Chapter 3:: All come together

Buffy watched Faith laying ontop of Spike. They just looked at each other for a while. The potentials started running off towards the cemetery gates. Buffy was still fixated on Faith and Spike and wasn't moving. Faith noticed the girls running and jumped off spike and ran past Buffy.

"B, the girls ain't gonna round themselves up.." Faith said passing her, buffy was still staring at Spike.

Spike got up and looked at Buffy who just turned and walked away. He knew what she was thinking and felt a little guilty. Buffy caught up with Faith who had rounded the girls up and had begun on the road home. Buffy didn't say anything to Faith the whole way back to the house. When they got home the potentials went in first then Faith saw Wes in the window and hurried in.

"So Wes L.A not fun enough for ya?" Faith said slyly.

"Faith, good to see your doing well here where it's a sunny hell." Wes mused.

" Take what ya can get." Faith replied

Faith looked at the expressions on everyone's faces and finally noticed angel was missing, riley was there, and Cordy was missing. Buffy walked into the room and the first thing she noticed was there was no angel. Spike followed. The potentials went down into the basement for a talk with Dawn, Xander, Anya, and Kennedy. Buffy was the first to speak after a long silence.

"Where's angel?"

Wes sighed, "he's stuck somewhere in a dimension, we don't know if he's ok or not."

"What, he's stuck!? What you guys just wanted to have some fun little game with him and sent him to a different dimension or was there some good reason he's gone?" Buffy got defensive.

"Woah, girl calm down the big old champion boy chose to go there, he's trying to help connor." Gunn interrupted.

"His son, Connor?" Buffy asked.

Nods all around.

"So what exactly happened in L.A between the time I was there and now?" Faith questioned.

"Well after you left we found out Cordy was pregnant with some big beasty that when she was born it put Cordy into a coma. It's name is Jasmine. She promises happiness and the destruction of evil, human or otherwise. She has everyone under her sort of spell. Only those who get infected with her blood can see her true form. We tried to save Connor, but it didn't work, so Angel went to find a safe way for him to come back to us. Agents Finns and Graham were part of a military group that tried to kill us. We cured them with Cordy's blood. Cordy was Jasmine's mother so her blood works the same way Jasmine's does. We came here hoping Willow could help us and Cordy, Connor, California, angel, and the world." Fred explained.

Buffy just stared, she was trying to comprehend everything that was going on. Faith sighed, she kinda expected Cordy was evil or at least was when she was there. Spike just took everything in and looked at Buffy who was a little uncomfortable looking. Just then Andrew walked in with a Green flowered apron on. He was carrying a plateful of cookies and a tray of glasses of milk to go around. He placed them down.

"Well you need to keep your strength up, cookies are good sugar boosts." Andrew smiled.

The whole L.A gang took one each and bit, indulging in food.

Fred beamed, "Wow Andrew these are really great, how'd you get them to taste so good?

Andrew grinned, "Well I had a little help from my friend Nestle Tollhouse and also I think that I had the luck of having Mrs. Summer's old resipe. Andrew beamed, "I love company..ooh" he saw everyone was staring but he just sat down next to fred on the couch.

Right as everyone was eating Buffy decided to have a whirl again.

"So what are you gonna do, I mean Will's powerful, but you sure she can do ALL this?"

Willow looked around, "Well I could try a locater spell for finding angel, maybe even contact him. I'm not really sure how I can help you with Jasmine, but I'm always up for research. Right now I think we might just want to prepare for Jasmine's over take and to control her outtake."

"Sounds like a plan," Wes agreed

"Wait, shouldn't we consider everything. we have to contain Jasmine, true but how do we do that if we can't even get back into L.A," Buffy asked

"that's where we come in. see we can keep in contact with the squad and figure out her "progress" than relay it to you guys." Riley figured

Buffy was stung by Riley's voice, she had forgotten The Finns were in her home again. She suddenly felt really trapped. She looked at Faith who was now in the back corner.

"Faith, you can help willow with all she needs for spells. In the meantime Xander and Anya have the girls downstairs. Will check the net for anything you can. Giles should be able to get you as many books as he has left. Wes and Fred help them research, library, internet, anything we got. Gunn, Graham and Wood, Faith will take you out to get supplies for the worst also stop by the magic box and get the last of the stuff there we haven't brought over. Andrew. just keep doing what your doing. Sam, Riley you guys can help set up anything else we need, maybe start radioing in on Jasmine. be careful we don't want her to know where we all are. Spike. . just watch the girls make sure no bringers come and especially no vamps. . got it go" Buffy finished.

Everyone started moving around getting coats, opening books, and shuffling. Buffy just walked downstairs to tell the girls everything. As soon as she entered the room they all listened attentively. Spike watched from the shadows in the kitchen as buffy shut the basement door.

"Pretty big strategy going, hate to be the one who screws up."

"yeah well spike someones gotta do it and since Faith ain't really in the mood I thought I'd give it a go."

"Slayer you know this is all gonna be fine. We gonna find a way around the first and Jasmine just you wait."

"I hope so, god I'm so stressed." She said cupping her head for a second. Spike came over and moved her hands back down and her head rose.

"You need a break. go get some sleep we have it all controlled down here."

"I can't. . I can't I can sleep after."

"Unless you want to be dead tomarrow get some sleep. Especially so that if we need you your actually mobile. Tonight everythings fine. Take a break, go now. . before I bite you," he smirked

"Thanks. your sure everything is fine?"

"yes now go."

_____________BUFFY"S BEDROOM___________________________

Buffy walked into the room and turned on the light. She just flopped down on her bed staring at the ceiling. These days she didn't usually change into her comfy pajamas. Whatever she had on was what she slept in. when she did get sleep she wanted to be prepared so she wouldn't have to fight demons in her sleepwear.

Tonight she chose to just lay there on top of her sheets. She woke up an hour later and walked downstairs. Fred was at the dining room table flipping through volumes and Wes had fallen asleep on top of his books. Willow was typing away at her laptop at the head of the table. every now and then she'd look up or at Wes drooling out of his mouth and smile. Buffy walked to the living room doorframe and peered in. Riley was snuggled with Sam on sleeping bags near the fireplace. They were asleep together. Gunn and Faith sat on th couch talking and laughing. Graham was at the desk listening to his radio. Andrew was in a chair writing down things in his journal. He would glance around to think of what to write. Buffy walked into the kitchen. She saw that spike was outside having a cigerette. Buffy opened the door to the basement. There were lights on downstairs, but most of the girls were asleep on mats and sleeping bags. Dawn was up with Amanda looking at magazines and talking. When they heard buffy they just smiled and waved. Buffy went upstairs to the bedrooms and peered in on Dawn's bedroom. Dawn hadn't been staying there lately. Xander and anya were spread across the bed. Xander was mumbling something about hamburgers and anya was snoring. Buffy walked into her old room which for now was Willow's and Kennedys. She opened the second window and just sat there in the windowsill just breathing in the cool night air. She was thinking about when she was in highschool and would sneak out of that very same window. Or the numerous times Angel crawled through it or gave her a goodnight kiss. She missed those days of living carefree and having no responsibilities other than slaying or to her mom. Now she had to take care of dawn, and everyone else. She knew this was going to be the hardest fight of her life. She knew she wasn't alone, but it felt that way. No sooner had her thought ended when a flash of light came across the sky and she saw lights in the streets flicker on and off again and a beautiful woman appeared walkig down the street with what was left of Sunnydale residents behind her aweing at her beauty. Somehow Buffy knew who this woman was. .. .