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The moment there was a knock at the door, Adriana opened it quickly, already knowing who was on the other side. After getting a phone call from Elijah, she left Bonnie and head straight to her father's home. She kept her face steeled to details she had going on inside of her head.

The Mikaelsons hadn't missed the look on Adriana's face as she stood in the doorway. The last time they had seen that look on her face, Adriana had just finished dealing with Mikael. If anything, Elijah had been standing in the same place his father did that night Mikael came barging in.

"Adri, you should invite our guests in." Victor's voice carried over from the living room.

Without a word, Adriana pushed the door open and stepped away from it. While she may have not known all the details to this little visit, she already didn't like it. Her father had been out of the game for so long that he should no longer should be on their radar. Yet here they were, walking into her father's home, about to ask several questions.

"We hate to bother you Vic." Rebekah said as she entered the living room.

Her eyes landed on Victor as he sat on the couch. He looked different from the last time she had seen him. He looked older, and there was something about him that Rebekah couldn't place her finger on. But it almost made her feel guilty for coming over.

"Let me guess, you wish to use my insider knowledge for a case you've got going on." Victor said as he gestured for the Mikaelsons to take a seat on the couch across from him.

"Something like that." Rebekah said with a nod before looking over at her brother. "We have reason to believe that you'd be able to help us catch a mercenary."

Victor laughed. "You'll only find them if they want to be found. Especially the good ones that are out there."

"Humor us." Elijah said watching as Adriana walked into the room and stood behind her father with her arms crossed over her chest.

"You could put my dad at risk for giving up this information." Adriana said shaking her head.

"Your father might already be a target." Elijah said keeping his eyes on hers. "Damon Salvatore made a phone call earlier today. It was in that call that he made a threat towards a mercenary, by the name of Rosa. They only gave a letter as indication who this threat was made about." His eyes finally shifted to Victor. "V."

On the outside, Adriana's features hadn't changed. On the inside, she was freaking out. If it wasn't for her training, her heart would have speed up with the fear that was currently coursing through her at the information she was hearing. But just as she had done this plenty of times, she was able to calm her racing thoughts.

"What makes you think it has anything to do with me?" Victor asked as he looked at the siblings before looking up at Adriana.

"We ran a list of Damon's known associates, even extended to people he possibly knew intimately throughout the years." Rebekah said as she leaned forward in her seat. "Only two names on that list were currently not in jail or dead. Your names." Rebekah's eyes shifted from Adriana to Victor.

"You've got to be kidding." Adriana said shaking her head. "Why would Damon target my dad? Without incriminating anyone, we're friends with the Salvatores. There wouldn't be a reason. But this conversation is going to give them a reason if it continues."

"Adri," Her father said to stop her from her usual rant. Even he knew what this was about. Just like Adriana had done, he done a great job about not reacting. Damon threatened Adriana with him being the target. He was now curious who was on the black card that his daughter had gotten that Damon would need to make that threat.

Elijah sighed. "I assure you, the purpose of this conversation is to ensure you and your father are safe." Elijah moved his eyes back to Adriana. Her eyes met his and never moved. "Rosa has a target here in New Orleans. From what we can tell, she knows her target intimately. If Damon has to make a threat to ensure the job is completed, it shows that this time it's personal between the two."

Victor noticed the way that Elijah had kept his eyes on his daughter. He looked between the two for a moment before settling on Elijah. "'V' probably isn't associated with anyone's name."

Adriana's eyes moved to her father. She knew what he was doing in that moment. "You don't have to do this." She said placing her hand on his arm. "They could use this against you in the future."

"We wouldn't." Rebekah said shaking her head. "This is purely informational to make sure that the both of you remain safe while we still don't know who the target is." Looking at Adriana, she continued. "I know our families have been at ends for a while now. But I give you my word, that anything your father says today won't be used."

Victor placed his hand ontop of Adriana's and patted it a few times before looking up at her. A silent message between them. Mostly Victor telling her this was going to happen even if she didn't want it to. Adriana nodded and Victor looked back to Rebekah.

"Do you happen to have a copy of the conversation?" He asked. "Knowing what was said might give me an indication as to what they could have been talking about."

Rebekah pulled her phone out of jacket pocket and pulled up the recording she had sent to her phone. Placing it down on the small coffee table before them, Rebekah pressed play.

The first few minutes of the recording played. Adriana could hear her distorted voice and Damon's come over the speaker. This proved that Elijah had heard the whole conversation. That alone made her heart skip a beat as she listened to it.

Don't expect me to do the works on this. I'm changing it to a drop and run.

Just think of all the fun you'll have beforehand. You might hate dropping it off later, but at least you'll enjoy it while you can. While dropping and running would be easier, you know you've been waiting a while for this.

Fuck off, Damon.

It seems I've struck a nerve

No shit. I've got have a mind to back out of this and return it to sender.

But no one does it as good as you do. Come on, Rosa. You promised if I called, you'd answer. Plus it's be a shame if I had to have a talk with V about this.

I dare you Salvatore. It'd be an eye for an eye and there's only one of them that's currently a sitting duck. While a personal visit would be fun, I have friends in low places that would be willing to help a girl out.

Rebekah tapped pause on her phone. "Does any of that make sense?"

Victor nodded. "Of course I'm sure you know what the drop and run means." He watched as the siblings nodded. "V in this is a person. This Rosa has a boss, whoever trained her knows both Damon and Giuseppe, who is your 'sitting duck' in this reference. When bosses hear their successor are backing out of a deal, the tables would turn on them."

Victor wasn't completely wrong and Adriana knew that. While the information had been false, some of it had some truth. Greta wouldn't be informed in any way. It wasn't her and Giuseppe that would get contacted. It was Stefan and Victor that would be killed.

Rebekah nodded at Victors words. "Alright, one last thing. The two talk about 'the works' any ideas what that means?"

Victor sighed. "Every mercenary on the black market has 'the works'. It's deemed their specialty and how to make the target never see it coming. From what I could tell, Rosa knows her target in some way. Implanting herself into their lives isn't going to be hard because they've already been there. If contact to her boss has been threatened, she must have asked for an incentive to continue."

Elijah chuckled. "She did. She asked for triple the payment up front."

Victor gave a whistle as he looked up at his daughter for a moment. "Even I was never bold enough to ask for that much." He said with a smirk growing on his lips as he looked over at the other two. "For that kind of money, you better believe this Rosa is going take down her target without any hesitation."

Both Rebekah and Elijah looked towards each other at the information Victor had given them. This completely changed everything. If Elijah was in fact the target, it was someone he's known the whole time.

The moment the door closed behind the Mikaelsons, Adriana braced herself for what her father would have to say. She waited until the sound of the car started and pulled away before she turned to face him. When she did, she saw the knowing look on his face.

"He's on the black card, isn't he?" Her father asked taking a step towards her.

Adriana nodded. "Damon's reasons are for locking him up as well as Stefan."

Victor shook his head as he ran his hand along his chin. "The works?"

In front of her father, Adriana allowed herself to break down when she needed to. "How am I supposed to do that to him? I left for so long, how am I supposed to just push myself in and do this? Damon only gave me a week."

Her father walked over to her and pulled her into a hug. "The life of a mercenary was never meant to be an easy one." He said as he ran his hand along her back. "But all we can do right now is point them in the other direction and hope they'll follow that trail. That way it's easier to get your job done."

Adriana pulled away from Victor at his words. His words were anything but comforting. What she heard in his words were that she needed to go through with this. No matter who it was on the other end of the cross hairs, Adriana was going to have to do this.

"After it's done, I'm leaving for good." Her voice sounded empty compared to moments before.

"With that kind of payout, I should hope so." He said with a nod. "If they find out Adri, this is going to make things so much more complicated."

She nodded her head. "I know."

"Move up the timeline and then get out of here. That way I know you're safe."

Adriana's eyes widened at the words. That hadn't been a suggestion. The finality in his voice had told her he wanted to move faster. The faster she went the faster she was out of town.