Day 4

Woke up to a grumbling stomach. Good news: the ache and the gash in my arm is almost gone, but it looks like it'll scar. Bad news: running out of food again. I'll have to go out and hunt more and I really, REALLY don't want to. Might go fish instead.

Had a stroke of genius while looking around: why not fill that bucket I have?

Well, I have a water bucket now. And it's as wonky as everything else around here: water inside doesn't spill out, or even move at all unless I will it to. Then the whole bucket's just gone in an instant. Strangely enough, the puddle that's on the ground doesn't really disappear, no matter how much water flows out of it. Tried getting some of that flowing water into the bucket – it simply evaporates. The puddle itself is gone entirely soon as I swing a bucket over it. Oh well.

I really don't know what to make of all this.

P.S Gonna try the whole "land in water to not die" thing.

This is AWESOME! And ABSOLUTELY weird.

I've been trying to see if I can use the water from the bucket as a way to break my fall. It works like a charm: turns out, I just need to will the water out of the bucket and right underneath me right before I hit the ground, and it works perfectly. Sure, my legs are kind of not very happy from all of the failed attempts, but I'm happy.

Why couldn't Remnant be this beautifully ignorant of laws of nature?

P.S: Remembered the whole "swimming up a waterfall" disaster from a couple days back. Tried seeing if my bucketed water had the same properties.

It did. As a matter of fact, the water seemed to "stick" to whatever point I'd dumped it over, and then just flow downwards - until I collected it back. Definitely keeping a bucket on hand at all times now. Being wet head to toe isn't even that much of a bother, and it's not like this diary seems to be impacted by wetness at all.

Found some seeds on the ground near where I'd used the bucket. Inventory says they're "wheat seeds". Isn't bread made from wheat?

Oh shucks. I was right.

Not long after I'd picked those seeds up, the "System" came up with another "reminder" on "proper hoe usage and tilling".

I know nothing about farming besides "stick it in dirt and hope it grows". But when has a lack of crucial information ever stopped me before? I'll just keep trying until I get it.

Got it eventually. Found a small pond near my campfire, ground looked nice and wet. Tilled it with my crappy rushed stone hoe, then planted some seeds. As I'm writing this, the seeds seem to be doing well. The land around my walls looks kind of ugly now from all of my failed tilling attempts, though. Hope some grass grows there soon.

Don't know if farming is supposed to be this easy, or it's just another local thing. I suspect it's the second, or else every building in the Vale would have had a farm on the roof or something.

Had some raw meats in my chest; I think I'd forgotten about them after all the commotion yesterday. In any case, I have dinner now.

What I don't have is any fuel. Planks make for a crappy source, coal's running out from all the smelting and cooking done recently and I seriously doubt this place has an easy-to-use supply of Dust. Or Dust in general, really.

Going to make for that cave I'd found under the granite – didn't have enough torches to explore it properly last time, and I'm pretty sure the monsters only appear in the dark. It would explain the nighttime invasions at least.

P.S: Decided to make myself some iron tools at the last second. Behold – a shiny new iron axe, an iron pickaxe and – finally – a proper sword (Crocea Mors shaped, of course) The only problem is that blade didn't turn out as sharp as I'd like, and there aren't any grindstones or similar stuff around. Maybe I can wing it with a piece of flint instead?

P.P.S: Or maybe you should have learned proper weapon maintenance, genius. Crocea Mors' "indestructability" wasn't a good excuse to skip on it, anyway.

Okay. A lot to think about.

Right now I'm stuck in a cave. Well…not as much stuck as barricaded in a small hole I dug out to try and catch my breath, as well as make sense of everything.

Thanks the Gods I'm not claustrophobic.

Alright. To begin, I'd gone down back to that cave to see if I could find some more resources. They were quite aplenty; even found some gold pieces.. Came aross a dead-end with some iron, started digging.

Barely any time had passed before there was an absolute cacophony (that's the word I think) of noises. Moans, groans, hisses, rattling. Went ahead shield first to check it out. Dead-end was as dead as I originally though - found a small 1x1m hole leading deeper into the cave.

And an absolute crapton of the monsters trying to run through it. Green guys, zombies, skeletons, I think even a spider – all of them trying to squeeze through a tiny hole to get to me. Didn't take long for them to notice me, and then one of the bones in the back tried to shoot me.

Through his "comrades".

Here's another important lesson:

These guys have no concept of teamwork or friendly fire.

The shot must have hit a green guy, cause next second there's a REALLY loud explosion (cave, after all), the wall is gone and there's a huge mess of…everything really on the floor. After making sure I had no other guests, decided to go through this hole.

That's when I saw it. The first signs of any kind of civilization around here.

A bunch of cob-webbed planks acting as a ceiling support. A legitimate mineshaft, of sorts. Someone else's creation – there had to have been another sentient being in here besides me!

So I braved onwards.

And so begins another episode of "Jaune Arc Makes A Mistake"

To be honest I didn't think I could be more scared after that run-in with the black thing. But this place…it' was like a nightmarish fever dream. A barely lit maze with death creeping all around; can't tell how many times I'd had a mini-heart attack after turning a corner only to have an arrow fly in my face, or the Godsdamned green blob hissing like a fuse. Not kidding about the maze part either – whoever dug and built it doesn't really deserve the "sentience" status anymore. Actual dead ends everywhere, entire sections being cut off, random planks placed in nonsensical places – it almost felt like an attempt by something that is definitely not human to recreate human architecture.

That STILL wasn't the worst part, after all.

I'd been lighting up another part of the shaft when I stumbled upon a long hallway with cobwebs all over it. Decided to take a closer look and maybe try and light it up.

Cue "Jaune Arc Makes Yet Another Mistake".

Soon as I'd approached, two things had happened:

One: I noticed a weird burning cage buried amidst the web with something spinning inside

Two: a tiny green-ish spider just straight up appeared into existence out of nowhere above the cage, lunged at me before I could bring my shield up and chomped on me.

One would think that a bite from a smaller-sized spider should have hurt less, right? It did.

For exactly a moment.

One second I'm fine. Next second, my arm is on fire. Third, half of my body is on fire. Fourth, I'm hit with a wave of nausea about a dozen times worse than my bullhead ride.

Immediate verdict: I've been poisoned. Thankfully, my adrenaline-fueled training instincts managed to take over through the sheer world-ending agony I'd been in, and stab the fucking thing to the floor.

I wish that'd been the end of that, but no. I closed my eyes for a moment to try and dispel the nausea, only to hear the infernal hissing AGAIN. Opened them to the sight of two more fucking spiders crawling towards me from across the hall. In a really strange, surreal moment I bolted out of there, dropped some planks to block the hallway off, then dug myself in to try and tough the poison out in peace. It's working, kind of – my head still feels pretty poopy, but at least I don't feel like I'm dying anymore. Maybe the vomiting helped, for once.

Going to spend a few moments in here to catch a breath, maybe even try and eat if the nausea doesn't pick up and then see if I can remember my way out of this cursed place.

P.S: I don't think I was an arachnophobe before, but I sure am one now - a "FUCK small green spiders that try to dissolve you from within" kind of arachnophobe.

Came across some pools of what looks like lava while wandering around. It was unbearably hot – so much so that my receding headache picked up full force again. Didn't fall in, thankfully – I have enough experience in kitchen-related burns to know that burning will be just an absolute mess of a death.

Then I was pleasantly surprised to find DIAMONDS!

5 pieces to be exact. I'd always loved playing with Mom's and Saphron's jewelry collections, and these beauties came out from under my pickaxe looking like they've been through a jeweler already.

Found some "Redstone" too – literal concentrated pockets of some sort of red dust within ore chunks. Smells funny, but I don't think (hope) it's toxic or harmful, so I'll keep it for now.

That poison must have hit me hard - feeling really tired and straight up done with it all. I'll get some rest and then break for the surface – my inventory's full and it's really doing a number on my back and on my concentration.

I'm safe in my shelter at last. Found my way out of the cave and up onto the surface, only to come face to face with an absolute nighttime infestation - hostile "fauna" all around me. Forced skeletons and shovel(?) wielding zombies to fight each other – bought me enough time to escape.

Now I'm in my shelter, doing a recount, waiting for stuff to smelt and for commotion outside to die down. I really hope the walls will be safe enough to hold against a possible onslaught while I sleep – or else this will be my last entry (and I kinda don't want it to be). IF I do make it, I'll head out for the cave again tomorrow – as much as I dread coming back into that mineshaft, it still had a whole lot of stuff I hadn't been able to pick up.

P.S: "System" has just told me of a "Days survived" command - same principle as "Inventory". Tried it out, the answer – 7 days.

I'd been awake and in that cave for 3 whole days? That's just nuts. Can't help but wonder that I should have gotten hungry a lot more than I did. For 3 days spent straight up digging and sometimes fighting, that is.

P.P.S: Unfortunately, the wheat I'd planted doesn't seem to be doing too well. I'll deal with it in the morning.

Bad news: computer I used for writing is bricked right now (and possibly forever)

Good news: I have had enough braincells to backup pretty much everything important and move it onto my new(ish) computer

Better news: New(ish) computer can run Minecraft, so the show is still on.

Also, if you haven't figured it out this whole fic is just me describing my new Minecraft world playthrough together with random RWBY quips and reminders periodically thrown in whenever possible to keep the story relevant to the crossover tag ;)

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