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I stared blankly at the screen

I was dead and there was a screen in front of me… Suddenly I had the urge to scream in frustration. Was I in one of those anime gamer fan-fictions? Welp! I hoped so, after those characters always got ridiculously overpowered so with glee I mentally thought "Yes!"

Suddenly I felt a wave of dizziness as my body, no not my body I had no body, My soul moved and suddenly I could feel once again the welcoming feel of being in control, having heat and the steady beat of your heart along with your muscles, all of the things you won't miss until you've lost them. But still, this part will probably be the most boring experience in my life... I have to wait, doing nothing, saying nothing, seeing nothing for months I mentally groaned at the thought

Time Skip: A Few Months

Finally, FINALLY, after months of being trapped in the worlds most inhumane cell I could finally feel myself being pushed, I shouted mentally in joy. Oh! How gleeful I am!


You have been Born.

The following Perks are now available.



Skill Book

Gamer's Mind

Would you like a Tutorial?

If I could be any more happy I would have been able to see anything other than pure darkness!

Mentally I immediately thought yes, while I think that I probably know all of this it was always better to be safe than sorry.


Stats is where you can see your current stat levels, the stats are:

Strength (Determines your Physical prowess)

Dexterity (Determines your Motor Functions (Example: Solving a Perplexus takes high Dexterity) And Reaction Speed)

Intelligence (Self-Explanatory)

Nen (Locked - Unlock Nen To Unlock)

Charisma (Ability to express yourself)


You may place items that are smaller than 50^3 Cm

Slots Used = 0/50

Skill Book

All of your skills

Skills: 0/26935

Gamer's Mind

Allows the user to think like a gamer controlling their character, therefore making the user near impervious to destructive emotions.

Great! The gamer's mind would be very helpful in fighting boredom in my early years! Little did I know there would be no boredom, not one bit.

Name: Kanmuri Koto

Titles: None

Strength: 1

Dexterity: 1

Intelligence: 1

Nen: Locked

Charisma: 1

Skills: None




Skill Book

Gamer's Mind

A/N: While babies don't generally have good eyesight they should still be able to see the game screen as the visualization goes to the brain without going through the eyes which means you would be able to see the screens even with a blindfold on!