Avengers Tower

Percy Jackson


Percy Jackson was suddenly shaken out his slumber as he crashed onto the bar shelves. Percy grunted as shook his head to clear his vision before looking up to see a flying Iron Legion robot hovering above him. The robot fired a repulser but Percy was quick on his reflexes to roll out of the way and take cover behind the bar counter.

Percy looked behind to see the bottles of vodka sitting unscathed in the counter shelves. He grabbed and looked behind him, quickly throwing the bottle at the robot, missing but making the robot move out of the bottle's way. Percy uncapped Riptide, knowing it worked on machines as well considering all the automatons he's destroyed with Riptide, and he jumped onto the counter before leaping towards the flying robot.

Almost hovering in mid-air, Percy swung his sword, destroying the Iron Legion robot before landing with a somersault.

He looked all around him, where he could see the Avengers being attacked by several other Iron Legion robots. He ran for the nearest one, which was firing at Natasha and Bruce as Nat tried firing back with her gun. Percy leaped onto a piano and leaped again, swinging his sword and destroying that robot as well.

"Percy! You're awake!" Bruce exclaimed.

Percy raised his hands to the whole room. "Yeah, and this is what I wake up to. Just fantastic."

Percy turned to see what other robots were attacking. Nearby a dining table, there was an Asian woman crouched as another Iron Legion robot hovered above her threateningly. Dr. Helen Cho, Percy remembered her name. Percy was across the room so he quickly flung Riptide like it was javelin, nailing the robot in the metallic head as it crashed through window and fell out of the building.

The other robots were taken care of so at least Percy didn't end up having to save everybody's asses.

"That was dramatic."

Percy turned to the voice, thinking that they might have missed one of the robots. But he stopped in his tracks as this particular one seemed to … actually know what it was doing. Percy scowled as the robot continued to speak.

"I'm sorry, I know you mean well. You just didn't think it through. You want to protect the world, but you don't want it to change. How is humanity saved if it's not allowed to… evolve?" The robot said and he picked up a broken Iron Legion robot. "With these? These … puppets." The robot crushed the broken robot and tossed it away in disgust. "There's only one path to peace. The Avenger's extinction."

Thor had enough and angrily threw his hammer at the robot, crushing it. As the robot died out, it still said some last words in an ominous and singing tone. Percy recognized the words from that old Pinocchio movie he saw when he was younger.

"I had strings, but now I'm free," the robot sang as it died.

Everyone looked around at one another, not knowing what to do next. But it was Percy who was the most confused and the most angry. Why wouldn't he be angry and confused? He remembered getting drunk. Everything that happened after drinking with Thor and Steve was just a blur. That was, until he woke up crashing into a bar stand. And he was pretty sure one of those robots might have thrown him into it as well.

So yeah, Percy was angry and confused as he yelled out his question.

"What the hell happened here?!"

I know, I know. It was a bit of a short chapter. Thinking about it, maybe this part should've gone in the last chapter. What comes next after this just seems like it belongs in a new chapter, so this is a short chapter. But ... at least it's got action. Percy wasn't going to be left on the sidelines. And although it's not exactly the softest way to shake Percy out of his slumber, it was definitely effective.

Not much else to say really. Again, I apologize for the short chapter. I realize this probably should have been in Chapter 3, but too late to turn back now. Anyways, stay tuned and I'll see you guys soon.