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Full Summary: Adriana Vega is no stranger to the other side of the law. Her rap sheet would be a mile long if they could actually get her into custody. Many have tried and none have succeeded. Because of her particular set of skills, it has made her the most coveted mercenary on the Black Market to date. The clients love that she never misses her mark and usually done within a 24 hour window making their money well spent. Getting a new black card was business as usual and believes the job will be a piece of cake. That is until she realizes the mark is an old friend of hers.

Elijah Mikaelson has made a name for himself as one of the best detectives at the New Orleans Police Department. Throughout his career, it's been no secret that he is always at the helm of most cases taking down dangerous criminals, including the notorious Salvatore Crime family. While Elijah knows that there are times he needs to watch his back, he never expected an old ghost to make an appearance right when he was given his biggest case yet.

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Sirens filled the air as several cop cars surrounded the outside of the Vega household. What was once a quiet night at home had been ruined the moment the sirens blared, leaving the members of the house knowing there was nowhere to go. That their night would be anything but peaceful

The younger Vega children that were at home didn't understand what was going on. They didn't understand what it was that any of them had done to cause the police to enter their home. Worry filled Adriana's face as she helped her mother hold on to her younger siblings as several officers led them outside. She and her mother understood what was going on. Her father's life work had finally caught up with him and they were finally there for him.

Victor Vega had his hands deep in the black market. Whatever anyone needed, Victor could easily procure it in a timely manner. For the right price of course. His morals were out the window when it came to his business. There was never a shortage of business and his family had been able to live comfortably. At least that was until he messed up, catching the attention of Mikael Mikaelson.

While Mikael once followed the rules, he now used what he could to his advantage. His pockets bought the information he needed and it led him straight for Victor. If he could arrest someone such him, Mikael could make a name for himself on the force and he could move up the ladder as he wanted.

At least that had been the plan. Until the search through the house came up empty. Victor had been sane enough to ensure he never brought his work home with him. While those traces had led them to Victor, the proof of possession was lacking.

"Just tell me what you know," Mikael said as he looked at Adriana. He had pulled her over to the side, wanting to speak with her privately. "Your father must have told you something."

"I know nothing." Adriana said as she crossed her arms. While there were many reasons why she had despised the Mikaelson in front of her, she hated him even more for coming to her home and disrupting her younger sibling's sleep. "He has never pulled me into this. You would know that if you actually listened to what your son has told you."

"My son has been wrapped into your lies for long enough that I no longer accept what he has told me." Mikael's eyes narrowed at her. "What he sees in you, I'll never understand. Maybe after tonight, Elijah will actually see how much you try to protect your vile family."

"Mikaelson!" A new voice filled the air. Another officer came up to them, someone that Adriana had never met before. "That's enough. She's a kid."

Mikael took one last look at Adriana before walking away from her. This wouldn't be the last time he had that conversation with her. His gut was telling him that even a child such as her would eventually find herself in plenty of situations similar to her father.

Fifteen Years Later

The sound of metal snapping had been music to Adriana's ears. Cutting the lock to the roof access was one of the easier tasks of the night. A small smirk pulled at her lips as tossed the bolt cutters into her bag before picking up her rifle case and headed up the last few steps to her destination.

As the cold night air reached her face, she took in a deep breath. Tonight was going to be easy money. As she walked over to the ledge of the building, her brown eyes scanned the building right across from her. The view of the high-end hotel in front of her gave her the perfect view she needed.

Once she had the right room she needed in view, she began unloading the sniper rifle she carried with her. While she would never admit it out loud, this was one of her favorite parts of the job. To have the power to take someone's life way without them ever knowing that they were the target.

From years of practice, she had the rifle set up and in position in a matter of moments. Just as she moved into position, her target walked in through the door with his mistress. "Right on schedule." She mumbled to herself. All she had to do was wait for the right moment.

A second later, her phone began ringing. Her eye never left her target as she brought her hand up to her headset. Tapping on the button she accepted the call before bringing her hand back into position. At the beginning of the automated message, her eyes rolled. It never failed that she would be getting a call from someone in a detention facility.

It usually meant that her next black card would come from someone that was behind bars. In Adriana's line of work, a black card held a chip inside of it that gave her all the details she needed of her target. It gave specific routines and details that she would need to complete her task. She just wondered who it would be from this time.

Rosa, it's Damon.

A huff passed her lips at the quick recording. Damon Salvatore was an old friend of hers as well as a regular client of hers. The Salvatores had given Adriana a pretty nest egg over the last few years. She could comfortably retire and live her life off on some island if she wanted. But she was still young, and she enjoyed what she did a lot more than the idea of retirement.

