Disclaimer: Tawnie is my own made up creation. Everything else belongs to the WWE!!

My second attempt at romance! I hope you enjoy it!

Tawnie was in her room, lying on her bed writing in her notebook, as usual. She smiled and closed it, resting her hands behind her head and staring out the window at the beautiful skyline.

Calm and relaxed, she couldn't have been happier. Night after night this had

been her routine. Come home (when she had the opportunity) cook super, watch

some television, go for a long jog, and come in her room to write poetry about the

day in her notebook. She had great friends and lived a life that others dream of.

But on nights like tonight as the beautiful California sun sank into the ocean, she

couldn't help but feel something was missing. With her hectic schedule, she was

lucky enough to have time to breathe let alone think. She rolled over and clicked

off the light, burying her head in the covers, she let out a small sigh. Laying

alone in her big bed, she drifted off to sleep.

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