Harry blinked. Once, twice, thrice. Suddenly, the whole world came back into view. Without his glasses, he could barely make out his surroundings. Grabbing around on the bedside table, he finally found what he was looking for. Suddenly, it hit him. Memories of last evening came flooding to the front of his consciousness.

The duel with Voldemort, the Battle of Hogwarts, the deaths of Remus, Tonks, Fred, and others he couldn't make out hit him like a bludgeoning hex. As he stared into the oblivion of the curtains surrounding his bed, the sun rose through the Gryffindor Tower.

Thanks to his body's need, Harry got up. A long shower later, he emerged from the washroom, feeling much better than when he had woken up. However, his mind was still going at 100 kmph. 17 years of his life had led to yesterday, culminated in a duel that was won by knowing your opponent, rather than running head-first into battle. Suddenly, he chuckled. He had died yesterday. And still, come back.

"Was it the soul shard or the Hallows?" he mused. This was a mystery best left untouched.

As he once again sat down, he reflected on the war. He had sacrificed his childhood, his teenage. All to counter a wizard who had the grandiose idea to rule the world. A wizard, who had gone through a childhood like him. It was a thin line that separated his and Riddle's childhood. Riddle had been right. They were similar in more ways than one. He thought of his parents, who he had once again seen thanks to the resurrection stone. Remus and Tonks, who had given their lives in battle. Sirius, his Godfather. The man who had died to protect him, so that he could rescue the same people who had turned a blind eye to his innocence. People really were fickle.

"TEDDY" he suddenly shouted. His godson.

In those times alone after Remus had made him Teddy's godfather, Harry had often promised himself he'd take care of him to the best of his abelites. He knew he could not take care of a baby by himself, but he would ensure he would not be like serious. No child should ever have a childhood like him. Harry remained lost in his thoughts until he heard the hoot of an owl on the windowsill. He was tempted to ignore this, thinking it was probably fan mail, but the symbol on the letter made him do a double-take.

A pickaxe crossed with a halberd on a gold coin. Goblins. This was from Gringotts.

The chickens had come home to roost.

Him, Ron and Hermione had been so focussed on the goal that they had not thought to consider the consequence of their actions, except the obvious. This post was better left unignored. He remembered enough history thanks to Binns to know what could be in this post. Praying once again to magic, he opened and read the letter.

His expression changed from a grimace to a scowl and finally, he took a sigh of relief and put the letter down.

Mister Harry James Potter,

This missive is to inform you of your upcoming trial in front of the Goblin Nation for charges of breaking and stealing from the London Gringotts Branch. You are ordered to report to the same branch as soon as possible, lest your vaults are seized.

As informed by the newly reinstated Minister of Magic, We at Gringotts would like to thank you in getting rid of Tom Riddle. As per the Minister's information, the object you stole was detrimental to the death of said Dark Wizard. Keeping this in mind, the Death Penalty has been rescinded as the punishment.

The matter of your inheritances also has to be discussed. Please get in touch with Gringotts as soon as possible.


Bank Manager,

Gringotts, London

He finally had something to do today. He was lucky he hadn't been sentenced to death by the Goblin Nation. After a quick breakfast in bed, courtesy of Kreacher, Harry left for Gringotts via elf express.

Arriving in the lobby of the bank, Harry was immediately surrounded by guards and ushered into a room, unlike the one he had seen in the Ministry during the trial. He was happy this place looked more like a place for finance rather than an execution. Seated at the table were three goblins, looking older than the most he had seen working here, yet their eyes betrayed experience and shrewdness.

"Welcome, Mr. Potter. I am Ragnork, the Bank Manager here" said the goblin in the middle.

"We're here to discuss your punishment for breaking and entering as well as theft against the Goblin Nation. As stated in our letter, the death penalty will not be awarded. Please present your case"

"Manager, Voldemort was an evil wizard through and through. In his search for immortality, he had made multiple soul containers—"

Suddenly the goblins grimaced. Harry's hope lifted. This was good.

"Soul Containers. One of those was in the vault of Bellatrix Lestrange. We broke in to steal that and destroyed it before the fighting yesterday" he finished.

"Mr Potter, we, Goblins are magical creatures, more in tune with the magic around than your average witch or wizard. This allows us to handle a lot of what you, humans call a "Dark" Artefact without so much as a nick. Souls and Blood, however, have a deeper bond with magic. Horcruxes are one of the few things that affect us. They retain the ability to possess goblins." Ragnork said. By this time, Harry was convinced he would be okay.

A few hushed conversations between the three goblins later, Harry was told he was free except a fine of a few thousand Gallons to repair the physical damage.

"I would suggest, Mr Potter, you visit the inheritance dept. They have been wanting to get in touch for over a year now" said Ragnork, before ushering him out of the room towards another goblin, who led his to the said department.

As he entered another room with an ornate door, a goblin made his way towards him.

"Hello Mr Potter. I am Handslicer, the executor of wills and inheritances at Gringotts. Have a seat"

As Harry sat down, he had two papers thrust into his hand.

"As you can see, you are the only member of the Potter family now, meaning you can use the family vault. It contains a few artifacts as well as everything that was recovered from your cottage in Godric's Hollow. It also has about 15,000 Galleons in it."

Continuing, he said "You would also know that Sirius Black made you his heir. Being the next descended male, you are now the Head of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black. You are advised to go over this page congaing the accounts and you have to announce your heir by tomorrow or make a will containing a suitable one."

Harry took one look at the paper and he was shocked. Sirius had left him a lot. A seat on the Wizengmot too. It would take him some time to sort through everything on it.

"Why wasn't I told of all this last year?" he asked the Goblin.

"I am not sure. Albus Dumbledore came in your stead and told that you had been informed" replies the Goblin.

A trickle of anger built up inside Harry. His opinion of Dumbledore was degrading day-by-day. Dumbledore's youth did not bother him, but his decision during the first and second blood wars did. He had let a lot of people die. Even though the monster was finally defeated, there was no one left who did not bear any scars.

After making a simple will leaving everything to Teddy, Harry got up and respectfully bowed back.

Sighing once again, he made his way out. Determined to visit Teddy and Andromeda. This had not been a waste after all.