Thank you to the beta of this chapter- Born-of-Elven-Blood

Chapter One- The Memory That Was meant to Stay Hidden.

"Legilimens!" Severus yelled. He entered Harry's mind once more as the boy did his best to kick him out.

Images of Harry's friends sitting in the Gryfinndor common room and enjoying the roaring fire flashed past their eyes. Harry and Ron playing chess together. Harry at the Weasley's. Opening a Christmas present that Molly gave him. His friends sitting next to him in the hospital wing at the end of his fourth year.

Harry's home life came to light next, his uncle pushing him up against the wall, almost breaking his arm. His aunt telling him to cook dinner and to make sure he didn't burn anything. Harry being forced to wash his uncle's car.

A small child who sat in the corner of a dark room and cried.

Images of Lily came up. Severus found it painful to watch as she sang Harry a lullaby.

Suddenly he came upon a block in the boy's mind, as if someone had cast Obliviate on the child at some point. Fearing that it might have been the Dark Lord, he pushed though to see a horrific sight play out in front of him.

Severus stood and watched as Harry entered Professor Lockhart's office during his second year.

"Ah, Harry, just on time. Tea?" the man asked, holding up a kettle of freshly brewed tea.

"…sure," Harry muttered, setting his school bag down and sitting in the chair next to Lockharts desk, looking at all the pictures of the man.

"You will be helping me to sign autographs during your detention. Should be fun!" the man explained with a smile that could only be described as creepy.

"Fun," Harry muttered to himself as Lockhart brought him a cup of tea. "Thanks," he said softly before taking a small sip.

Harry spent the next few minutes signing autograph after autograph. Then he suddenly dropped his quill.

"I can't move!" Harry said, panicked.

"Don't worry my boy, it's just the potion I mixed into your tea. It's designed to paralyze you while still allowing your body to feel every little touch. Pretty soon you won't even be able to talk," Lockhart explained, starting to clear his desk.

"What…what are you going to do?" Harry stuttered as fear rose up inside of him. Severus felt every ounce of fear that the boy did.

"You've been such a tease to me, Harry," Lockhart said. "I wanted you the moment I saw you in that bookstore. I'm sure you know how it is. You're the Boy Who Lived, I'm sure everyone wants to get a piece of you."

"I don't…"

"I see the potion has taken full effect."

Severus could only watch as Lockhart laid Harry out on his desk, slowly undressing him, running his hands over his skin as he went. "Such soft skin" Lockhart said soothingly as tears rolled down the child's face. Harry was helpless to do anything.

Lockhart climbed onto his desk and hovered over Harry, kissing the boy's neck. Slowly moving one of his hands down to Harry's genitals, he gave them a small squeeze, pressing his thumb in, earning a small whimper from Harry.

"Don't worry, my precious Harry, you won't remember anything after. It will be like it never happened. Everytime will be the first time for you," Lockhart said, before gently flipping Harry over onto his stomach and bending the child's knees until Harry's bottom stuck up in the air.

"Deep breaths, my Harry," Lockhart told him, gently running his hand down his back until he got to Harry's bottom, slowly sliding his cheeks apart and slipping a finger inside. As Lockhart slowly moved his finger within Harry he bent down and kissed the boy's lower back in what he might have meant to be a comforting manner.

Severus did not want to watch this. He tried desperately to leave Harry's mind, but found himself trapped inside, forced to witness something that should have never happened. In that moment, Harry was no longer the son of James Potter, he was just an innocent child that needed someone's protection. But it was years too late for that.

Lockhart let out a small moan as he slipped another finger inside of Harry and started to slowly move them in and out, stretching the boy out and then adding a third finger.

Severus watched in horror as Lockhart moved his robes back and unzipped his fly. He pressed his hard member against Harry's entrance and slowly slid himself inside, letting out a loud moan when he felt Harry's warmth envelop him.

Severus couldn't take it. He turned away, but could not ignore the movement of the desk, the grunts from Lockhart and the whimpers from Harry. He tried to exit the memory once more only to be forced back in again. It was as if someone was forcing him to stay, tying him down to a chair and forcing him to witness as a young boy was stripped of his innocence.

The horror seemed to last forever, though in reality it was only a few minutes before the man came inside of Harry, cleaned the boy off and got him dressed.

"You were so wonderful Harry," the man said as he sat the child back down in the chair, doing up his shirt and tying the tie as he spoke. "Don't worry, the potion won't last much longer. Just long enough."

Lockhart got a wet cloth and cleaned the tears from the boy's face before pressing his lips against his, kissing him tenderly.

"Until next time my love."

Then Lockhart raised his wand and Obliviated the child.

Once the memory ended, Severus was able to leave Harry's mind. He watched as the boy fell to the ground, his eyes wide and tearful with fear as the memories came back to him.

"…Harry?" Severus spoke gently, bending down and reaching for him. He was so focused on the boy that he didn't even realize he had tears of his own falling down his face.

Harry only managed to shake his head as he turned and emptied his stomach on the dungeon floor.

"Don't touch me!" Harry snapped when he felt the Professor's hand on his shoulder. Rising quickly, he ran from the classroom.