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Bella - BPOV

Oh my god, he is so cute. He looks all flustered; I really must have surprised him with my question. I put my hand on his chest to get his attention.

"Demetri, are you okay?"

If I didn't know better I would think he was in shock. Oh crap, vampires can't go into shock or can they? I rest my head onto his shoulder and send all the calm I can muster his way.

"Cara mia, how did you know?"

I tell him about the things he said, about the look that he gave me and about this strange feeling inside me. I tell him everything Carlisle told me about true mates but most importantly, I tell him that I belong with him. It is all I can commit to at the moment, my heart isn't ready for more, but deep down I'm already hoping that one day it will.

I doubt very much that my story is coherent enough for anyone to follow, but Demetri seems to know exactly where I'm at when I stop talking. He pulls me closer; it feels so good to be in his arms. I never felt safer. His words assure me that he'll wait for me, that he knows that I need time and that he will do anything to prove his love for me.

The little nicknames that he calls me make my heart skip a beat. He calls me 'my love', I just can't believe it. This perfect godlike vampire says that he is on love with me. Edward said the same thing, but walked out on me the moment he got bored. I know the mating pull will keep Demetri from leaving me, but what if he gets bored like Edward did. I'm not special or beautiful, I'm not worthy of his love, I'm broken.

My words trigger something inside him. He picks me up and carries me towards a mirror.

"I'm going to tell you what I see when I look at you."

I want to look away, but his gaze keeps me fixated on the mirror. I stare in his bright red eyes that are looking at me from the mirror. He tells me that I'm strong and kisses my bite mark. It's such an intimate gesture; it makes my heart skip another beat. He calls me loving, perceptive and smart. He kisses my hair en takes a deep breath.

He tells me that I smell like home and I start to wonder what he smells like. When he turns me around, I can't look anywhere else then into his eyes, I'm drawn to him, like a moth to a flame. He says I'm beautiful inside and out, and I believe him. He would never lie to me.

He caresses my cheek with the back of his hand and I can feel myself leaning into him. It's like a rope is pulling me towards him. I can see the love in his eyes when we both lean in further to close the distance between is.

Nothing could have prepared me for the kiss that follows. He doesn't just kiss my lips. No, he pulls me closer and even when I start gripping his hair to get him even closer, he doesn't pull back. He keeps kissing me and asks entry to my mouths with his tongue. When I willingly give in, he starts to explore my mouth and my insides turn to jelly. I can't stop the moan that escapes my lips. Oh dear god, this is how a man is supposed to kiss his woman. This man is divine. When we break apart, I'm totally panting and almost begging for more.

How can he kiss me like this? Edward never gave me more than a simple kiss on the lips. That's a lame version of first base. Demetri seems more than glad that Edward was lacking in the kissing department. He makes me shiver when he traces my neck with his lips. He whispers in my ear that I'm his and that has me begging for him to kiss me again.

The second kiss is totally different, it is slower, and we move our lips and tongues in unison. I can almost feel the love that Demetri is putting into the kiss. I feel so at ease that my body is almost instructing me to get some sleep. I'm a little embarrassed when I ask him to hold me while I sleep a bit. He doesn't seem to mind, he wraps me in his cloak and it doesn't take me long to fall asleep, safely in his arms. My last thought is that I could very easily fall in love with this man.

While sleeping my subconscious has the brilliant idea to transport me back to the forest. I'm relieved when Demetri wakes me up. He answers my question that had him stuttering a few hours ago. The kings all have a reason for wanting to meet me, but they don't know I'm Demetri's mate. Oh no, what if they don't like me?!

Previous chapter:

"What if they don't like me?"

Demetri - DPOV

"Tesoro, the masters like you already. They all have their own personal reason for that. Remember that I told you, mia Bella; vampires are driven by their instincts. We are very selfish creatures, the masters like you because you are useful to them in one way or another.

The guard members will like you too because with your gift you will be able to keep them safe during battle, another selfish reason because they don't want to die. In time some of them will learn to love you for who you are and that they will fight for you and keep you safe as well. But you will have to earn that love and trust by proving your loyalty to the coven.

