Chapter 89 - Gaya

Putting on her outer robe, Mimi picked up her mug of Vulcan white tei and made her way up the stairs to the rooftop terrace. It was 8.00pm and Nevasa was just starting to set in the east. She sat down on a wicker chair and looked out onto the red-hot desert sands. While still very alien to her and very different to what she was used to, she acknowledged that her new home world was a beautiful place. It was a clear night, a usual occurrence on Vulcan, and as the light began to fade on the horizon the stars began to appear, a milky band of light across the night sky. A soft wind brushed across Mimi's face, bringing with it the scent of something faintly sweet. It smelt like jasmine, but not quite. Mimi breathed in more deeply, of the scent as well as the refreshing night air. It was the first time all day that she had felt cool.

It had been a relatively quiet day. Sordd had shown her around the grounds and the children had 'explored' the house with her. In the light of day things were not quite as overwhelming as they had been the previous evening. While Sordd had a meeting with Denek, T'Pina had helped Mimi to make lunch. This had primarily involved showing Mimi where things were in the kitchen and showing her how to prepare some of the Vulcan produce. Although T'Pina gave nothing away, Mimi felt that they might become friends, well, as much as a Vulcan and Human could be friends.

In the afternoon she'd had the opportunity to talk to Sordd at length about her concerns. As a result, Mimi was feeling more relaxed about her new home and the circumstances in which she found herself. She had already decided on a new colour scheme for her room, cooling colours: watery blues, soft turquoise, greenish-blue, and seafoam, all mixed with plenty of white to remind her of the oceans of Earth. They would also be a nice contrast to the paintings and tapestries that she had decided to keep. Mimi sighed contentedly; it had been a good day.

I-chle, who had pretty much stuck to her like glue throughout the day, shifted under her hand in order for his right ear to be rubbed instead of his left. There was then a commotion behind her, the sounds of T'Shahel and Avarak coming up the stairs. Mimi smiled to herself; they were not the quietest of Vulcans. Not yet anyway. They both sat down beside her, each trying to get as close to her as they possibly could. I-chle, who did not particularly want to share Mimi, let out a whomp, before shifting slightly, out of their way.

As soon as he was settled, Avarak started to tap out a beat on his Vuhlkansu vluhn, an instrument which remained Mimi of a bodhrán. T'Shahel, touched the wood of her ka'athyra, and strummed the strings gently.

"Where is Earth?" Mimi asked out of the blue, as she looked up into the night sky.

Avarak, stopped beating his vluhn and looked up. "Rigel is the brilliant bluish-white star to the east of Mount Seleya. Zul-yumaya yel-nel-dath, the lava flow constellation, flows south-eastward. Pass two stars to the east. The lava flow begins to reverse curve, Earth is the fourth star." Avarak turned to look at Mimi. He noted that her eyes were squinting. "Can you see it, m'aih Mimi?"

Mimi smiled as she nodded her head. "I think so."

"I could get the irak-zan-vel, the telescope?"

Mimi shook her head, "That is very thoughtful of you. Maybe another night?" she replied with a tone of appreciation in her voice.

Avarak nodded, "If that is agreeable to you," he replied neutrally as he started to tap on his instrument again.

Without warning, Sordd appeared at Mimi's side, ka'athyra in hand. It always amazed her how stealthily he could move. He handed her an acclimatisation blanket before taking a seat opposite her. "Shaya tonat," she said as she tucked it around her legs and feet.

"T'Shahel," he looked at his daughter. "If it is agreeable to you, would you explain to, m'aih Mimi the origins of the song we are going to play?"

T'Shahel nodded her head, "Ha, sa-mekh." Sordd began to tune his instrument, while T'Shahel proceeded to tell Mimi about the song. "This is a song called Gaya, The Humming," she explained. "It was composed over 1830 years ago, during the times of Surak. Astronomers had discovered that the stars have a constant humming sound of different frequencies; space telescopes detected these stellar vibrations and they were able to compress the low frequency vibrations into audible sound. T'Roma, an astrophysicist, wrote the lyrics and one of her colleagues, T'Enya, wrote the melody. They were trying to convey the sound of the universe which is inaudible to the Vulcan ear." T'Shahel paused for a moment then looked at her father. "Is it also inaudible to the human ear?"

Sordd, nodded his head in agreement, "Ha," he replied. "Avarak, do you have anything to contribute?"

