Things can be normal for an ordinary girl like me. Till one day me and my friends met some different friends from out of town.

By the way, my name's Erika. My six friends are curious to know what is going on. There's Arnold, he's okay for a boy of his age. The cool girl is Anneliese, she is way too cool I mean just look at her hair. The girl with the talent of singing is Elina, she should have taken singing classes. There's Gerald, I think you can take a guess of his favorite sport for a first try. Genevieve is Anneliese's silly little sister. Oh and there's Brian, but I suggest that you can't scare him, he would have his heart beat faster. He's like a scared cat of the group. He would sometimes wet his pants, but that is embarrassing for him. Really it is. My friends and I were out taking a hike in the woods when our story began.

We had three bottles of water in case we ever get thirsty. A good thing that we did. We would have been extremely thirsty if we haven't been ahead. That is a good sign for most of us. What we didn't know is that we were like being watched by something that is not human at all. I had a gut feeling that something's not right. Well something is really not right at all. I can sure feel it.

Arnold then said, "Guys, I think that something scary is here." Gerald then looked at me and he knows the look on my face. I had a strange feeling that we're being watched. Watched by a creature that is not human. I got suspicious. Very suspicious. I then had a look around.

Gerald got scared all of a sudden. I don't know what's gotten into him. Then I felt my heart starting to beat faster. I had to take a few deep breaths for this. Then we saw something that the seven of us never saw before. I was the first to pick it up and the others followed. Arnold asked, "What are these?" Elina then said, "My guess is that they look like a ring brand of some kind."

Then we heard loud steps that the boys started to get scared easily. I then know that we are not alone and we're being watched. I then said, "Split up!" That's what we did and we ran as fast as our legs carry us. I ran and ran as fast as my legs carry me with the energy in me. I then felt tired so I had to stop for a while.