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Ella is just a normal Quileute girl with a crush, or is she? How will she get caught up in wolves, imprinting, vampires, even the Volturi? The ancients of her tribe know. It could be a gift of hers, or it could be a curse. PostBD EmbryXOC


A sly girlish feminine voice called through the darkness. "Hello Ella."

I turned to the voice and saw another wolf lying frozen on the ground. Was it Jacob? "Jacob!" I ran over to a large russet wolf. Dead? "Who's there?!" I called out, searching frantically.

Two small hooded figures walked towards me, their faces silhouetted in the night.

"What did you do to them!?" I screamed at the figures.

"Pain," the girl's voice said. You could almost hear the smirk on her lips.

"Numbing," a boy's voice called after.

They still walked and suddenly Embry's wolf stopped thrashing about. "Embry!" I ran back to him and threw myself against his still body. "Don't die! Don't die!"

"He's not dead," the girl's voice answered. "Yet."

"He might be of use to us too, sister."

"I agree," she answered slyly.

I stood as the two wandered close enough to stop. They seemed barely the height of children, and even through the darkness I could see their hooded figures standing devilishly foul.

"Who areā€¦" was all that came out of my mouth before I felt nothing.

. . . . . . . . .

The Gift and the Curse

One warm Saturday afternoon my three friends and I walked out onto La Push beach. We were all super excited as it was to be the party of the year in our minds, the last big blow out of our Freshman year. It was a Quileute school wide party at the beach. Swimming, dancing, dinner, and later on a bonfire. We arrived a bit fashionably late so most of our class was already out swimming. After we found a spot for our things, we laid out our towels and soon I tossed my outer clothing onto it. I was smiling smugly showing off the new red and white striped bikini I had gotten just for today. My friends gave their oohs and aaahs and I turned in a circle, but my attention was more on the water hoping my crush was watching. A smile lit my face when I saw that indeed the guy of my dreams was watching as well. He was the shy sweet guy, but the last few months I've noticed him more and more as his height and muscles have started to catch up with him. Just the thought of him seeing me in my swimsuit caused me butterflies and goose bumps. I knew it was going to be a perfect day.

As the other girls stripped to their suits I began to climb up to the lower platform to dive. The girls soon caught up and we all got to the ledge together. We started making a scene but of course it was just to flirt. When we were sure enough of the class was looking, we all dived together.

The jump was exhilarating. Like the purest feeling of flying. I was soaring. But the moment ended and I hit the water. Bright, cool and refreshing. The waves crashed around me and I was floating. I loved cliff diving, it always seemed almost magical. A way to touch nature.

As I surfaced, I gulped a breath, and then smoothed my long coal black hair back. I imagined me looking like one of those beautiful girls from Baywatch or something. My crush would have been blown away and would kiss me right away.

I turned to see just what I had hoped. My crush and all the guys were staring right at me. 'I did it' I secretly squealed to myself. This was the day I was waiting for. Only one jump and a beautiful new bikini would make me the most popular girl in school.

I started to swim towards the boys and right up to my crush. He couldn't seem to look at me though and quickly turned away as I came close.

"Hey," I said in the most Baywatch sexy my 15 year old voice could conjure up.

"Um, Ella?" He said still turned away from me.

I planted my feet as I could touch and walked around to look at him. "Yeah?"

This was it. He was going to tell me the crush he's had on me as well and we would be boyfriend and girlfriend and then he would kiss me.

He cleared his throat and paused a second with a conflicted expression on his face. He finally took a deep gulp and pointed at my chest. "Your top," he whispered out.

A quick look to my front drained any native color from me.

I had lost my bikini top.

Like a flash of lightning my arms came to cover my chest. "No!" I screamed to myself. I sunk back in the water as fast as possible and scanned the water for my suit. No material was in my view, but the laughter from the rest of the class echoed in my ears.

. . .

With a start I blew out a breath as the taxi driver's voice brought me out of my nightmare. But it wasn't just a nightmare. It was a memory. That was the day I ran away from La Push. I was mortified and still feel goosebumps when I think of it, even though it was four years ago.

I ran home screaming that day and in tears to my mom that we had to leave. We needed to move as far away as possible. There wasn't one more second I could stand to be at that school. It was just too embarrassing. My mother listened to my story and then instead of telling me everything was going to be okay or why we couldn't move, she just started packing.

We left the next day. We only gathered the basics and left the house to my grandmother to sell. Our travels found us in Alaska living with my mother's Aunt. It was perfect. A quiet town in the middle of nowhere. We didn't see many new people, and when we went to the store for supplies those there didn't know my past. I was free to live again.

