Masashi hadn't heard a word from his sister after her hurried departure. And that was weeks ago. Neither has he seen anything of his twin brother.

So he eagerly contacted both of them, and they all agreed to meet up at Ichiraku Ramen, one of their favourite places to eat. They knew the owner of the shop personally, as they had been served their delicious ramen ever since they were all still little toddlers. They used to always go there as a family, before they had to part and go separate ways- pursue separate dreams.

At some point, the subject of Masashi's latest project came into the picture.

It was then that Masashi revealed to both his siblings that one of the characters he had created, Hinata Hyuuga, got her shy and meek personality from Seishi, while- apart from her unusually colourless eyes- she was the splitting image of Kiyoshi. And he might have gotten the idea for the powerful dojutsu, Byakugan, from the amazing eyesight he possessed. When they were children, Masashi managed to get them to believe that his eyes worked like camera lenses, which could zoom in and focus on something really far away. Or that he had the power to see through walls. Both Seishi and Kiyoshi had believed this lie for quite some time.

Further questioning (from Kiyoshi) lead to reveal that another character,Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto Uzumaki's deceased mother, was actually inspired by Kiyoshi. Though their love lives were far from the same (Kiyoshi was single), they both had adorable verbal tics,and fiery personalities.

"Now that we're talking about this..." Kiyoshi turned to Seishi, her eyes sparkling with the familiar childish fire-cracker spark that only she had in them. "otuoto, whadayasay now?"

"Of course I'll help!" Seishi said softly. He never liked to raise his voice, not if he could help it.

"Great! This means you brought it now, didn't you?" Kiyoshi asked, while Masashi looked from Seishi to Kiyoshi with one of his eyebrows raised in an addled expression.

"Guys? What's going on?"

"Yup, here it is!" Seishi rummaged in his pocket, brought a tiny music recorder the size of a credit card from it and handed it to his sister.

"Now it's on!" Kiyoshi said, pressing the button of the music recorder and held it to her ear.

The music that played was loud enough for Masashi to identify what it was, but he couldn't, because he'd never heard it anywhere before.

"It's perfect now, Seishi!" Kiyoshi enthusiastically said.

"Err, um- t-thanks." Seishi said, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. This is something he did when he got nervous, a habit that Masashi made Naruto have as well. His wife touches the tips of her fingers together when she got nervous, and he thought that was really cute.

"Now." Kiyoshi wasted no time. She slid an official-looking sheet of paper underneath Masashi's hands and stared defiantly at him. "Sign this."

"You still haven't told me what's going on." Masashi glanced down at the piece of paper. He hated it when people didn't take him seriously, and his sister often unintentionally did just that. In his oppinion,Shino Aburame was his most relatable character. He's often ignored and no one bothers to approach him. Even when he knew they weren't purposefully being spiteful, he still did not like it.

"You should know, now!" Kiyoshi lightly scolded. "Remember when I said I'd make sure your comic a legend? Now it's on!"

"I- wha-?" Realization was beginning to dawn on Masashi as he quickly read through the lines of the sheet of paper, his eyeballs threatening to pop out of their sockets.

"As soon as I pulled out of your driveway I went straight to my office and made a few phone calls." Kiyoshi explained.

"K-Kiyoshi nee-chan-"

"We're gonna make Naruto a television series now!" His sister announced, throwing her hands into the air as Seishi nodded with a small smile playing on his lips. "And now it's going to be phenomenal!"

"You know you guys don't have to do all this." Masashi started. "I'll just be more patient and wait for more readers like you said, nee-chan, or I can always just draw another manga and maybe it'll turn out even better than Naruto."

"Are you kidding me now?" Kiyoshi said. "I just know many people will love Naruto when they see it air on TV. Naruto's gonna be your massive breakthrough!"

"I don't want to trouble you- you're both really, really busy with your own things you need to do and places you need to be, I-"

"Masashi, you're not troubling us at all. " Seishi supportively reassured his brother. "We really believe your manga needs to be shown to the world."

"Like, the whole wide world, now." Kiyoshi added. She was already excitedly bouncing like a little child on her seat. "And doing this'll be so much fun!"

"And who know's, you might just be doing u a huge favour by giving us something worthwhile to do. Together." Seishi said, a meaningful look in his eyes.

