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Chapter 1

Orochimaru loved power, and the most powerful position in the Leaf village was that of Hokage. It was a position he coveted deeply.

Anko had always supported her sensei, even though she knew that if he were to obtain the power of Hokage the village would not be better for it. He was both powerful and intelligent, but also cruel and sadistic. There was a time when he was the overall favorite to be named, but the third Hokage recognized his faults, and refused him the position. What made the whole situation worse was the fact that Lord third was not just their leader, he was Orochimaru's mentor. His refusal was a betrayal that Anko doubted Orochimaru would ever forgive.

It was after that betrayal that whispers began to appear about him. They called him cruel, and unyielding. His movements began to be watched by the ANBU, and suspicions began to rise. Back when she was still his student, he became suspected of a myriad of heinous crimes, none of which were ever proven true.

Though he covered his tracks well, those in power were incredibly suspicious of him. Of course Anko knew he was guilty, but she would never rat him out. He was perhaps the only ninja in the entire village that she felt particularly close to.

Which made it all the harder when they sent him away for almost an entire decade. He was sent out on an extended mission to the land of waves, it was clearly banishment by another name. In that time she made the rank of Jonin, and achieved recognition as a talented serpent ninja.

When her sensei finally returned, it wasn't treated as a big deal. She hadn't even discovered his return, until two days after the fact. She resented the villages treatment of one of the powerful Sanin, and met her sensei with the enthusiasm that he deserved. Which of course meant a loud greeting, followed by a hug that he seemed unprepared for. At first he seemed annoyed, but after only a moment seemed happy enough to see her. Despite their personalities being quite different the two had always gotten along.

While visiting she caught him up on events in the village, and of her own successes in the field. He told her about some of the jutsu that he had learned while away. He also told her about his meeting with the Hokage upon his return, and his continued desire to become the new Hokage.

"Sarutobi still refuses to step down," he told her. "Still convinced that I should not have what is rightfully mine, even years after that brats death."

Anko knew that by brat he was referring to Lord Fourth, whom he had never truly respected. He didn't even show to congratulate the man, and was only too happy when he met an unfortunate end just a bit later.

"Lord Third desires someone to take care of the village, he probably still believes you to be too cold," Anko chose her words carefully.

"Love and friendship does not win wars," Orochimaru sneered as if the idea were repugnant to him. Of course knowing him it was.

"I know," Anko said, "But Lord Third is insistent that the next Hokage love the village."

"When he should be looking for someone who can protect the village," he spat.

"Yes he should care more about power," she tried to appease the moody man.

Unfortunately power was not enough, and Lord Third was insistent that a Hokage should be connected to the village. And Orochimaru's connections could be considered tenuous at best. In fact out of all his students, she was the only one that continued to visit him. If only he had more friends, or maybe a family. The third Hokage had always been sentimental about such things, always happy when someone announced their union.

"It's too bad you're not married to someone in the village, the Hokage might actually promote you," Anko joked.

Orochimaru for a second seemed surprised, but then a calculating glint entered his eyes.

Seeing the expression she asked, "Come on where would we even find someone to marry you?"

The image of a prostitute or some other power hungry or desperate young woman came to mind "I mean I'm sure we could find someone, but would they be believable?" Anko asked.

Lord Third would see this power play coming a mile away, if Orochimaru showed up with some bimbo off the street. They would need someone willing to play the part, or someone that believed it, and could be dealt with later. Of course that required getting someone to spend an inordinate amount of time with the Snake Sanin.

"They'll never believe it," she concluded.

"Why not?" Orochimaru asked almost innocently. If she didn't know him, she may have actually believed him.

"How could you ever convince the Lord Third, that you suddenly fell in love with some random woman?" she asked.

"Is it not the most common trope, that a student and sensei should fall in love?" he hissed softly.

"I didn't know you were on good terms with another student?" she asked surprised.

He was giving her a patronizing look, one that was a common staple in her childhood. He always used it when she wasn't grasping something that was plain or obvious.

It was at that moment that realization hit her.

"Oh, No!"

Okay well there you go of course there should be more later. This story won't be graphic in any way, and the only reason I made it T was for the subject matter.