He was in a windowless room, in the administrative building of a tiny Earth Kingdom town. It was officially designed as the colony of Hizen, but its original Earth Kingdom name was Gaipan, and even the occupying Fire Nation soldiers called it by the old name in all but official documents.

It was a testament to how nothing the town was, Zuko thought. When Ba Sing Se fell, and was renamed "New Azulon" in honor of his grandfather, everything changed, both about the city, and the war to conquer it. Whether it was New Azulon, or Ba Sing Se, as the Earth Kingdom commoners still called it, away from the ears of their occupiers, its name had weight.

Zuko didn't care if the town he now called home was Hizen, Gaipan or "Middle-of-Nowhere." Hizen was a long dead Fire Nation admiral, notable only for the development of some nautical device, a fact he half-remembered from his education at the Fire Nation Royal Academy. Gaipan was probably a dirt farmer that just happened to have first settled the area. Nobody cared about either of them, and people only referred to the town by the latter's name out of habit and convenience. It was a place men and careers went to die, unnoticed by history.

That was true of Zuko as much as any of the soldiers here. Though he was only 16, with plenty of life ahead of him, he had been banished to this outpost in the colonies after… well suffice to say that although he was still technically Prince Zuko, few called him that any more. Like the change from Gaipan to Hizen, that change in Zuko's title had happened without note.

Zuko looked down at his small desk. He had unimportant papers to review, in his unimportant bureaucratic job, in this unimportant town, hundreds of miles from the new war front. He sighed, and picked up his stamp.