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Demetri - DPOV

I truly cannot comprehend why someone would even want to live in Washington, I thought, while making my way to the gray town of Forks. It wasn't bad enough that it had start to rain, no change that in pour, one hour ago, but something about this place was messing with my tracking abilities. And that is a first, because never before have I encountered something that throws me of my mark… until today.

Stupid assignment, I knew that I should have send Felix to check on those wannabe vampires, but I was so bored that I jumped at the opportunity to leave Volterra for a while.

It seemed simple enough: fly to Seattle, drive to Forks and check if the Cullen's are entertaining a human and report back. I have done far more dangerous things and have completed more difficult tasks for the Masters; this should be like a walk in the park. But being here now, has me believing I'm in for a big surprise.

When I stopped at the Cullen's house north of town, there wasn't a vampire in sight. The cars were missing and it looked like they just up and left town on a whim. I recalled the essence of Carlisle and started to track him, my mind showed me he was northbound, probably Alaska from the looks of it. I didn't even bother to check his mate, because she never goes anywhere without him.

What about Edward… south… Forks… Woods… I smiled. Time to track a Cullen; let's hope he is the one with the human because I really do not want to follow the rest to Alaska. I'll bet my next meal that the rest of the bunny lovers are up there too. So why, oh why, is Edward still here?

I start to track Edward and all the signs point to a house in Forks and the woods behind it. But this annoying feeling that started when I entered this damn state keeps pulling at me, wanting me to go deeper into the forest.

Where to go first: behind the house or the deep into the forest. I growl at my one indecisiveness. Fuck that, I'm here to do my job so I investigate the spot where Edward's scent is still the strongest; he stood here for a few minutes… with a human… He walked back towards the house, towards his car and drove off… to Alaska probably.

But the human travelled deeper into the woods, I'm sure of that; even an idiot could follow the trail that the human left. A delicious smell, broken twigs, pieces of fabric and blood, it's like a fucking roadmap. A map that point in the same direction as that frustrating pull that is really getting in my nerves, might as well follow it and see what I find, before I report back to Aro.

I make my way through the forest and after a mile I hear a heartbeat, the smell of this human is becoming stronger and I find myself liking the smell. It reminds me of Greece, my home before I was turned. It almost overpowers me, what the hell is going on?

On the forest floor lays a human girl, her clothes ripped, scratches on her arms and legs, I can smell the blood but it does not call to me like it normally does. I find myself walking up to the girl that is oblivious of my presence.

I hear her whispering:

"Edward… please… don't leave me… don't take my family away… please, Edward…"

I need to find out who she is and what she knows; the Masters are expecting a report from me. I pick her up from the cold forest floor, she is shivering and her lips are blue. Stupid rain… I cradle her on my lap and pull my cloak around her.

"Edward?" she says and looks up into my red eyes.

There is no fear in her eyes and she sighs: "Just my luck, another vampire… you might as well eat me, that's all I'm good for, so it seems."

I chuckle, but can't seem to look anywhere else then in those beautiful chocolate brown eyes. Her smell intoxicates me and I can see my future in the depths of her eyes. The love I will have for this wonderful creature, the gorgeous vampire that she will be, and an eternity I thought I would never find, but that will come true because of this little human… my mate… at last. I had given up on the idea of ever finding her, 3000 years is too long to keep hoping, but here she is and she is mine.

"Cara mia, I'm not going to eat you, I'm going to love you for eternity."

She looks at me with a sad look in her eyes.

"You're not the first vampire to promise me his love forever. You will get bored with me and leave me, like he did. I'm not worth it; I'm just a stupid human."

The anger that rises up inside me is beyond measure. Who made my mate feel this way?! I would have his fucking head on a spike, while I burned the rest of his useless body, limb for limb. Somebody was going to pay for making my mate feel inferior. Nobody treats the mate of Demetri Volturi like that. It is high time to find out what happened here.

"My name is Demetri, cara mia. Can you tell me why you are here, deep in this forest, all alone and why are you so sad? I want to help you."

She takes a long look at me, like she is trying to figure out if I'm going to change my mind and eat her instead of helping her. She breaks her gaze and starts telling her story.

"I'm Bella, Isabella actually, but I don't really like the long name, so everyone calls me Bella. I moved to Forks about six months ago, why is a long story that is best kept for some other time. On my first day at Forks High I saw the Cullen's, they're hard to miss, they really stand out in a crowd being so beautiful and all.

In Biology Edward was acting all weird, like I smelled bad or something. The rest of the week he was nowhere to be seen, the others came to school like nothing was wrong, but I couldn't help noticing the weird looks they were giving me. The following week he came back and started talking to me in class, for a moment I thought he was schizophrenic because his mood swings were making my head spin.

That same day he saved my life when he stopped a van from crashing into me in the school parking lot; he was a real knight in shining armor. The girls at school were so jealous; he had never shown interest for a girl before, so they kept talking about how lucky I was to get his attention."

The tears start to run over her cheeks again and I give her time to calm down and collect her thoughts. I softly run my thumb in circles over the small of her back and contemplate what she said so far.

Her name was Isabella, but she likes to be called Bella. I wonder if she knows that bella means 'beautiful' in Italian. She truly is just that, so beautiful, I'm probably biased as hell but her long brown hair, her luscious curves and her beautiful chocolate brown eyes make for the most beautiful human I have ever laid my eyes on and she is mine, all mine. I will never love another woman now that I have found her.

What did she say about Edward again? He smelled her and then vanished for a whole week? And he stopped a van in brought daylight… dumbass… great way to not keeping the secret. I put my finger under her chin and pull her face up so she is looking at me again. Oh god, I could look into those eyes forever.

"Please continue, cara mia, I would love to hear the rest of your story."

