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Chapter 8:

The kitchen at breakfast was crowded to say the least. Claire had grudgingly returned with Kaia, but she wasn't speaking to anyone, and she kept glaring at Gracie. Gracie, for her part, kept far away from the older blonde and avoided looking at her at all costs. It was clear that Dean was not amused by Claire's attitude, but he probably didn't know what to do about it. At least Gracie was thoroughly enjoying her waffle. Sam had read the Answer Key in the car while Gracie was sleeping and knew Dean had suggested it for breakfast to earn her trust and adoration.

Jack was conspicuously absent from breakfast, though.

"Anybody seen Jack?" Sam asked, pouring himself a cup of coffee. They were sharing one of the rooms at the bunkhouse and Jack's bed was empty when Sam woke up.

"He came in a little while ago," Kaia answered. "He grabbed a waffle, wrapped it around a sausage link, and headed out the back door."

Sam nodded. "Thanks." And with that, he headed out the back as well.

Jody's land was nice and isolated. The house was in a clearing, surrounded by trees on three sides. In the back was a fire pit which turned out to be useful for rituals that required fire, roasting marshmallows, and the less enjoyable – hunter funerals. The fire pit was surrounded by a mish-mash collection of chairs and a couple of picnic tables.

It was a nice morning, cool enough for a jacket, but there was a clear blue sky overhead. It would probably warm up quite a bit later in the afternoon. Sam didn't have to go far to find his son. Jack was perched on one of the wooden picnic tables, his back to the house.

Sam approached, making sure to make a little noise so he wouldn't startle Jack into using his powers.

"Is it time to go?" Jack asked before Sam could see his face. His voice sounded odd and thick.

Sam frowned and crossed the distance between them quickly. As soon as he saw Jack his heart ached for him. "What's wrong?" he asked.

Jack's eyes and face were red. Sam had seen him cry often enough to know the signs. He seemed a little embarrassed, though, and shook his head. "I'm fine."

Sam cocked his head to one side and gave the young man a disbelieving expression. "No you're not. C'mon, talk to me. What's wrong?"

"It's what God said," Jack said, wiping his face with the sleeve of his shirt. Sam noticed that Jack referred to Chuck very formally. Clearly, there wouldn't be any trips to the zoo with Jack in Chuck's near future. Sam couldn't blame Jack, though. When someone smites you, it's reasonable to want to keep them at arm's length.

"He said a lot," Sam pointed out, though he had an idea of what Jack was referring to.

Jack sighed. "He said I'm jealous of Gracie."

Yep, that's what Sam thought he was upset about. "But you already knew that," Sam said. "You told me yourself."

"It's different when God says it. Out loud. To everyone," he replied with obvious frustration. He was almost pouting, which Sam thought would've been cute on an actual six-year-old.

"I don't think it made Dean, Cass, or Gracie feel any differently toward you," Sam told him, climbing up onto the picnic table as well. He took a long sip of his coffee. "Did you hear the other thing Chuck said? The bit after that?"

Jack shook his head with a deep frown. "It didn't make sense. How can I have what Gracie has?"

Sam honestly didn't know. He had been hoping Jack would. "He said it's in the nature of a nephilim," he reminded Jack. "Is there something you can do to . . . adjust your experience?" Sam wasn't sure what exactly would make Jack feel better and he didn't want to impose any suggestions, especially if they weren't possible to accomplish.

"I don't know!" Jack exclaimed hopping off the picnic table and leaping forward a few feet. He let out a long frustrated yell into the sky. A few birds in the nearby trees took off, probably startled by the unusual noise in their habitat.

Sam didn't get up and while he felt awful for Jack, he chose not to mirror Jack's frustration. It was probably best to exude calm. Instead, he just watched his son pace like a caged animal. Jack was obviously frustrated and the cause was completely justified. Still, he was a powerful entity, and Sam didn't want to trigger a use of supernatural power that could injure any of them.

After a minute or so, Jack stopped pacing and turned to face Sam. "Maybe Cass knows?" he suggested hopefully.

Sam nodded. "He probably knows more about that enigmatic clue than the rest of us," he agreed.

"Let's go ask him," Jack declared and started moving quickly towards the bunkhouse.

Sam hopped off the picnic table and hustled to keep up. "If Cass doesn't have the answer, though, don't panic," he said. "We'll figure something out."