"Together..." Masashi whispered, staring distantly into space. They'd be working on the television series together. They had spent a lot of time together when they were younger. They did everything together, went to the same school together, lived under the same roof together, did crazy stunts together, watched anime and read manga together. They were basically together 24/7. Then they grew older, continuously drifting further and further apart over the years. Was it possible that he and his siblings could come together once again, work together, using their different passions and ambitions. Together?

"A-are you sure?" he asked them again, even though deep down, he knew he wanted their help, too.

"We're doing it now, whether you want it or not!" Kiyoshi said, stubbornly crossing her arms over her chest.

"Come on, Masashi, we don't mind!" Seishi said. "I really wanna do it, and I know you do too!"

The corners of Masashi's mouth lifted. He sighed. "Do any of you have a pen?"

Now it was on.

The whole wide world was gonna see their television series.

The whole wide world needed to love their television series, and the people in it.

Masashi's comic was already getting considerable attention in Japan. He did not see that coming. They actually didn't need to make the show now, but Kiyoshi was adamant.

"Besides, the whole entire world hasn't seen it yet." She said with a shrug.

She was hard at work, papers and important documents flying everywhere. For the past few days she had locked herself in her office, rapidly working. The only time she ever left the cluttered room were for toilet breaks and meals, and even then she would always rush back in after less than five minutes. Masashi had expected this kind of behaviour from her, and if he didn't fully know her well enough, he would have felt guilty for indirectly taking all of her precious time and sleep away. But he wasn't, because he knew it was her choice, and that she was, weirdly, happy with it. She sorted through those measly papers, made bothersome phone calls, and calculated considerably confusing calculations with a big bright smile on her face. She wasn't disgruntled or stressed like anyone but her would have been, her positive spirit only allowed her to be infectiously bubbly and cheerful all the time. She did, however, get very annoyed when Masashi kept telling her that she didn't need to work that hard. Eventually Masashi gave up and brought meals up to her workplace instead, as he knew that was now the only thing that he could do to help.

Somewhere else, Seishi was also hard at work. As a child, he was amazingly skilled at drawing, and he had wanted to write bestselling comics for a living, just like his twin brother. But unlike his brother, drawing wasn't the only thing he was good at. When he was a child, he appreciated the beauty of music much more than his siblings ever had, as he deeply believed that music could, in fact, speak more than a thousand words.

It spoke especially of emotions. Music can make you feel sad, happy, relaxed, scared... anything. If you think about it, music is a mysterious phenomenon, you listen to it with the help of your ears, then the next thing you know, you can magically feel it in the air, in your heart. If used the right way, music can help you express yourself without words; make others feel what you're feeling that that given moment. And, as impossible as it seems, you can make others see what you see through music. The flow of smooth transitions and fine tunes make up what it is. That being said, you can describe anything, even a person, through music.

Seishi was incredibly lucky. He was also gifted with the talent of music, as well as drawing. The two classified fields of art. He was a prodigy in both, and began composing his own music at a very young age. Because he possessed two extremely worthwhile talents, he was stuck with an important choice he absolutely had to make at the end of the day: Which would he pursue, music, or drawing? For a long time, he dreaded making an ultimate decision. He equally loved doing both. But then he realized he didn't have to; he could do both. He didn't know why it took him so long to come to that conclusion. He didn't need to give up on one of them. He would be a composer, as well as a comic artist! It wasn't all that stressful to handle doing both professions. He would easily manage it and be incredibly successful in both as well!

No one had any problems with the music he had composed for the series. It was perfect, just what they'd wanted. In fact, maybe even better than they expected. Kiyoshi's definite all-time favourite was titled 'Afternoon of Konoha'. She loved how 'fun' it sounded, the way it made you want to energetically bop your head to the music. Seishi himself grew fond of all the 'action music', such an 'Rising Fighting Spirit', 'Strong and Strike', and last but not least, 'Turnover'. They were really fun to make. Masashi wasn't too sure which was his favourite. He thought 'Sadness and Sorrow' was beautiful, but he like the 'Main Theme' as well; in a way, it made him realize that they were about to begin their journey, that Naruto was about to take off, slow and steady.

Well, maybe not that 'slow and steady' with Kiyoshi on board, but you get the picture.