Even though it was so far off the beaten path, they still had a school with a total of fourteen students in my grade. I knew them all well, and they knew me, minus my guarded past. I went through the rest of high school with them and even got my diploma. It felt wonderful to be done and not have to have gone through every day being topless bikini girl. Then after graduation I stuck around for another year helping my great aunt in her elementary classroom as an aide to save some money. Every penny was going to college and a new car. And now that their school is out for summer, my attention has been diverted to hoping that I could go to college, though I'm not sure what for yet. I liked being in the classroom though, so maybe something teaching.

"Ready?" Mom asked as she smiled my way from the side seat.

I nodded and grabbed my suitcase as she paid the taxi driver. An eerie feeling came over me when I stepped onto La Push soil again. Though the embarrassment had long since faded, it seemed strange to be back here again. My mom's small frame came to stand beside me as we stopped in front of Billy Black's house.

Billy is my mom's brother and my uncle. He's been having complications from his diabetes and since Rebecca was in Hawaii and Rachel was traveling the world with her husband, that only left Jake to take care of him and he'd been busy with his job and friends. I couldn't blame him, that's what teenage guys do right? Work and play. They don't want to be stuck helping an old man in his wheel chair even if it is his father. I guess I couldn't even say it like that because he was doing his best, he just couldn't keep up with the needs Billy had.

So here we were. Mom was going to give Jacob a little time off as we helped Billy around the house, baking, and whatever he needed until he could get back on his feet. Well, not literally. Uncle Billy was confined to a wheelchair, but usually he does pretty well on his own, he's just going through a rough patch right now and has no one to help him like he needs.

I could see it in my mother's eyes when they spoke over the phone one day. She desperately wanted to go back and help him, but she never mentioned it. It was two days ago that she just seemed so melancholy and helpless that I told her we had to go back. We had to come back here to help, even if it was only for a little while. She could be there for Billy and I could look around at colleges, everything would work out for a visit. She was overjoyed and threw her arms around me. Not too long after that, the arrangements were made and here we were.

We stepped up to Billy's house ready to knock, but Jacob promptly answered the door. "Cuz! Thought you'd never get up here!"

Before I could smile with a sweet "Hi Jake," he brought me into a bear hug and I felt like choking for air. "Jake!" I said as he put me down, then I breathed out a laugh as I grabbed his biceps. "Holy muscles boy. Where'd those come from? And good gravy you're tall."

He chuckled and just nodded his head, "A full six foot seven. You guys want to come in? I'll show you to your rooms."

We followed him inside and gave our hellos to Billy then followed him through the house. It was much like I remembered it. Mom got the guestroom/computer room down stairs near Billy's and I stayed in Rachel and Rebecca's old room upstairs.

I stepped in their pretty room and smiled to myself. The walls were a creamy peach color and there were a pair of white dressers off to one side with a single desk near the window. I walked to the right where the bunk beds stood and put my suitcase down on the flowery lilac bedspread. Soon I sat down on the edge of the bed and took a breath. It was nice to see Uncle Billy and Jake again. We hadn't even gotten to see them once in the past few years, and it's surprising to me how much Jacob has changed. He truly has turned into a man and not the kid twerp I left him as. Though I suppose that shouldn't be so surprising. It has been four years. I guess I've probably changed too.

I stood back up and crept to the mirror attached behind the door peering at my reflection. It gave me a feeling a peace and hope.

My face was strong like that of what I remember my dad's before he left, but still held the beauty of my mother. I had learned so much in Alaska and I felt like the new face of me that stared back in the mirror seemed to portray the me I felt to be. A resilient girl, though still only 19, one that had known hard work and loved it. Strong. Courageous, but somewhat secretive and closed off from the world. The dark brown eyes staring back at me still showed a life yet to be lived but a will to get through it.

When I heard my mother's voice from downstairs telling to come down from dinner, I stepped away from the mirror and began down.

Dinner was peaceful but full of laughter. Jake and Billy told tales of the past years and what's the current happenings around the rez. Jake told of a preteen girl named Renesmee, a daughter of some of his great friends that we would see often. It seemed odd to me that he'd be so enthusiastic about hanging out with an underage girl, but he did seem genuine and Billy didn't seem to have a problem with it, so I decided not to worry and enjoy dinner.

I didn't dare ask if anyone knew I was back, or had talked about me since. That may just have to be something I find out as time passes. It was certainly a hope that people would have forgotten about me completely, but I'm sure I wouldn't be so lucky.

The rest of the evening past in loud conversation as my mother and Billy caught up. It really was the right decision to let her come back. I could see how much she was missing her family, well our family, and the happiness she now showed told me so much more than her voice ever could.