Jack didn't respond, he just barreled into the bunkhouse.

Cass was unplugging his phone charger from the wall and looked up when they came in. "Are we ready to go to the mall?" he asked. He sounded about as thrilled with the idea as Jack had.

Sam shook his head. "Jack has something to ask you."

"Oh, I see," Cass replied, pocketing his phone. "How can I help?"

Jack took another step towards Cass. To others, it might have come off as almost aggressive, but Sam knew Jack well enough to see that he was just intent on this conversation. "Why did God say I can have what Gracie has?" he asked without providing Cass any context.

Fortunately, Cass didn't seem to need any. "He probably means you can change your vessel," Cass explained.

Sam hadn't really expected that as the answer. "Like he can choose some kid to inhabit?" Trying to find a kid to be his vessel would be problematic for so many reasons.

Cass shook his head. "No. Jack is not an angel. His soul goes with that . . ." he paused, " . . . shell."

"This is not my original body," Jack pointed out.

"No," Cass agreed. "Each time you were resurrected, you were brought back in an identical one, but once you're re-established, you are attached to that flesh."

Sam was still lost. "So how does he change his vessel without changing his vessel?"

"Human's change form slowly," Cass explained. "Angels' forms cannot change at all. As long as I am an angel, the hair on this head will not grow. The nails will not grow. The vessel will not grow taller, shorter, fatter or thinner."

"Right," Sam agreed with a nod. "I've never seen you need to shave."

Cass shook his head. "I've often wondered how I would look with a mustache," he mused.

Sam smirked at Jack who, thankfully, smiled back. At least he wasn't so upset that he couldn't see when Cass was being inadvertently funny.

"Anyway," Cass continued, "Nephilim, usually, have more choice about their appearance. Michael clearly restricted Gracie's ability to change her form. He wanted her to grow up." He turned to Jack and addressed him directly. "You might not remember it, but you chose to grow up quickly at your birth. It might have been instinctual and rapid, but you still made that choice."

Jack frowned. "I didn't know that making the choice would take away so many experiences!" he lamented.

Sam stepped forward and put a calming hand on Jack's forearm. "But listen to Cass," he urged. "It sounds like you still have the ability to control your form."

"Yes," Cass agreed with a nod. "Your human DNA will impact your physical features, but your size and physical age are changeable."

Sam smiled broadly at Jack. "Well that's exciting news, right?"

Jack seemed frozen in place as he thought about what Cass just said.

"Was that the correct answer?" Cass asked Sam quietly.

Sam nodded, keeping his eyes on Jack. "Jack . . ."

"How do I do it?" Jack asked quietly.

Cass shook his head. "That I don't know. It isn't a power I have."

"Well it has to be relatively straight-forward," Sam reasoned. "Maybe not easy, but it shouldn't be a complicated spell if it comes with the territory of being a nephilim."

Jack looked even more frustrated. "So now there's a trick, but I don't know what it is. It's almost worse!"

Sam reminded himself he was dealing with a very mature six-year-old and reached out to his son. He pulled him in for a hug and held him there for a few moments. "We're Winchesters," he reminded Jack. "If there's a way, we can find it." When he slowly released Jack, he noticed the young man looked about ready to cry again.

Just then, the door burst open and Gracie came bounding in, grinning with excitement. Dean came in behind her with an amused smile on his face. After the previous evening's breakthrough, Dean was clearly enjoying life as father to happy, energetic little girl.

"Ready to go?!" Gracie exclaimed with excitement. "Daddy said if I'm good, I can get some nail polish and. . ." she stopped mid-sentence when she got a look at Jack. She hurried over to him and grabbed hold of his hand. "What's wrong?"

Jack shook his head. "I'm fine," he insisted. "But I don't think I want to go." He gently pulled his hand away from her and headed back to the bedroom he and Sam had shared the night before.

Gracie looked stricken. She looked back at Dean searchingly. "Did I make him mad?"

Dean stepped over to her and wrapped his arms around her in a gentle hug. "I don't think so, Little Bit. But maybe Jack is having a rough day like you had one yesterday," he suggested.

Gracie turned and frowned at Sam. "Did he forget and do somethin' dangerous?"

"No, not at all," Sam assured her with a smile. "Your dad is right, though. He's having a rough morning, but not because of forgetting about rules. I think he wants to be able to play with you more like a buddy instead of just one of the grown-ups," he tried to explain.

