I had classes the very next day. I crossed paths with Harry and Cedric every now and then but otherwise, I made SOME friends. Malfoy was still my rival. I only had Transfiguration with the Slytherins, so I only had to put up with Malfoy for Transfiguration (I made this up I actually don't know what houses Hufflepuff takes classes with except Herbology which is Gryffindor). Easily, I thought History of Magic was the most boring class ever. Professor Binns was basically a ghost who NEVER stopped talking. Apparently, as Harry had told me one day at breakfast that the story was Professor Binns was sleeping and died, but then he got up to teach one day and he didn't realise he left his body behind. I was walking to Herbology when my arm brushed with someone's arm. I turned around to see who it was, but I only saw that it was Cedric. No worries right?

"Hi Harry!" I shout as I walked into Herbology.

"Hi Usagi!" Harry shouts back.

"Miss Potter, Mr. Potter, lower your voices." Professor Sprout says.

"Sorry Professor Sprout." We mumble.

We had 1 whole hour doing it. I then walked out laughing about it with Harry.

"Neville fainted." I say.

"I thought he died." Harry admits.

"Maybe this would help us in our next years. Mandrakes. Interesting plants if I do say so myself." I say.

"Mandrakes are a little...well...loud." Harry says.
"I have break now. Cedric does too." I say as I see him walking out of the school.

"I have flying lessons. With Malfoy." Harry groans. Cedric apparently heard everything as he was walking over.

"We can come and watch if you want." Cedric says.

"I'm sorry. My arm brushed against you earlier." I admit.

"It's fine." Cedric says. Harry speaks up.

"I would like it if you came to watch." Harry says.

Broom practice.
"Say 'UP' like you mean it." Madame Hooch commands.

"Up!" Everyone shouts. A Gryffindor named Hermione's broom gets in her hand as well as Harry's. Ron's hits him in the face.
"Your kidding!" Ron shouts in anger. Cedric and I laugh. "It wasn't funny Cedric, Usagi." Ron then snaps.

"Now mount your broom and when I give the signal, take off." Madame Hooch says. Neville's broom flies him around and then he falls right beside us. Cedric, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and I rush over.

"How is it?" I ask as I feel his wrist, as I notice he's holding it.

"It hurts like mad." Neville admits.

"That's because it's broken." Cedric says.

"I'll take him." Madame Hooch says. "If any of you get on your brooms while i'm gone, you'll be out of Hogwarts before you can say 'Quidditch'." Malfoy notices something.

"Hey! It's Longbottom's remembrall." Malfoy shouts. I look at Harry.

"He got a remembrall in the mall earlier." Harry admits at my look.

Malfoy gets on his broom.

"Hermione, give me your broom." I say. She does, because she KNOWS that I just wanted to get it back. Harry mounts his broom and takes off. I do the same.

"Give it," Harry starts.

"Here Malfoy!" I finish.

"How about I leave it somewhere, up in a tree?" Malfoy taunts. I growl. Cedric is watching in amazement.

"No!" Harry shouts.

"FIne. Go catch it then." Malfoy then throws it and we zoom after it.

"Harry! If it drops on the right, you go there, if it drops on the left, i'll get it!" I say. Harry nods and we go in our directions.

"It's in the middle!" I shout. Almost as soon as the ground is near, our hands close around it.

"Mr. Potter! Come here!" Professor McGonagall says. She then speaks to Cedric and he nods.

"It was Malfoy professor." I say.

"It wasn't about that Miss Potter. Go talk to Mr. Diggory." Professor McGonagall says.

"Cedric, you saw it! It was Malfoy!" I say.

"It isn't about that Usagi." Cedric says. "Would you be a Seeker?"

"What's a Seeker?" I ask him.
"Basically the same thing happened to Oliver Wood. We couldn't find a Seeker, but I couldn't find a Chaser. I'm going to switch from Seeker to Chaser, so will you be a Quidditch Seeker?" Cedric asks. He then explains a Seeker.
"Fine." I say.

"Quidditch practice is at 6:00 AM tomorrow." Cedric says. "Make sure to be there." He winks.

"Alright..." I say.