"How is it behind bars, Salvatore?" She asked the moment the call connected.

Damon's laugh on the other end had brought a small smirk to her lips. He hadn't changed one bit. "I bet you say that to all your inmate callers."

"Just you, Damon." She said as she adjusted slightly. "If I said it to everyone, it wouldn't make you so special."

"Careful, Rosa." Adriana could hear the smirk in his voice. "Wouldn't want Elena to hear you have a soft spot for me."

A scoff passed her lips. "I'm in the middle of getting take-out. I'm assuming there was a reason you were calling me?"

A chuckle came over the phone. "What is on the menu tonight?"

"Chinese." She watched as her target came to settle on the couch in front of the window. The exact place she had noticed from the information on the black card. Where was the challenge of someone going out of their daily routine? All she needed was for the woman that was currently entertaining him to move.

"Sounds delicious." She could hear the teasing in his tone. "Look, I was wondering if you could pick up a kitten and drop it off in New Orleans. Elena is a little lonely, and I thought a companion would help ease that while I'm gone. She's had her eye on this specific one for a while now."

"Does it need to be a handoff or can I drop and run? I do have a lot of things I need to take care of starting tomorrow." At this point, she knew this was going to be a conversation of interest. The faster she could get off the phone, the better.

"Preferably a handoff." He scoffed. "Can't leave a kitten on a porch until Elena gets off of work."

"Alright. Have Blondie leave word at my office; I'll get the details once I get back." She watched as the companion moved over to the bar and began pouring herself a drink.

"When will you be back?"

"As soon as I finish my order." She mumbled before pressing the trigger. A satisfied smirk pulled at her lips at the chaos that unfolded before her." You know it's rude to be speaking on the phone while getting ready to order." She said as she pulled herself up from her spot.

"Right." She could almost see him roll his eyes at her comment. It wouldn't have been Damon if he hadn't. "Before I forget, put a red bow on it. Make it cute."

Adriana laughed. "Anything else I should remember?" She asked as she began putting things away in record time before picking up the shell casing.

"I'm sure she'll know it's from me, but it wouldn't hurt to tell her."

Her eyebrow raised at the words. That was a dangerous game, and Damon knew it. But Damon also knew it was Adriana that could pull it off flawlessly. "Want the works or short and sweet."

"Will it hurt to do the works?"

A chuckle passed her lips. "A little extra never hurt anyone." She said as she made her way towards the roof access. She had a usual routine when it came to 'the works'. "Make sure Blondie gets it to me soon; otherwise, I might not be able to do it."

"Don't worry, Rosa. I already called her and details would be waiting for you the moment you get back from lunch."

Without another word, Damon hung up. Or it was that his time was up. Either way, Adriana knew that with this next job, she'd be going to the one place she hadn't been to in years.


The light green case folder slid across the desk, pulling Elijah Mikaelson's attention from the desktop for only a second. His eyes moved back to the screen, continuing to fill out the report he had been working on. The sound of a throat clearing was what caused him to finally stop and look away for longer than a second.

He found Marcel Gerard standing there with his arms crossed over his chest. Sighing, Elijah reached over and grabbed a hold of the file.

"What is it now?" He asked as he started to open the file.

"Damon made an interesting call last night." Marcel said as he leaned against the desk.

"And?" Elijah's eyebrow raised, not bothering to look at the case notes just yet.

"The first call he made was to Caroline Forbes." Marcel said with a slight shrug. "Mostly to check in on his girlfriend, who was working at the time. But he asked her to deliver a package to a friend. There were no details on what the package was. At least there wasn't until he made the second call to a burner phone."

Elijah's eyebrow raised as he took in Marcel's words. "He's making deals while behind bars."

Marcel shook his head. "He's ordering hits. The transcript is in there. I was told this one holds priority."

Elijah flipped several pages over until he found the transcripts of the calls. Just as Marcel said, Damon's call to Caroline had been nothing too out of the ordinary. While the details of the package hadn't been clarified, he had gotten more details out in the next phone call.

Placing the file down on the desk, Elijah leaned back in his seat. "I would ask how Salvatore had managed to get a mercenary's number, but this is Damon we are talking about. We've been after 'Rosa' for years and he's been one way to get to her all along."

Several years after Elijah joined New Orleans PD, a mercenary by the name of Rosa had started appearing in multiple intelligence reports. Corrupt politicians around the world were relying on Rosa to get several jobs done. And as the years passed, she became untouchable. No one in the world had managed to get a hold of the woman and take her in.