Gracie nodded. "Okay. Then can he come as Jack-Jack?" she asked hopefully. She looked up to Dean. "Can we get him some toys too?"

Before Dean could answer Sam squat down in front of Gracie with a searching expression. "What do you mean 'come as Jack-Jack'?" he asked.

Gracie seemed confused. "Well, like when we have play-days," she said as if that was obvious.

Sam looked back up at Dean, silently asking him if he understood what she meant, but from the look on Dean's face, he was just as lost as Sam was.

"Have you seen Jack change his form?" Cass asked Gracie.

Gracie nodded. "Yeah – when he goes into Jack-Jack mode," she explained.

Sam suddenly understood. He stood up and strode back to the bedroom. He could hear Dean asking Cass to explain more as he opened the door. "Jack, come back out here. I think Gracie can help you change your form."

Jack looked up and this time it wasn't just a red face betraying previous tears, he was actively crying. "I . . I . ." he trailed off miserably.

"Jack, don't hold all of this inside, buddy," Sam said softly as he hurried over to sit next to him. He put his arms around Jack and hugged him tightly. "I understand you're frustrated. And you have every right to cry through that frustration, but we might have a solution," he said gently.

"How does she know?" Jack asked pitifully.

"I think the Jack in her world must have changed form occasionally," Sam answered. He couldn't help smiling at the next thought. "She kept referring to you as Jack-Jack."

Jack calmed down and pulled back a little. "Jack-Jack?" He seemed skeptical.

Sam shrugged. "That's what she said. Why don't we go ask her about it?"

Jack wiped his face with his sleeve again and Sam rolled his eyes. He got up, grabbed a tissue from the box on the nightstand and held it out to Jack. "You're going to have to change your shirt at that rate," he said wryly.

"Sorry," Jack replied sheepishly. He cleaned up his face, took a deep breath, and then the two of them went back to the living area.

Gracie ran up to Jack and grabbed his hand again. "You gonna do your Jack-Jack change?!" she asked hopefully, bouncing up and down.

Jack nodded. "I want to," he told her. "But I don't know how."

"Oh," Gracie frowned. "Hmm. . ."

"Do you know how he does it?" Sam asked her.

Gracie shook her head. "Uncle Lucifer showed him how when I was a baby. I don't remember."

Sam watched Jack's flicker of hope fade to despair and his niece simultaneously burst into tears.

"I'm sorry!" she cried, turning and burying her face in Dean's thigh.

Dean looked at Sam a little panicked, clearly thrown off by such fast emotional changes. He put a hand down and rubbed her back, though. "It's okay, Little Bit," he said. "No one's mad at you."

Gracie just cried harder. Dean sat down in the recliner and gently pulled her into his lap, trying to soothe her, but clearly at a loss for why she was reacting so strongly.

"Everything okay?" Jody asked cheerfully, poking her head in. She saw Jack looking stricken and Gracie inconsolable and immediately looked worried. "What happened?"

Sam had no idea how to explain Gracie's reaction. At least he could explain Jack's mood. "Apparently Jack should be able to change his physical form – to appear at a younger age if he wants."

"Bottle that power and sell it. Hunters'll never have to steal credit card numbers again," Jody said with a smile.

Sam couldn't help but chuckle. "Yeah, well, he doesn't know how to do it and even though Gracie's seen him do it, she doesn't know how he does it. So we're back to square one with Jack's situation and Gracie. . ." he trailed off, motioning to her.

Jody nodded slowly. "Sounds to me like you need an Archangel consultation," she suggested.

Sam and Dean looked at each other suddenly and Sam nodded. They clearly had the same idea at the same time. "But what about . . ." Sam started.

Dean shook his head. "We'll figure that out once we get the information we need. Grandpa Chuck's already in the mix, so we might as well bring him in too."

"Okay," Sam agreed. He turned to Cass. "Can you get a hold of Michael?"

Gracie looked up from Dean's chest. "Papa Michael?" she asked tentatively.

Dean rubbed her back. "He might be able to tell us how to help Jack," he told her softly.

She rubbed her eye with the back of her hand and nodded before laying down against Dean's chest again. At least this time she was looking out instead of burying herself away from everyone.

"Are you sure?" Cass asked hesitantly.

