This is based off of the dreadful event, 9/11. There will be angst and sometimes what if moments with one particular Gargoyle, Brooklyn. Enjoy (partially).


That night, on September 11, 2001, the Gargoyles awoke, unaware of the tragedy that just occurred earlier in the day. After they had their breakfast, Hudson and Bronx went into the T.V. Room to catch up on their news of the day.

Hudson wearily flicked through the channels, his boredom increasing. But then he stopped on the news channel, his eyes round with disbelief. Footage of two towers that he and his Clan were familiar with was being hit by an out of control plane, and was smoking badly.

"Guys!" Yelled Hudson worriedly, dropping the remote in horror. "You need to see this!" The rest of the Gargoyles ran into the room, startled by Hudson's outburst.

"What's the ruckus, Hud?" Lexington questioned, his brow raised. "Why hav-" his mouth fell open at what was going on on T.V., as well as the rest of his brothers. Angela was horrified at the sight.

"This can't be happening!" She whispered in horror. "Why are the Twin Towers falling?"

If it new her question, the announcer answered.

"The World Trade Center was met with disaster this morning at 11:00 AM this day on September 11. We have reason to believe it was another terrorist attack. A third plane had also hit the Pentagon, as well."

All the Gargoyles were in shock and disbelief. They couldn't believe that this had happened while they were in Stone Sleep. Brooklyn was feeling it the worst more than the rest. His hands and arms shook with anger and guilt. I could have saved them! Why did we have to be asleep at that time??

Broadway noticed Brooklyn's angry face. "You okay?" He asked carefully, placing a hand on his shoulder. Brooklyn shook him off. "Just leave me alone," he snapped, turning to leave.

Goliath watched him go. "I will talk to him," he told the others who looked worried for Brooklyn.

Hudson sighed. "Hope the lad is alright," he murmured softly, a feeling of sadness for all the people who died in the Trading Center.