When the late hour chimed, we all spoke our good nights and headed to our beds eager to sleep. As I laid down on the bottom bunk and closed my eyes, I couldn't help but hope that tomorrow would go as well.

I woke up to the sound of soft rain hitting the window and the smell of fresh biscuits from downstairs. A turn to the clock showed the time as 7:40. Not wanting to get up right away I stretched a bit and just listened to the sounds of the house. I wasn't thrilled with the time but knew the rattling pots from the kitchen would keep me up if the rain didn't, so I kicked my feet over the edge and slowly stood up. My feet shuffled past the mirror but one side glance brought me back to it fully. My hair was everywhere and my tank top was uneven. Quickly I straightened out my shirt and pajama pants then combed my fingers through my hair tying it back into a long ponytail. My look still said morning, but at least it didn't say zombie apocalypse.

With a slight smile at my thoughts I headed on downstairs hearing loud snores coming from Jacob's room as I past. He seemed to be quite a heavy sleeper.

My mother was in the kitchen complete with oven mitts and apron. She was going all out for this breakfast and why shouldn't she? That's what she was here to do-take care of Billy. It made me happy to be here. She really was so willing to be there for her brother and his family.

"Morning mom," I said as I slipped into a chair at the table.

"Morning honey!" Her voice was filled with excitement as she pranced around the kitchen opening cupboards and examining the contents, her dark hair dancing around her shoulders. "Do you know where Bills would put a skillet?"

I shook my head with a smile and started up out of the chair. "No idea, but I'll help you look." Soon enough we found a larger skillet than I think I'd ever seen for a household and laughed. "Do they own a restaurant we don't know about?" Mom returned the laugh but just placed it out on the counter to heat as she opened a package of bacon.

The oven timer beeped the sound of done biscuits so I took over the bacon while mom finished up the biscuits. All the package of bacon barely filled up half of the griddle but for only the four of us I reasoned that it was plenty and stood back to listen to the sizzle.

After cooking for only a minute or two a deep voice spoke over my shoulder, "If you're cookin' bacon you need a ton more than that. The guys will be over here in no time."

The voice made my heart stop and my feet jump me forward in fright. I would have landed hands first in bacon grease if it weren't for the warm arms at my hips pulling me back before I even knew where I was headed.

I flipped around and pushed on Jacob's chest with both hands. "You jerk! Don't sneak up on people!"

His chuckling voice filled the room but the push didn't budge him an inch. "Sorry Ella, it was just too perfect." His voice softened as he continued, "but in all seriousness, with bacon scent, my friends will be here in T-Minus five seconds, you better put more on."

My face paled when I heard the front door open. "Friends?"

He nodded and turned to grab the other packages of bacon out of the fridge. "Yes, frieeends. And yes, Embry is one of them." He opened the plastic casing with ease as his eyes glanced to me with a mischievous grin. "I'm sure he'll be glad to see you finally back. I bet he'd love to even take you cliff diving some time."

A gasp of horror left my throat as my arms came up protectively over the front of my shirt, my mind flooded with the agonizing memories. "Shut up!" was all I could think to yell and I started running towards the stairs when I collided with a body as hard as rock and nearly as tall as the ceiling.

As my face unburied from the strong naked chest, my eyes slowly took the muscular form in as they traveled up to the eyes of my stopper, all the while my mind was crying 'not him, not him, not him, anyone but him.' When eye contact was finally made, simultaneously gasps as big as the first breath from a deep dive, came from both of us.

Standing before me was my crush of four years ago.

His arm came out to brace himself against the wall and he stared at me with such quiet ferocity my mind flew through conclusions faster than humanly possible. He knew me. He remembered. He was reliving the last time I saw him. He was panicked. He was sickened by me. He was... Well, I'm not sure what else, but whatever it was it wasn't good.

"About time you showed up, Embry," Jake laughed from the other side of the room, quickly coming to punch him across the shoulder. Embry took the full hit and stepped back against the wall, but never did he stop looking straight at me. "Really?! No kidding!" Jacob watched the air between us with a knowing look. "I wondered if that would happen."

I felt like I was going to be sick. My stomach churned and the room started to spin so I did the only thing my pathetic brain could come up with: hide. I ran for Rachel and Rebecca's room and locked the door behind me.

My breathing came out in struggled gasps as I leaned my forehead against the door. I was fifteen all over again. One tiny memory that I thought the pain and embarrassment was like a grain of sand under my feet came at me in a suffocating wave. My mind examined every second like detective work. I flew into his chest. He stared. He remembered. The look in his eyes told me that the memory was flashing before him as well. All my years of prayers went unanswered. He remembered.

I let my forehead come off the door a small way just to bang it back again. Wake up. Wake up Ella! Please, this is just a bad bad dream and I'm still sleeping. No breakfast. No bacon. No Embry.

I opened one eye slowly but breathed out a huff when I was still at the door. It was no dream. It had just happened.

"Ella, breakfast is ready!" I heard mom call from the stairs.

No way would I ever be going down those stairs ever again. I will live in this room. "Not hungry!" was all I could call out before I ran back to the bed and hid inside the blankets.

How did I think I could come back here without running into anyone who remembered, let alone -him-. I should have figured that I wouldn't have changed enough to have people not recognize me. Should I have worn a mask? No, that's crazy. I couldn't wear a mask for the entire time we were here.

I stayed in bed ten minutes more while I felt sorry for myself and wishing I never gave my approval to come, but in the end I sat back up.

I wasn't fifteen anymore. I'm nineteen. Yes, embarrassing things happen. And they happen every day. I've grown up since that time. I can get past the memory just as I always felt I had. Just because I was back in La Push and back where people will remember doesn't mean that I need to let it get to me now. I can be bigger. I can find the humor in the situation. A sweet fifteen year old confronting her crush topless. Yes, I started to nod my head to myself. If I would have saw that story on a tv program I would have laughed, as I should be able to laugh now. The little drama queen I once was doesn't mean I need to be her now. Problems can't be hidden from forever. I am strong enough to laugh and brush it off. Hey, at least it wasn't caught on youtube! Now that would have been much worse, even my Alaskan friends could have known.

A gentle knock came from the door followed by mom's voice. "Ella? I brought you some eggs."

I stood and walked over, quickly unlocking the door and allowing her inside. "Thanks mom."

She looked behind her and whispered, "Are you okay? I know that has to be hard running into him like that." Her face showed so much caution and sincerity.

I made a quiet laugh and nodded. "Yeah, and I did literally run into him didn't I?"

With no change from my mom I grabbed the breakfast tray from her and placed it on the nearby dresser. "I'm fine mom. Thanks for thinking of me." I said as I hugged her tight.

"Oh honey," she said with happy sweetness as she held me back. "I was so worried."

"I'm alright mom. That was a long time ago. It doesn't bother me anymore." There was no way I believed myself.

She released me and looked back to the tray, "well then you better eat. Then get ready for the day. We have errands to run."

"Yes mother," I agreed as I grabbed the tray and sat back on the bed beginning to eat.

After she was satisfied that I really would eat, she excused herself to go back downstairs and clean up the kitchen.

I sat in quiet thought as I ate, hoping this was the right decision coming here but already feeling like it was. Maybe this was the final hurdle I needed to make to fully get over this. It's the ripping off the scar to actually rid myself of the infection within. It was healed but there was always that tiny bit there, still deep under the skin. Actually being here and facing my fears head on has made it clean. Or at least it would clear in no time as I was feeling better already.

A soft knock came from the open door and a glance brought my nerves completely to the surface again. I choked on my mouthful. I was feeling better, but maybe not enough to be honest with him.

Embry stood there with his own worries flashing through his brown eyes. He cleared his throat preparing to speak. "Um, can I come in?" He looked hopeful for a second, but quickly backtracked. "Oh, but you are eating so I guess you are busy. I'll come back later." And he disappeared from the doorway just as swift.

I should have breathed a sigh of relief, but curiosity got the better of me and I called him back. "Embry? Wait Embry, it's okay. I don't mind."

He peeked back in the door, and then fully appeared rubbing the back of his head. "Uh. Are you sure? I mean, like, well, it can wait and all."

A smile tried to pull at my lips as I spoke in a soft calming voice, "No it's perfectly fine. Come in. I hope you don't mind that I finish while we talk?" I was nearly twenty. We could talk like adults. Things that happened in the past can stay in the past. That was all I could seem to tell myself so I wouldn't run crying and screaming away.

He looked at my plate and nodded nearly in a frantic motion. "Oh yeah, sure sure, sure."

I took a bite of a biscuit and looked down to the floor practically shouting in my head that I was more grown up than avoiding eye contact, but yet, here I was doing it. I psyched myself up and took a chance for a glance. "Something you needed?" Oh my gosh, he's not wearing a shirt. I just about drooled jelly. He's still so so good looking.

He seemed to knock himself out of some sort of trance and he came and sat on the desk chair across the small spaced room. "Um, yeah, so..." his attention seemed diverted looking around the room. "I guess... you just got back?" He closed his eyes and scrunched up his face.

I tried not to break into conclusions and analyze his every inflection as I would have before. This would just be a pleasant conversation between adults who haven't seen each other in a long time. