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On with the story

Tawnie and the guys arrived at the hoteland Triple H checked them in. They walked to their rooms, which were next door to each other.

"Alright guys, rooms are Edge, Shawn and..."

Tawnie cringed, she knew what was coming...

"Myself in 309 and Kurt and Tawnie, you're in 310."

A big smile came over Tawnies face, she looked at Triple H astonished and he gave her a wink.

"Go grab your ice Tawnie." he said to her and headed into his room.

"He knows." she said to Kurt as they set their things down, "Now, I just have to figure out how." Tawnie finished with a simle and kissed Kurt on the cheek as she left to get the ice.

"Ok Trips... why'd you..."

"Put you and Kurt together? Oh, because last night when I came to get ICE CREAM, no one anwered the door. I was worried about you, so I came in, to find you and Kurt so cutley cuddled in your bed. I just kinda figured it out." He smiled.

"Aww, Trips." she said and hugged him.

"Don't mention anything to..."

~*~*Back in the Rooms*~*~

Tawnie entered the one-bed suite to find Kurt ready for bed in his boxers, flipping through channles.


"Hey, I'm just gonna go get ready for bed."


Tawnie splashed water on to her face and was dreaming of Kurt. She wasnt quiet sure what to wear for Pj's, well she figured it was nothing he hadn't seen before and settled for her bra and some shorts. She just pulled her hair back in a loose ponytail.

Kurt was still trying to find a channle when Tawnie exited the bathroom. He noticed her walking towards him and he couldnt help but smile and stare. He didnt understand why her never notice how beautiful she was, he'd seen her in tons of bra and panties matchs, many swimsuit contests, and even her seductive DIVA'S cover. He must have built up a wall, maybe to contain himself, and baby did she ever break the wall down.

She crawled in next to him and laid her head down on his chest, and he put his arm around her as she leaned in to kiss him... just as she did...


"Ugh, I'll get it." she said going to the peek hole. "Oh, shit its Shawn, Edge and Hunter." She said digging around for a top.

"Here." He said, throwing her his white Pittsburg Wrestling shirt, which you could clearly see her black bra through.

"Hey... guys." she opened the door, relizing you couldn't see she had anyform of pants on under this shirt.

"We wanted to see if you guys wanted to order a movie?" they said walking into the room.

"Ah, well I'm tired, you might ask Kurt, but I was thinking we could go out tomorrow night if we got sleep tonight."

"Good idea, so Kurt you want to see a movie or not?" Shawn asked.

"Nah, lets rest tonight guys." He yawned.

"Alright partypoopers, see ya in the morning." Shawn said exiting.

Kurt eyed her standing there with her back against the door like she had a big reliefe off her shoulders. "Phew." she said.

Tawnie sat up next to Kurt watching Sports Center. After the show was over, they turned off the lights. Tawnie and Kurt lie silently awake staring into each others eyes, wrapped in each others arms.

Tawnie knew this was where she wanted to be, forever in his arms.

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