"Ha, sa-mekh," he answered with a reserve in his voice. Mimi had noticed an increasing reserve in all of their voices on their journey from Earth to Vulcan. She wondered if this was how it was going to be from now on... "It is a song that conveys the cycle of the universe and how change affects everything. One thing can become another. Atoms can become molecules. The two elements of hydrogen and oxygen can become hydrogen oxide. Hydrogen oxide forms clouds and becomes rain, the rain falls into the river or ocean." Avarak looked intently at Mimi, "Vulcan used to have many oceans," he informed her. "The hydrogen oxide evaporates and it becomes a cloud and so the cycle continues. Winds will come and go. Even the sun, at the end of its cycle, will change to become a supernova. These supernovas can disperse elements like oxygen, carbon, and iron into the next generation of stars and planets. Each supernova remnant is complicated and beautiful in its own way. Where a class M planet forms life can spring up. Plants and animals may grow and then they die, fungi will arise to help with regeneration... It's a song about the never-ending cycle of the universe."

"The one constant in the flow of existence is change," T'Shahel interjected. "I have meditated upon the song and have concluded that we are only one part of the whole cycle. A wonderful, complex system surrounds us, it is all part of the a'tha…" She looked up into the night sky.

It was Avarak's turn to interject, "All the time as we are travelling through our lives, living out our day-to-day existence, making observations, researching, examining, learning and gathering information, beyond all of this is the humming of the waves of our universe… I find that to be reassuring…" he paused. "It grounds me," he added in a contemplative tone.

Mimi placed her hand gently on his shoulder in acknowledgment.

Satisfied with their explanation, Sordd began to strum on his instrument. He turned to T'Shahel, who nodded her head, then Avarak, who did the same. Then, there in her new Vulcan household, Mimi sat with her Vulcan family and listened as they began to play, and T'Shahel began to sing. Mimi looked once more up at the stars, tracing the path that Avarak had told her until she found Earth. She smiled in contentment. Sordd, looked at her as he picked up her thoughts through their bond. There was no reaction on his face, but Mimi could see it in his eyes. He too was 'content.'

Gaya - Kitausu k' T'Roma. Ralash-tanaf k' T'Enya.

1. Heh ek ta'hal, dungi nam-tor, dungi nam-tor

Heh ek fa-wak glansu

Heh ek pral, masutra, masutra

Heh fi' fau-yut tra tu heh t'nash-veh

Mmm mmm mmmmm mmmm

2. Heh ek kuvor-tor tra tishau shok-tor

Heh ek r'tas tra kali-tor

Heh ek dvunelinak tevan muhs

Heh ek grazhiv, nash-vokau

Mmm mmm mmmmm mmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmm

Heh ek ta'hal, dungi nam-tor, dungi nam-tor

Heh ek pral, masutra

Heh ek pral, masutra, masutra

Heh ek ta'hal, dungi nam-tor

3. Heh ek grazhiv sa~dungi-marau

Heh ek mu-yor heh ek t'ved

Heh ek Sha-ka-ri hal-tor kro'el

Heh ek rubai-if-la' tor-hafau

Mmm mmm mmmmm mmmm mmmmmm

4. Heh ek khio'ri ahmau-fam

Heh ek igen ish-glazhau ka

Heh ek xoi'ksem ish-spoh-tor heh yi

Yi ek t'nash-klee va'ashiv...

Mmm mmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Translation: 'The Humming' lyrics by Roma Ryan, Sony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd. Melody by Enya, sung by Enya.

1. And all the light, will be, will be

and all the future prophecy

and all the waves, the sea, the sea

and on the road are you and me

Mmm mmm mmmmm mmmm

2. and all the winds are like a kiss

and all the years are nemesis

and all the moments fall in mist

and all is dust, remember this

Mmm mmm mmmmm mmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmm


and all the light, will be, will be

and all the waves the sea

and all the waves, the sea, the sea

and all the light will be

3. and all the dust will drift away

and all the nights, and all the days

and all the heavens go their way

and only change is here to stay

Mmm mmm mmmmm mmmm mmmmmm

4. and all the stars without a name,

and all the skies that look the same,

and all the clouds that fade and then,

then all of this begins again…

Mmm mmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


To be continued…



Avarak - playing the Vuhlkansu vluhn (Vulcan drum, similar to a bodhran)

T'Shahel and Sordd - playing the ka'athyra (also known as a Vulcan lute, Vulcan lyre, Vulcan lyrette, or lytherette)

This chapter is based on a song called 'The Humming' lyrics by Roma Ryan, Sony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd. Melody by Enya, sung by Enya. The story behind the song has been adapted for this chapter - www. songfacts facts /enya / the-humming

Stellar vibrations have been detected by telescopes (including the Kepler space telescope and NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS)) in space and on the ground, HOW COOL IS THAT?

The non-NASA audio composition "In Your Stars," by Jeff Talman and Dan Huber, incorporates data from several different telescope sources.

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