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Yami watched the person run away screaming. "You know, Marik, you really gotta stop doing that?"

"Doing what?" Marik asked, putting his four-foot-long ax back on the sheath on his back, opposite to the foam mallet.

Yami sweat dropped, then rubbed his forehead. "Is anyone else getting a headache?"

Bakura and Marik exchanged glances. "Quickly!! We must get more alcohol!! The effects are wearing off!" and with those words, they grabbed Yami by each wrist and lead him into a bar.

"I'd like a tequila," Bakura demanded.

"Everclear here!" Yami exclaimed.

"I'll have a Jose Cuervo," Marik ordered.

The waiter looked at them funny, then went back to speaking to an English customer.

Yami, Bakura and Marik glared at them both, and then clutched their heads in pain. Who would've thought that their hangovers would hurt that much?

Suddenly, three fortune cookies poofed into existence right in front of them. Each of them grabbed their cookie at the same time, and in unison, they all said, "I wish all three of us could speak English!"

And suddenly - they could!! Bakura glared at Yami. "You were suppose to wish for World Domination!" Bakura yelled at him. "I was wishing that we could all speak English!" The bartender, and his customers, all looked at the Yamis'.

"No, I was wishing for English speakingness! You were suppose to wish for World Domination, and Marik was suppose to wish for illegal drugs!" Yami countered.

"No, I was suppose to wish to speak English, you were suppose to wish for illegal drugs, and you were suppose to wish for World Domination!" Marik yelled at the two, not distinguishing whom "you" was.

"Gentlemen!" The Bartender cut in, before they could start a brawl. Again with the gentlemen thing?

"What?" Bakura sneered.

"Can I get you anything to drink?"



"Jose Cuervos."

"I'll get those too you in just a moment, sirs," the bartender grinned nervously, eyeing their collection of weaponry that was slung randomly around their bodies.



The ancient Egyptians beginning to attack each other again did nothing to ease his fears.

Yami chugged back his everclear, as the other spirits chugged back their drinks.

"I'm sorry about the crossbow Bakura!!!" Yami slurred, draping his arm over the other's shoulder.

"S'ok man!! I'm sorry about the taser!!"

"I love you man!!" They both cried out, hugging each other.

"I feel unloved," Marik whimpered.

"We love you too!!!" And then the three of them hugged each other tightly.

"What's next on your list, Marik?" Bakura asked, as the three of them finally broke apart. "Kill more random people..." Everyone in the bar stared at the three in pure terror.

"We did that already," Yami sighed. "What next?"

"Go to an all you can eat buffet."

"All right!!!" Yami and Bakura pumped their fists in the air.

"Hey!!" The bartender called, "you didn't pay for you-" He stopped when a hand rested on his arm.

"Just let 'em go, Bill. Just let 'em go."

"So, would you happen to know any where to eat?" Yami asked Bakura.

"Why would I know? Marik?"

"What? Do I look like God to you? I mean, I am but..."

"Be quiet Marik!! You know nothing!"

"Like you know so much more, Bakura!"

"Both of you!! Shut up!! Now, I'm going to go ask someone where the all you can eat buffet is..." a little girl ran past Yami.

"Hey! Little Girl!" He called. She stopped and turned to him. "How would you like some candy?"

"AHHHH!! MOMMY!! SOME FREAK WITH WEIRD HAIR IS TRYING TO RAPE ME!!" The little girl screamed, kicking Yami in the shin, and running down the street.

Yami cursed loudly, and began hopping around, holding his leg.

Bakura and Marik broke into mad laughter. "Nice one Yami!!" they giggled.

Yami glared at them. "I'd like to see you do better!"

"Fine then, I will!" Marik exclaimed, then walked up to an old woman. He drew his rod/dagger, and pointed it at her throat.

"Listen you old hag! Tell me where the All You Can Eat Buffet is, and I won't kill you!" He growled.

The women looked frightened for a moment and then began beating him with her purse. "Get away from me you perverted, sick mugger!" She snarled, hitting him. He fell to his knees, shielding his head with his arms.

When she stormed off down the street, Bakura and Yami helped him up, laughing hysterically.

"What's so funny?!" he snarled at them both, baring his teeth.

"You just got your ass kicked by an old lady!!" Bakura managed to explain. "And Yami just got attacked by a three year old!!"

"I'd like to see you do better!" Yami and Marik screamed at him.

"It's all about picking the right audience," Bakura said, and then walked up to a teenage girl who was walking down the street.

"Hey," he purred. She looked up at him.

"What do you want?" She asked, trying to sound edgy, but a hint of swooning crept into her voice.

"I was just wondering, do you know where I could find an All You Can Eat Buffet around here?" he asked, brushing a lock of hair out of her eyes. She blushed.

"Why do you wanna know?" she stammered, her knees beginning to weaken.

"So, perhaps I could take you there sometime," he winked.

"There's one just down the street, and to the right," she said, feeling light headed.

"Thanks," he said, his usual malicious voice coming back to him. He summoned his man-eater bug, and it promptly... didn't eat her.

"What the hells wrong with you?" He screamed at the bug. The girls eyes widened dramatically.

"She's not a man," the bug answered, its voice not that of a human.

The girl screamed, and ran down the street, and the bug disappeared.

She didn't get far however, when Marik stuck his foot out and tripped her. Then he stabbed her over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Lucky for them, somehow, the entire street was deserted.


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