Sam nodded. "It's time to let him in on what's happening."

Cass nodded and closed his eyes.

Jody reached out a hand to Jack and squeezed his arm. "You know to trust these guys, right?" she asked him.

"Yeah," Jack replied quietly. "I do."

Jody smiled lovingly at him and nodded. "The girls and I'll be hanging around when you boys want to head out," she said as she headed for the door. "And I've put a call into my buddy who owns a used car lot. He's going to see what he's got in the mid-size truck category. You guys can go do a test drive sometime in the next couple of days."

Sam smiled gratefully at her. "Thanks, Jody. You're . . ."

"I know, I know," she replied with a grin and closed the door behind her.

Sam turned around to see if Cass was making any progress and practically jumped out of his skin to see his brother, Adam, standing behind Cass.

"You called?" he asked dryly before looking around and taking in the scene. When his eyes settled on Gracie he seemed visibly shaken. "What . . ."

Dean gently moved Gracie so he could get to his feet. "Michael, meet your daughter. This is Gracie." Sam wasn't sure how she'd react to seeing Michael. She'd had a relationship with her Papa Michael, but this wasn't the same individual. He was harder and less emotional than she'd probably be used to. She'd been wary of Dean at first too. Depending on how close she'd been with Michael before he was destroyed in her world, she could either be excited or nervous. Given that she practically hid behind Dean, she was apparently going with wary again.

Michael frowned and shook his head. "There's no way."

"She's from a different World," Cass explained.

Dean took a step towards Michael, holding Gracie's hand behind him. "Trust me, it's been a surprise to us, but it's 100% true." He gently guided her in front of him. "Look at her. Hell, I'll bet there's some other kind of angel detection you can use to see that she's yours."

Michael nodded slowly and squat down in front of Gracie. He studied her for a long moment. "Are you alright?" he asked her seriously. It wasn't exactly a stern tone, but it wasn't gentle and paternal either. It was actually rather formal, like he was looking for a status report.

Gracie nodded.

"No attacks from other angels on your way here?" he asked.

Gracie shook her head.

"Behaving yourself?"

Gracie nodded. "Mostly," she said.

He nodded, gave her a small smile, and stood back up, ruffling her hair. "You've gotten big," he noted.

Dean took an angry step forward. "You've seen her before?!"

Michael nodded. "Not the way you're worried about, though," he clarified. "After the other . . ." he seemed to be searching for a word. "Incarnation of me was destroyed in her world, I received his knowledge as a sort of dream or vision." He shook his head at the memory. "Very disorienting."

"Why didn't you tell us?!" Sam asked incredulously.

Michael shrugged nonchalantly. "Didn't seem particularly relevant to this world," he replied. "I didn't know she'd be arriving."

Dean crossed his arms over his chest, clearly annoyed by this, but Sam could tell he didn't have any ammunition to continue arguing.

Michael spread his hands. "So – was I summoned for a birth announcement or did you need something else?"

Sam took a step forward and put a hand on Jack's shoulder. "Do you know how Jack can alter his physical form?"

"Sure," Michael replied with a confident nod. Then he sighed regretfully. "Luci, should've done what I did. As soon as he met Jack, he should've sent him back to the appropriate age." He rolled his eyes. "Instead he tried to reason like a super natural adult with a physical teenager who had the life experience of a toddler."

"Why didn't he?" Jack asked quietly. He looked absolutely anguished and lost.

Michael, surprisingly, gave Jack a sympathetic smile. "I think he was so eager to have a relationship with you, he forgot that you needed time to . . . bake, as it were. My brother is certainly not one of my favorite people, but I doubt very much that he felt anything but affection for you."

Sam was relieved to hear that, though his experiences with Lucifer and his vessel, Nick, led him to believe the same.

"Anyway," Michael continued. "It's not especially difficult. I could teach you right now if you'd like."

Jack nodded emphatically. "Yes, please."

Michael looked at Sam. "How about the blood?"

"The blood?" Sam asked in surprise. "What blood?"

Michael smirked. "Your blood," he replied. "Right now, he's got the former U.S. President in his DNA. I assume you'd prefer it to be Winchester?"

Dean grimaced. "Gross," he said off-handedly.

"It's up to Jack," Sam said. Although he'd have liked to have Jack take his blood as well as his name, it wasn't a deal breaker.

Jack hesitated. "Will it hurt Dad?"

"Dad – how precious," Michael quipped. "But, no, not more than any other spell Sam's done."

"Then yeah," Jack answered. "I want to be a Winchester. Completely."

Michael nodded. Then he turned and gave Cass some instructions in Enochian.

Cass nodded. "Right away," he agreed and headed for the door.

"Gracie, go with him and then go visit with Jody," Michael told her authoritatively.

Gracie frowned. "But I wanna stay with Jack," she argued.

"Not this time," Michael countered. "He's going to learn something new and you might be a distraction."

Dean gently nudged her towards Cass as he passed. "Go on," he said, reinforcing Michael's instructions.

"Okay," she grumbled, but she went with Cass willingly.

"You need to be careful of her emotions," Michael said when she was gone. "The essence of Rhamiel that other me added to her will be amplified around Jack."

"Rhamiel?" Dean asked, looking to Sam for help.

Sam rolled his eyes. "I'm not your walking Lore Encyclopedia," he said.

Dean shrugged. "Usually close enough."

Sam sighed. "As it happens, I do know the name. Rhamiel is – was- the angel of empathy."

"With some of his essence in Gracie, it makes her extremely empathetic," Michael confirmed. "She'll pick up on the emotions of those around her very easily. As she gets older, she should be able to reverse that, though. She will be able to bring calm to a situation, for example. At any rate, if you foresee a high emotion situation coming that Gracie doesn't need to be part of, I would separate her from it if possible."

Dean rubbed his face with his hands. "No wonder she reacted so strangely to Claire."

"So a few minutes ago when she seemed to have a meltdown . . ." Sam said, understanding why everything had been so sudden and extreme. She was echoing what Jack had been feeling, even if he didn't express it. He turned and put a hand on Jack's shoulder. "We've gotta work on you expressing yourself, kid. You're going to make yourself sick if you hold it all in like that."

"Actually, he won't," Michael commented absently. "Lucifer left his self-healing powers in tact."

Dean took the opportunity to take a step forward. "Speaking of which . . ."

Michael held up a hand. "Nope. She stays like she is," he said firmly. "Like I said, I have my counterpart's knowledge and memories and I know the reasoning for why he made Gracie the way she is. I agree with those decisions and will uphold them."

Dean frowned. "She shouldn't have to suffer."

"Experiencing survivable illness isn't suffering," Michael replied. "If she is ever in a truly life-threatening situation before she inherits her full abilities, I will step in." The expression on Adam's face made Sam believe him. He wondered if Adam felt any kinship to Gracie and Jack and if his humanity let him feel sympathy for what they were going through. Maybe he had some impact on Michael. He certainly wasn't the hard-nosed Archangel that went into The Cage all those years ago.

Cass returned with a box that Sam recognized was from the Impala's trunk. "We'll need to restock a few items," he told Dean.

Dean just nodded. "Glad we had it on us."

Michael took the ingredients and began to set up the ritual on the table.

"Will he need to do this any time he wants to change his form," Sam asked as he watched.

"No," Michael replied. "The ritual is only for the blood change. The form change requires nothing but Jack's concentration and willpower."

"I can do it whenever I want?" Jack asked hopefully.

"You'll need a little while to recover your supernatural energy," Michael clarified. "So don't try to bounce through every age range one right after the other. But yes, if you want to play with Gracie at her age and then spend the night in your current form, you could make that shift without any trouble."

Jack grinned at Sam hopefully.

The ritual was actually fairly simple. Besides the ingredients Cass retrieved from the Impala, it only required a couple drops of Sam's blood and a tiny bit of Jack's grace which he ended up reingesting anyway.

"Do you think I'll look much different?" Jack asked curiously.

Michael shook his head. "Probably not. Maybe you'll get some extra height when you return to an adult size," he suggested. "But a lot of your physical features came from your mother anyway."

Jack, as usual, smiled at the mention of Kelly.

"So that's it?" Sam asked in a little disbelief. "He's got my DNA now?"

Michael chuckled. "Yep. That's it." He turned to Jack. "Ready for the physical change? Or would you like to wait a bit?"

Jack shook his head. "Let's do it now," he said eagerly.

As Cass started to put the ritual materials away, Michael moved so that he was sitting directly in front of Jack. "Alright, to make the change requires you to go into a meditative state. Can you do that?"