We are all loyal to the masters and the coven; we prove that every time we are sent out on a mission. That's the strength of the Volturi. But rest assured, even our loyalty has its limitations. If we have to choose between saving our own life and that of another vampire, we will always pick ourselves, that's how selfish we are. There is only one exception; the only person in the whole world a vampire will risk his own life for is his mate. I would give my life for you, and only you, mi amore."

She looks at me, clearly shocked by everything I just said.

"I'm sorry if I shocked you, tesoro, but that's how it is. We're vampires, not fairies."

Her expression changes from shocked to surprised.

"I'm not shocked about what you said, Demetri. I'm shocked that you told me the hard truth without masking anything. You just told the facts and you didn't try and make it look better than it is in reality. I'm not used to vampires being so brutally honest, the ones I knew always kept things from me."

Now it's my turn to look shocked. Those Cullens truly are a fucked up bunch.

"Why would I do that, cara mia? It would only end up with you being mad at me when you find out the truth. You're my mate, my equal; I have no intention of doing anything that will make you angry with me, tesoro. I will however do everything to make you happy."

The smile on her face is like a ray of sunlight, it makes her eyes shine like the brightest stars in the universe. She leans toward me and gives me a quick peck on my cheek before she stands up. I'm still enjoying the feel of her lips when she tells me she needs a few minutes to do some human stuff. I simply nod and decide to get her something to eat in the meanwhile.

"How did you know I was hungry?" Bella asks, when she returns from the restroom.

"Well it has been over 7 hours since you ate, so I figured you might be hungry again. Ask me another question so that I can answer that while you eat."

"How to you do it, feeding off of humans, don't you feel guilty?"

Ah, the struggle of the conscious, I had expected this question a lot sooner. Seeing that the Cullens feed on animals, I'm certain Bella was told all kind of horrific stories to convince her that human-feeders are real monsters. Little do they know about how all of us struggled with the same issue long ago. We just decided on another path then they did.

"It may be hard to believe, tesoro, but we also went through that first internal struggle. Most of us don't fight it, they simply accept the fact that we're on top of the food chain. Like most humans don't feel bad when they eat a steak, most vampires see no harm in draining a human. There are off course exceptions, like the ones you encountered in Forks, which keep a strict animal-based diet. But there are many other vampires that follow some kind of alternative diet because they have some moral issues with the whole feeding-on-humans-thing.

I feed on humans, cara mia; I have done so for 3000 years. I am a vampire, humans are our natural food source, and their blood keeps me strong. I can't be weak; it would put me and the coven in danger. Now that I have found you, I must be at my strongest to keep you safe. Human blood does that. But I don't eat just every human that crosses my path.

No, my tracking ability lets me see the essence of people; I use it primarily to find vampires when needed, but with humans it lets me separate the bad ones from the good ones. When possible, I will always feed on the trash of society: the rapists, the murderers, the ones that don't deserve to live.

When I went to feed in Seattle, I drained a man that was about to rape a woman in a dark alley. I can't feel sorry for killing him and saving her. I did humanity a favor. I'm quite certain that the Cullens told you we are all murderers without a conscience, but like you can see, tesoro, there are two sides to every story."

I don't mean to sound so harsh; I just want her to see my side of things. I really don't have a problem with killing humans. When Heidi brings in the fishes, I always take out the darker ones, they aren't always murderers and rapists, but a man that hits his wife is dark enough for me. The world is a better place without those people in it. I wonder how Bella feels about me now…

"You're right, Demetri, that's not the story that Edward told me at all. He said that human-drinkers love killing humans. He made it sound like a game where the vampire instates fear in the human, making him think that he can run, that he stands a chance to escape. James was like that, he toyed with me before he came in for the kill.

I believed Edward so easily when he said all red-eyed vampires are like that. I know Jasper has two old friends that feed on humans, but Edward wouldn't let them come over, because he was afraid they would harm me. Why would Jasper be friends with them if they were bad people? Hell, Edward didn't even trust his own brother to be alone with me. He always treated me like this breakable China doll, but I'm not.

I can handle the truth! I'm not running away screaming now, I heard every word you said and I'm not scared by the fact that you feed on humans. I just feel that you will never hurt me. You're not scared to tell me the truth, to show me your point of view without pushing it onto me. With him I wouldn't have had a choice, I would have been so brainwashed that I would just follow his diet. But with you, I can feel that you will let me make my own choice and that you'll accept whatever I choose."