Anytime someone called her, her voice had been distorted, leaving her voice unrecognizable. No matter what techs had been hired, they couldn't fix her voice. She left no traces of her time there and there was never any DNA Evidence left behind.

Elijah had been close to finding out who she was when he had first become Detective. He figured out the location of her next target and was ready to take her down. But just as he was about to, he was handed a more important case that focused on the Salvatore Crime Family. His priorities changed and Rosa slipped through the cracks.

Marcel sighed. "Your sister said that would be the only fact you focused on."

Elijah's eyebrow raised. "Is there something I'm missing?"

"Rosa is coming to New Orleans to take down a target. The only one who has pissed of the Salvatores recently has been you." Marcel hoped that his words would register in his mind this time.

Elijah shook his head and chuckled. "You think I'm the target?"

"Rebekah believes so. And if Damon hired Rosa, it's not going to be something you see coming." Marcel didn't like the thought of it, but it was something that needed to be discussed.

Elijah thought for a moment. Rebekah had reason to worry. He had dismantled the Salvatore family in more ways than one. The Salvatore Brothers were both sitting in two different Prisons. The girlfriends were the only ties to the organization. Both of them had currently been under surveillance.

If Rosa was hired to take him out, Marcel was right. He wouldn't see it coming. That was proven several times over the years. Every one of her targets never saw it coming. Her Mo was different each time, making it harder to decipher if it was her or not. The choice of death was always asked by the person that hired her.

With that thought in mind, he pulled the file back to him. His eyes scanned the transcript. If it was for him, he needed to know what was the choice. As he scanned over the transcript, a small smirk pulled at his lips. "I'll see it coming."

"Excuse me?" Marcel asked wanting to be sure he had heard Elijah correctly.

"If I am the intended target, I'll see it coming." He held out the file to Marcel. "She asked if it would be a handoff or a drop and run. Salvatore replied with a handoff. It means he wants her close and personal with the intended target."

"Elijah, this could be anyone." Marcel hated that at this moment Elijah was being stubborn about this. While he understood that hiding away wasn't the best option, it was going to make things difficult. "Waiters, bankers, anyone that we may come into contact in our daily lives and you wouldn't know the difference."

"She works based off of routine." Elijah reminded him. "If I stick to the same places and faces, this will work in our favor."

"You really want to do this?" Marcel asked as he pointed a finger to the file. "He asked her to put in the works as well. That could be anything. If it's an in-person encounter, she has an unlimited amount of ways she could do this."

"I'm taking this as a challenge, Marcel. One that I'm surprised you aren't taking. We've been after Rosa for years and now that we have a target close to home, you want to back out." Elijah understood the risks. His whole job was about risks. But he wasn't about to lay low out of fear. He'd rather face it head-on.

"Are you crazy?" Rebekah asked as she walked into the office. She had heard the tail end of the conversation. She wasn't about to have her brother go through with his crazy ideas. "I would expect this from Nik, but not you Elijah."

An amused looked formed on Elijah's face at his sister's words. "I've been in worse situations than this one. Say, for instance, actually taking down the Salvatores."

"Bloody hell," Rebekah said as she ran her hand down her face. "You had a bulletproof vest on. Are you going to walk around with one on all day until she is caught?"

It was Marcel's words that shocked them both. "He's got a point, Bex. This is a case that we haven't solved in years. She's still out there because we started working on the Salvatore case. I've always been wondering who's the face we are supposed to put on the wanted poster."

Rebekah looked between the two men in front of her. She shook her head and threw her hands up. "Fine, but we are making your life a case out of it. You will have your team on standby any time you go out. I want surveillance on Forbes up until the handoff."

"Yes, ma'am." Marcel said with a smirk. Rebekah rolled her eyes and walked out of the room at that. "Remind me how she's your boss when she's your family?"

Elijah chuckled. "As many times as I've mentioned she's my sister, they never quite believe it. If there is anyone to ask about why, I'd say it has something to do with Mikael."

Marcel shook his head slightly. "I bet she's already out there getting people on it."

"No doubts about that." Elijah said with a nod. "Why don't we get Niklaus on surveillance. I'm sure he wouldn't lose sights of Forbes."

Marcel threw his head back with a laugh. "100 says he'll get smacked from attempting to get her number."

"Lets make it more interesting. 200 that we'll get a call about it." Elijah said as he stood from his desk and grabbed his jacket.

There was a lot of work ahead of them. If things were going to work in their favor, there was a lot of prep work that needed to be done. From experience, Elijah knew there was going to be long nights ahead of them. Especially if Rosa was coming into town. And this time, He wasn't going to be letting her slip through the cracks again.