Jack nodded and closed his eyes.

Michael waited a few moments and then continued in a slow, deep voice. "Visualize yourself as you are . . . . make sure that you can discern your consciousness as separate from your body . . . now visualize yourself the age you would like to be, standing next to yourself . . . move your consciousness from your adult form into the younger form . . . get settled in the new form . . . feel the arms and legs . . . they are the same, but are now shorter . . . you know that if you were to speak your voice would be higher . . ."

Sam felt his mouth drop open as the young man in front of him melted into a little boy just a little bit bigger than Gracie. Of course, he was now swimming in his clothes, but that was fixable.

Michael smiled and Sam thought he detected a hint of pride in the smile. "Come back, Jack," he said softly. "Open your eyes."

Jack's eyes fluttered open and he looked up at Sam. He looked down at himself and a giant grin spread across his face. "I did it!" he exclaimed. Then he caught himself and looked at Michael. "I mean, I did, right? Or did you do it?"

Michael shook his head. "That's all you," he promised. "I just guided your mind to connect to your power and make the change."

"But he can go back if he wants to, right?" Dean verified.

"Of course," Michael confirmed as he got to his feet. "Eventually, he should have a host of forms in his mind that he can transform into on demand, including returning to his young adult form."

Jack hopped up and wrapped his arms around Sam's waist.

Sam laughed a little and returned the hug, also holding his clothes up. "Feel better?" he asked his little boy.

Jack nodded eagerly and smiled up at Sam. "This is amazing!"

"It is!" Sam agreed. "Thank your uncle," he prompted. "And then why don't you go back to our room and put on the gym shorts you slept in," he suggested with a chuckle. "It's got a drawstring so you won't be losing your pants all day."

"Okay!" Jack agreed. He gathered his pants up around his chest and turned to Michael. "Thanks, Uncle Michael!" He flashed a grin and then shuffled down to the bedroom, trying not to trip on the extra fabric.

Sam held a hand out to Michael. "Thanks, man. Really. You've made his century."

Michael shook Sam's hand, albeit a little awkwardly and nodded. "He's my nephew too and as long as he takes after you more than Lucifer, I'm happy to help."

Dean nodded. "He's traumatized anytime he makes a supernatural mistake. I don't think we need to worry about him going evil," he said confidently.

Michael nodded and then turned to Cass. "Castiel, I'm going to be retaking Heaven and helping Dad spawn a new generation of angels. I know you're attached to the Winchesters, and I won't interfere with that, but I'd appreciate getting to snag you for training them every once in awhile."

Cass's mouth fell open. "Are you sure? I mean, is God sure?"

Michael chuckled. "Dad doesn't get that much of a vote," he said. "He gets to be a writer, and an executive producer if you will, but he's not the only author in town anymore."

Sam's interest was piqued. "Oh really?"

Michael smirked knowingly. "Another time," he said.

Before Sam could plead, Gracie burst in a little breathless. "Are you guys done yet?" She looked around. "Where's Jack?"

"Getting changed," Dean answered, a worried frown on his face. "Do you need your inhaler?"

Gracie shook her head. "I'm good," she replied automatically and walked up to Michael with a little frown. "Are you leaving?"

Michael squat down in front of her again and nodded. "I'll visit again," he promised. "But I've had a long sabbatical and I need to get back to work."

Gracie's frown deepened a little but she gave him a hug anyway.

Michael smiled and returned the hug. He stood up and kissed her on the top of her head. "Be good, my little Angel."

Gracie nodded and then took a few steps back so she was leaning against Dean. "Love you, Papa Michael."

We smiled, blew her a kiss, and then was gone.

Dean let out a short laugh. "Well that was abrupt."

"For Michael, that was drawn out and emotional," Cass said.

"Dad! I got my shorts on but my shirt's too big!" Jack called from down the hall.

Sam smiled, feeling absolutely thrilled by this turn of events. Even if Jack only made the change this once and even if it didn't last very long, he knew it was going to be an amazing experience for both of them. "I'd better go help him get presentable to be in public," he said, heading down the hall.

"We'll get the kids new clothes first," Dean called after him.

Going shopping for a little girl was going to be one thing. Shopping for both of them would be something else entirely, and Sam was astounded to find himself genuinely looking forward to a trip to the mall.

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