The little smile that she gives me almost makes my dead heart beat again. I vow there and then to myself that I will do everything in my power to make her smile again. She is my life now.

"Okay, let's see, a few days later I went to Port Angeles with friends to go shopping and I was attacked by four guys. Edward came out of nowhere and saved me. He took me out for diner and told me he could read minds, that's how he knew where I was and that I needed help. He however could not read my mind.

I remember asking him if there was something wrong with me. He laughed at that remark and said that he no longer had the power to stay away from me. So I let him into my life and my heart, which was my biggest mistake.

A few days later I found out what he was, what they were… vampires. An old legend told by a friend of mine, a book I found in Port Angeles and my own observations all pointed to the same conclusion. So I told him and he freaked out.

He told me I should be afraid of him, that I could not outrun him, that I could never fight him and that it was in his nature to drain me. He told me that the first day that he saw me at school, that he wanted to do just that, drain me in front of the whole class, he had never smelled anything like me before; I was his personal brand of heroin.

Do you want to know what I did? Instead of running for the hills like any normal person would have done, I told him I didn't care, that I knew he wasn't going to hurt me, the stupid lamb had fallen in love with the lion.

So after that encounter, he told his family about us. I was surprised when they welcomed me like I was their long lost daughter and sister, only Rosalie had her reservations."

She shrugs her shoulders and starts to stare into the distance. I look up to see the evening setting in, I need to get her somewhere dry and warm, she had stopped shivering a while ago, but I was certain that she was still feeling cold.

"Cara mia, before you continue your story; let me take you somewhere warmer, where you can change into dry clothes. I'm afraid that you might get sick and I don't want that."

She looks up to me, very much surprised, like she was not expecting me to care for her.

"Okay, I guess you can take me home. My dad is working the night shift so he isn't home. I can change there and find something to eat too. After that I'll tell you the rest of my story. Is that fine with you?"

I stand up with her still in my arms, bridal style and I start walking back towards her house. I can see on her face that she is wondering how I know which way to go, but she doesn't voice the question out loud and while I walk further her eyes shutter tight. She must be exhausted, my Bella, so I let her rest in my arms while I think about what she said when she told the second part of her story.

So the Cullen boy first ran off when he met his singer. Points for determination must be given to him, because not many vampires can resist the urge to drain their singer. Why would you want to? It would be a total waste of marvelous blood, there is truly nothing like it.

But seeing Bella is my true mate, I see myself a bit indebted to the boy. That feeling will probably fade away quickly when my Bella tells me the rest of her story, I'm still going to kick his ass, I'm quite sure of that. But not only the boy was guilty for exposing us to the human, the whole family had joined in this charade of playing house and had welcomed her into the family.

Aro was not going to be pleased, that is for sure. A human knows our secret and said human is still alive while the vampires that told her our secret are nowhere to be found. He was going to flip like only Aro can.

Caius was going to have a field day with this; he has been waiting for the Cullen's to fuck up for decades. This would make his millennium.

I look back at the human girl in my arms and realize just how lucky I'm to have found her. So many things could have gone wrong the last couple of months and she would have been lost to me forever. My precious and fragile Bella, I wonder if she feels the pull too.

With that thought do I exit the woods behind her house and quickly get her inside. I make my way up the stairs and put her down on her bed. The whole room smells of her and that idiot, he had a preference for entering through the window my senses tell me. This gets crazier by the minute, what the fuck is wrong with using the door?

I use his essence to track him down and can tell he is on his way to Alaska as well. Good, Master Aro will want to know where the bunny lovers are, when I call in. I check the whereabouts of the rest and they are all in Alaska, like the happy family they portray to be.

A scream pulls me from my thoughts and I see Bella trashing and screaming on her bed. She is having one hell of a nightmare. I quickly pull her back into my arms and kiss the top of her head.

"Calm down, tesoro mio, I'm here; no one will hurt you, ever again."

She tenses up a bit at my words and tilts her face up, so she can look me in the eyes.

"I'm not ready to really believe you right now, but there is something, this strange feeling I got the moment I saw you that makes me want to believe you so very much. You're not dazzling me, are you?"

The horror on her face is instant.

"Tesoro mio, I will never dazzle you. I don't have to, you like me for me."

I can feel the stupid grin on my face. For fuck sake, since when do I grin, the dangerous and ruthless Demetri Volturi does not grin… this girl is going to be the death of me. I can hear Felix and Alec laughing already.

"Let me guess, you don't do unpretentious quite well, do you? Must be a vampire thing…"

With that said Bella starts to pull away and sighs once more.

"I'm going to chance my clothes and then I'll tell you the rest of the story, is that okay?"

I stand up and walk out of her room, while saying: "Sound like a plan, take your time, I'll be waiting downstairs."

I make my way to the kitchen and quickly see if there's something eatable for my Bella. It kind of throws me how quickly I've come to see her as mine. I've heard many stories about the strength of the mating bond, but to experience it myself is something else.

I make her a sandwich that truly smells terrible to me, human food is totally disgusting but I hope she can appreciate the gesture. I hear her coming down the stairs and I speed over to meet her. I pick her up and carry her to the kitchen.

"I can walk, you know?!"

The tone in her voice is completely negated by the smile on her face and the raising of her heartbeat. So she likes it when I sweep her of her feet, good to know.

"Okay Bella, let's get you fed and then you can tell me the rest of your story."

She looks surprised when she sees the sandwich that I made.

"You cooked for me?"

The blush that colors on her cheeks is simply gorgeous. I must be the luckiest vampire on this planet, for this stunning creature is my mate. I suppress a purr and give myself a mental slap. Really, I do not purr. Luckily Bella stops my train of thoughts.

"That sandwich was quite tasty, thank you. Let's see, where were we?

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