled from his nights unconsciousness. Sorrd allowed the edges of his lips to rise slightly to show him that he was pleased. It was 5.28.5am and Avarak had managed, without any assistance, to awake himself early.

As per Vulcan custom he said good morning to his son. "Ha'tha tl'lu, Avarak!"

Avarak tilted his head as he replied, "Ha'tha tl'lu, a'nirih!"

Avarak sat down on the wicker chair beside his a'nirih . They sat in silence, looking out at the ocean. The upper limb of the sun was breaking upon the horizon bathing the earth and sea around with a golden hue of light. There were streams of pink, purple, orange, yellow and red across the sky. Sorrd never tired of the beauty of the universe, and he had to admit the Terran solar system and Earth could put on a spectacular show.

Sordd looked back at the surfers. "Avarak can you tell me why the surfers need to paddle out to sea to catch the waves?"

Avarak thought for a moment and then replied. "The Vulcans wuhkuh-to-gav-tor-tal, first law of physics, states that an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force. The waves of the sea tend to stay in motion, while objects like the surfboard are at rest. In order to move the board the surfer has to oppose the motion of the wave by pushing against it. That is why a surfer has to paddle out to catch a wave."

"Rom, well done, Avarak, you have answered well. So, can you explain how they make a turn on the board?"

It took Avarak a bit more time to think of the answer. "The rehkuh-to-gav-tor-tal, the third law of physics, states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When the rider pushes down one edge of the board by shifting their mass, that edge pushes into the water, which then pushes back up against the board due to upthrust and as a result the board turns. The way the surfer distributes their mass on the board will have an effect on their direction and speed over the water."

"Rom, Avarak, you are progressing well in your studies."

A broad smile began to form on Avarak's face, he was pleased with the praise. Sorrd gently raised an eyebrow. Immediately Avarak endeavoured to put his face into a more neutral position.

"We can study this further later in the day," Sordd said as he rose from the chair. "Let us go and wake your sister up. It is time for your morning mediation and then we will have asal-yem, first meal. Perhaps you can partake of some Plomeek soup..."



Hakausu - healer, doctor

Ha'tha tl'lu a'nirih - Good morning

A'nirih - Father

asal-yem - first meal