Star Trek Hunter
Episode 26: Rain Over Rising Sun
Scene 28: Napoleon


"Admiral Yasutake wanted me to do this since there are no senior JAG officers at this conference. Not that I approve. The Hunter's crew has a tradition of unearned promotions. Doesn't that bother you, Lieutenant Commander?" Vice Admiral William Riker's tone was more than a little dismissive. "You didn't even take the Commander's exam. Your captain got his command because of his friendship with President Ivonovic. And now you're getting promoted thanks to pressure from your grandfather. Wouldn't you rather earn this pip instead?"


Napoleon Boles took the small box from Admiral Riker's hand. It contained a single, solid platinum rank pip. "I don't really care about this promotion. Or your test. So you have to be willing to send your friends to their deaths? I've seen enough friends die."

Napoleon's tone was casual - more casual than Admiral Riker would have preferred for a line officer in the presence of a vice admiral.

"You're not supposed to know what that test is," Riker said. "Whoever told you that should be drummed out of the service." He watched as the half-bolian officer replaced the hollow pip on his collar with the solid one.

"I didn't need anyone to tell me," Napoleon replied. "It wasn't hard to figure out." He placed the hollow pip he had just removed from his own collar in the small box and pocketed it.

"There is a difference between knowing and doing," Riker observed.

"No disrespect, Admiral, but serving on the Hunter has been a case study in sacrifice. My former first and second officers both gave their lives - allowed themselves to be eaten alive - to save another crew member. My former captain gave up everything - family… career… became an exile from the Federation to prevent a war."

Riker looked at Boles skeptically. "I've known a lot of bolians. They're all very charming people. What happened to you?"

"Must be my humanity," Boles replied wryly. "I am only half bolian."

Riker laughed in spite of himself. "Well you do have some stones, Commander." Riker tapped the newly added, third solid pip on Napoleon's collar.

"You can call me Napoleon, Admiral."

"What is it with that name, anyway? Why did your mother name you after a French tyrant?"

"He was her hero. She thought the name would bring good luck. Make me tough."

"She was French?"


Riker made a harrumphing noise and nodded his head slightly. "Well, maybe this will work out after all." He straightened and smoothed his uniform, took a deep breath and let it out with a huff. "We better get back to the conference. It appears our relationship with the Klingon Empire is about to change. And not for the better. You're going to need those stones, Napoleon."