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Words of Wisdom

The last two years had been some of the best years of his life. He cherished every single moment that he was alive, for alone, he knew how it was like on the other side. While not intimately familiar with it, he was one of the few people who had been there and come back, and now, he had too much to lose to go there again.

As the sun stretched across the sky, Harry Potter had the first sip of his daily coffee that always seemed to send a shiver down his spine. His eyes snapped into focus and the early morning drowsiness seemed to vanish in a flash.

Muttering a 'thanks' to Winky, the young man got up and made his way to the pool in the backyard of his house.

Anyone who had not been to 12, Grimmauld Place in the last few years would have been shocked to see the changes that had been made to the place. Even after the initial changes that had been made to the place to make it habitable for the clan, they had still had a massive restoration drive last year.

Thanks to a massive army of House-elves and two wizards with more than enough time on their hands, Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom had worked tirelessly to 'modernize' the house.

Now, it looked more like the home of a rich young couple than that of an old aristocrat who lived in the dark ages. Even Kreacher was a happy elf and had been allotted a proper mini room for his stay. The same was the case with Winky.

While both of them had complained and voiced their happiness with the cupboard they had already been occupying, a chill had descended upon the house, courtesy of one Harry Potter-Black, and the elves had quickly taken to their new accommodations.

Most importantly, the house had been made baby-proof. Anyone who knew Teddy Black knew about the mischievous streak a mile wide that the boy possessed. Factor in a tendency to do accidental magic on a daily basis and an Animagus transformation that seemed like second nature to the boy, no one doubted how great a wizard the young boy was going to be.

No one more so, that his parents, Harry and Daphne Black.

While not married, Harry and Daphne had been engaged for more than a year now. The house restoration had been Harry's engagement gift to Daphne, and she had wholeheartedly thanked him in the best possible way.

It had been one of the happiest moments of his life for Harry and he often bragged about how great his proposal had been to his best mate in an attempt to light a fire under him as well.

While Neville and Hannah had been dating for a longer period, Neville still had not proposed and after a seemingly sad look on Hannah's face, he had taken up the mantle to help his friend see the light.

Even after all this, Daphne had told him, he still had a friend-saving complex.

This chain of thought, however, always left a sour taste in his mouth. While there had been good days, so had there been bad days.

Ron had refused to bulge from his notion about Harry and Daphne and Harry had accepted him for what he was, a bigoted teenager still living in a fantasy world of his own making. This point had been further solidified when their NEWT results had come out.

As always, Hermione had been at the top, though she had been bested in a few individual subjects by Harry, namely DADA and Transfiguration. The NEWT study period had really shown Harry the benefits of learning in a free environment had he now wished, he had known of a way to tone down Hermione's enthusiasm while at the same time, focussing more on his own work.

He really had been lax in his studies and that same attitude had carried over when they had been on the run. And while he was used to asking Hermione for help, he had had to learn how not to do that.

And that had been a welcome change.

Ron on the other hand had done poorly. Passing by a kneazle's whisker in DADA, Charms as well as Transfiguration, he had failed in Potions and Herbology. Still drifting off in clouds of his own making, he had applied at the Ministry in the DMLE and had been rejected. Even after pulling the 'Harry Potter's Mate' and 'Helped defeat Voldemort' card, he had been refused work based on his grades and he was helping George with WWW. Needless to say, he had been left a bitter man.

Hermione, after scoring well in the exams, had decided to join the Department of Magical Creatures in the Ministry. While she was currently occupying a small-time post, he had told Harry in confidence that she saw it as a stepping stone in her career.

Things had worked themselves out with Hermione. While she had been slow on the uptake, a few meetings with Daphne had shown her the nature of the person she had been judging based on her own prejudices and she had slowly warmed up to her.

However, to Harry's surprise, it had been Mrs. Weasley who had apologised to him before everyone else. He still remembered meeting her and Arthur at the Burrow, where she had been crying and tried to make sense of her actions to him, only to further fall into a pit of depression and despair after the death of her child. Harry had forgiven her and embraced her in a hug. While they were not back to the relationship, they had shared for the past few years, they were amicable to each other.

Harry was broken from his musing by the splashing of water as another person joined him in the warm water and immediately, a pair of warm arms engulfed him. As Harry's senses were assaulted by the smell of Lavender, he involuntarily closed his eyes as he took his fiancé into his arms and laid a deep but resounding kiss on her lips.

"Morning Luv" he said.

"And Tracy has the gall to ask me why I get up every morning for a swim. If only she had someone to wake her up like that" sighed the blonde is his arms while Harry chuckled.

Daphne had been appalled to learn about his inability to swim and had been berated him rather severely for jumping in the lake for the Second Task without having ever swum in the first place. Since that day, this had become a routine for them of sorts. For the first few months, Harry had learned like an obedient student, and then suddenly, he had become better than her. While she had been angry about this fact, there was an underlying tone of amusement in it always and Harry knew, it was her love in the form of anger that she projected.

It had also become like a safe space for both of them. Here, sitting in each other's arms, they had borne themselves to the other person, only to see their bond become stronger than ever before. This was their place, where they shared their thoughts and dreams, problems, and solutions.

The first time they had brought Teddy to accompany the two of them, the boy had scurried away from the water like it was lava. Daphne had attributed it to the wolf side of the boy and Harry had had to agree with her on this. The boy truly hated water and the simple act of giving him a bath was always a competition of resilience among the person giving the bath and him.

"What's on your mind, Harry?" asked Daphne.

"Nothing, Daph. Just thinking about what to do"

Daphne simply nodded. This had been a question that had been bothering Harry for quite some time now. AS Teddy had grown older, his dependency on Harry had lessened and thus, Harry had found himself with even more free time. While managing the estate and all his affairs still occupied a lot of his time, Daphne knew that it did not make him happy.

And there was no point in doing something if you are not happy about it.

"It's all right Harry. You have enough money for us to survive for quite some time and I am pretty sure you will find something that suits your fancy. Why not try out a few things? Do what rich philanthropists do for once, huh?"

"I knew I should not have taken you to that Iron Man movie," he said while Daphne simply laughed.

"No. I am being serious here. I know you told me you always wanted to be an Auror, but you left that life behind, Harry. Chasing danger was the Harry who was forced to do it, and haven't you told me many a time, that you'd prefer not being in a situation like that again."

Wrapping her arms tightly around him while she simultaneously sat down in his lap and wiggled her bottom suggestively, she said "And there are other ways to take care of me"

As Harry pulled her into another searing kiss, he mused on the simple fact that Andy had told him,

"Happy wife, Happy life"


"Though the Days come and Go

There is one thing I know,

I still got the blues for you"

-Still Got the Blues, Gary Moore