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A/N 3: This is a flash forward in the story line. Chapters immediately following will be present day. This chapter is written in a different style than most others. Think of it as a cold opening.

"We all remember that moment in time. After that nothing was ever the same. "

~ Susan Bocinec Terry, Lost and Found

Lightening bolts imbrued the sky like the devil's pitchfork on the hunt for weary and unsuspecting prey. Tree's comminuted and spalled under the fierce and unrelenting torture. Thunder crepitated her war cry, for she would not go silent into the night, no she would be heard.

Pluvial clouds opened up their chorus from the heavens above, for if lightening and thunder were allowed to show their might. Rain was going to display hers. The torrent scourged the travelers below, their exposed skin quickly bruising from the assault.

Shelter. They must find shelter from the chthonic deluge. The man steadied his breath. He must keep calm and carry on. Not like damn tee shirt saying. No keep calm and allow her to spirit them to safety and with (hopefully) all body parts intact.

He looked up at the lady above him, thinking of their body parts intact together. He shook his head. Why was he here? He didn't even remember agreeing to this outing, this sojourn of storm. Well hell, it didn't matter not at this point. All that mattered was getting off this djebel of doom.

The sinewy man felt fingers slide into his. Before another thought could formulate she whispered into his ear, "please stay with me, please don't go…" Lightening still snapping at the ground in an iniquitous macabre dance of eburnean light. Thunder beating her drum as if to add music to lightening's theatrical glow.

"Go?" He labored out as his muted blue eyes skittered about the face in front of him. The long since extinguished telltale only for him smile was missing in action. The corners of her mouth were tight almost grim.

He felt the watering soaking him through. His battered head rolled to the side with Herculean effort. A haboob of water was forming through the embowerment of trees surrounding them. He sighed, trees, wait, what?

There had been a building? He was headed to the building, her building. Why couldn't he locate the building? His Brobdingnagian hand tightened unconsciously around her petite one. Her head snapped up. Dammit all to hell, he wanted to interpellate just for a moment. Where was the building?

Breathe he commanded himself. He nodded down into the darkened yonder space just past her covered ears. She bit her lip against whatever thought popped into her head. In unison they worked to move him from the center of what he know realized was the street just off the backside of her building.

Shelter. They must make it to shelter. Gently and with great care working together against the storm and his broken body they managed to alight him to his naked and hemo soaked feet. Matching each other step for agonizingly slow step, which given their height differences was a feat all in itself. Feet, he looked down at her feet. They had to work three times as slow to match his stride.

The prized structure came into his camera's view. The weathervane spinning almost manically atop this glorious, ok detrited and dilapidated brick and mortar nuraghe. A structure that in its heyday could have been considered in some circles an old warehouse.

Weathervane, he paused to contemplate, why in the world would there need to be a weathervane and for that matter how had the little guy found the strength to stay erect in the storm?

He watched her gaze as it alighted to something above the door. Someone actually took the time to adorn this place, which judging from the moldering smell had not been infused with any sort of essential oils or even Lysol, with artwork? A rubiginous iron cut out of two stars, with, "are you kidding me" a lightening bolt. He raised his weary water logged eyes supernal.

Water hastened itself through any available fenestra of the decaying entryway. The skookum man pushed her towards the elevator with an empty space were the call button should be. He was sure there was some sort of commentary on the whole day hidden in the mystery of the missing clicker. The exiguous loft of hers was their destination. Once safe behind the thick metal door of her abode, the adrenaline rapidly fled the denizens of Rushing Water Street.

As had happened earlier, small hands wrapped themselves gently and with the utmost care around the man, this time around his bloody and broken middle section. He could tell she was apprehensive at this intimate connection. With an ataraxic hand he moved her face so he could watch her windows and she could hone in on his face.

He was perspicacious of the fact the lady had no idea what to do next. Well, neither did he. What to do? She laid her head on his erratically beating heart. He gave it his all to encircle her with his arms; they just wouldn't listen to his pleas. The black-haired man settled for resting his splintered open, skin hanging like a half pealed orange, soused in blood bearded chin atop her head.

He felt her shift against him. Her heartbeat tried to harmonize with his. She raised her bruised swollen digits (he really had gripped too hard, how had he found the strength he mused, he didn't want to be singly he answered himself) to swipe sweat soaked hair from his eyes while forcefully swallowing the bile forming in her mouth.

Her words left nothing to open to debate. "You will live, we will heal you, we will make them pay."

He locked eyes with her, opening his mouth in response. His body however, did not get the memo. His enervated meat suit startled and then dropped without flourish and grace to the floor in a passed out heap of bones.