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Chapter Thirty One – To Make A Bargain

Harry was woken up by the soft clinking of the potion vials as Molly cleaned them up from the table next to him. Letting out a small moan, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he looked over to the couch to see that his friends were no longer there. "Where are Hermione and Ron?" Harry mumbled as he turned to look at Molly who gave him a small smile. If it wasn't for the calming potion drowning Harry's senses, he would have probably snapped at the woman. He didn't want the pity that was coming off of her in waves; if anything, it made him feel worse about what was happening.

"You've been out for about an hour sweetie. They left as soon as you fell asleep," Molly explained sweetly as Harry started fiddling with the crystal that Hermione left with him, watching as Molly stacked the glass vials on her tray. "But someone else is here to see you," Molly added chipperly as if Harry was a puppy who just did a good job going to the bathroom outside.

"There's no one else," Harry muttered under his breath. It was clear that Snape abandoned him, tossed him aside. He should have known better than to trust the man.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Molly replied, patting Harry's leg before she left. Harry just closed his eyes and waited for whoever it was to come in and watch him to make sure that he wouldn't do anything stupid.

He felt like he was a prisoner in Azkaban, all he needed was a few dementors outside the windows and he would be set.

He listened as the footsteps got closer to the room until he heard the person enter and the familiar smell of spices and herbs stung the inside of his nose. Slowly opening his eyes he saw his Potion Professor making his way to the couch. "What are you doing here?" Harry questioned as Snape sat down, brushing the soot off of his robes from the floo trip.

"You asked your friends to come and speak with me, or do you not remember?" Severus inquired as he scanned over the child. Harry did look a lot better from the last time he saw him, granted the last time he saw Harry was when he was dying on his private potion lab floor. But as he looked at the child now Harry just seemed to be lethargic, perhaps a little shaky.

"...I didn't expect you to come," Harry mumbled honestly after a few seconds of silence.

"May I ask why?" Severus inquired.

Harry gave a small shrug as he looked down into his lap, watching as the light gave the crystal a rainbow effect "Because you handed me off," Harry mumbled, his voice getting a little defensive.

"I didn't hand you off, I had no say in what happened. You tried to take your own life in my care and I was deemed unable to care for you." Severus explained.

"I don't need to be cared for, I don't need a babysitter and I don't need to be watched twenty four- seven," Harry said angrily, causing Hedwig to ruffle her feathers, perched on top of Harry's sofa.

Severus eyed the bird for a quick second before he spoke again. "You swallowed fifty-two potions, people who do that don't get privacy or freedom to do what they wish. It's one of the consequences."

"I'm not even allowed to go to the bathroom on my own. What am I going to do, drown myself in the toilet? They took away everything else, that would be my only option!" Harry yelled, earning a small nip from Hedwig as she jumped down onto the arm rest and nipped at his fingers for him to pat her.

"I want to go back with you. I don't like being here. I want to go back to Hogwarts," Harry explained softly, making sure he kept his voice steady as not to upset Hedwig.

"Yes, your friends told me as such," Severus replied.

"Please...I promise I won't try it again."

"I think we both know you can't promise something like that," Severus replied. "...If I was going to bring you back to Hogwarts you will still be on watch, is that understood?"

" more potions" Harry tried to bargain, only so see Snape shake his head at his request.

"That can't be done. The potions you took, as harmless as they may be on their own, mixed inside your stomach they turned into an acid that ate through your stomach lining. If it wasn't for the pain potions you would be in agony. The rest of the potions is to help with the healing. You are lucky that you are still able to eat on your own,'' Severus explained, hoping that the child understood how severe the damage was that he ended up doing to himself.

Harry stayed silent for a moment as he absorbed what his Professor told him, running his fingers through Hedwig feathers. "No calming potion, I don't need it and it makes my head fuzzy. I can't think right with it."

Severus pressed his lips together firmly as he thought about the request. "Alright, I take you off the calming potion but nothing else," he agreed to the compromise.

Harry gave a small nod, relieved that he wouldn't have to take that awful potion anymore "Can Hedwig come?"

Severus couldn't help but to grimace at the thought of having a dirty owl in his chambers, but seeing how the bird helped the child to stay calm, he couldn't deny the request. "You would be in charge of looking after it, that includes making sure the bird doesn't make a mess in my chambers.''

"Hedwig won't make a mess, she's a good girl" Harry muttered, already feeling whipped out from this confrontation.

"There's one more thing, before you can come back to Hogwarts, You have to talk to a Mind Healer. A good friend of mine is one and he will be more than happy to take you on as a patient."

"Mind Healer?" Harry questioned. "That's a therapist, right? No...I don't want to talk to a Mind Healer." Harry said, already feeling sick to his stomach at the thought of talking to someone about what happened.

"This is not an option. You need to talk to a Mind Healer...even if you don't believe so. You can either agree to the Mind Healer or you can stay here with the Weasley's. It's up to you." Snape spoke, making sure the boy understood the two options he was given.

"...Alright...I see the Mind Healer?" Harry relentingly agreed, hoping he would be able to get out of it when the time comes.

"Go and pack up your things, I will talk to Molly and tell her what's happening," Severus instructed.

For the first time since Harry came to live at the Weasley's, he cracked a small smile as he pushed himself up from the couch, using the arm of the chair for support as Hedwig made her way up to his shoulder.

Severus watched as the child made his way up the stairs, he cast a quick silencing charm at the bottom of the stairway, knowing the confrontation he was about to have with the woman who believed herself to be Harry's mother was going to get loud and he didn't want the child to overhear.