Oh my god, she is even more beautiful when she's passionate about something. She is glowing and it getting harder to keep my focus on her words. I want to kiss her so much.

"I fell apart when he told me he didn't love me; you saw the state I was in just because he left me, just because he had me believing I was nothing without him. I do not want to be that weak girl anymore; she died there on that forest floor. I'll be a woman that is strong, that deserves her place within her coven and that is worthy of her mate's love."

Okay, that's it; I'm turned on beyond measure by now. I need to stop her from talking or I'll be ripping her clothes off in no time. I pull her back into my lap and I kiss her like there is no tomorrow. She is surprised at first, but starts kissing me back and puts her hands in my hair. I love how that feels and how she pulls at my hair to get even closer to me.

I run my hand along her back and a moan escapes her mouth. That sound alone can drive me crazy. Oh, how I'm going to love making love to her. Bella pulls back so she can breathe.

"Damn you, Demetri, why don't you have to breathe?"

The laugh that escapes my lips puts a gorgeous smile on her face.

"Because, tesoro, I'm already perfect."

Bella huffs, "Conceited much?"

"Let me put it this way, cara mia, is there anything you would change about me or am I perfect to your liking already?"

The way Bella start mumbling and tumbling over her own words is so cute, that I start smiling.

"I thought so."

I kiss the top of her head and make my way to the pilot. I need to check how long we have until we arrive at the airport in Florence. I hear Bella growling behind me; it makes me smile even more.

"We'll be arriving in an hour. What do you want to do in that time, mi amore?"

"There is still so much I want to know, but would it be okay if we just sit here and enjoy each other's company?"

I nod and sit down next to her; she surprises me by cuddling up beside me. I put my arm around her and inhale her delicious scent. We sit together like that until we land in Florence. I wish we could have stayed like this a while longer but now it's time to make our way to Volterra and see the Masters.

"Come, mia Bella, it's time to show you a part of Italy on our way to Volterra."

I tell the ground staff to send the luggage to Volterra. There's no way that will fit in my car, a black Lamborghini Aventador. We'll just take Bella's bag with clothes with us. I drop the bag in the back and help Bella into the passenger's seat. She looks a little nervous.

"Breathe Bella; we still need to drive to Volterra. We're not there yet, just try and enjoy the scenery. Italy truly is one of the most beautiful countries in the world."

She gives me a quick nod and starts to fasten her seatbelt. I walk over to my side, get in the driver's seat and pull out of the airport parking lot with a roaring engine.

It's only a short drive from Florence to Volterra, but it includes some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Italy. I never get tired of seeing it; it always seems to calm me. Bella is really enjoying it too; a smile rests on her face. Soon we can see Volterra in the distance.

"Look, cara mia, that's Volterra, your new home."

"It's gorgeous; I never knew Italy was so beautiful."

"Not only Italy, mi amore."

Bella catches me staring at her, which makes her blush instantly. I quickly make it to the gates and pull into the garage. I park the car and speed over to help Bella out of the car. I notice that she is paler then she was five minutes ago.

"What's wrong, Bella? Are you scared?"

"No. Yes. I don't know. I'm nervous, that's for sure."

"You don't have to be scared, I'm here with you. And I can understand that you're nervous, but you're going to blow them all away, like you said, you're a strong woman that will earn her place here by being who she is. Please let me talk to the Masters first. Just remember to be polite and respectful and everything will be just fine"

I give her a quick kiss on her forehead and start leading her towards the elevators, my hand in the small of her back. When we reach the ground floor, we walk over to the reception and I have Gianna call the masters to announce our arrival. We don't have to wait long before she waves us through.

I can hear Bella's heartbeat quickening and I give her a quick hug, hoping it will calm her nerves a bit. She gives me a little hesitant smile and nods as if she wants to let me know that she'll be fine. She is so much stronger than she gives herself credit for. I open the doors to the throne room and walk in with Bella at my side. The first thing we hear is Aro's energetic voice.

"Oh, this must be Bella! I'm so thrilled you're finally here."

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