Heh....got bored. Well, this is just a short poem I wrote about one of my FAVORITE villains...guess who? ^^

Up against the world

With only my blackened heart in my hand

But, I'll send a plague of destruction and death

Upon this God Forsaken land

With the hate in my soul

And the fire in my eyes

I'll tear this demonic world apart

And bathe in the blood of those who I despise.

The oh so delicate blood of those fools

How smooth it feels on my fingertips

I crave its' sweet taste

As it gently touches my lips

They look up to me with fear filled eyes

Begging for the mercy they crave so

They've shown me none of this mercy they speak of

I just laugh as my hatred for them does grow

Humans....pathetic, insolent idiots

They've ruined this which that called their meaningless lives

If they only knew who I was and what my plan is

But, for now, just call me...

..........Millions Knives..........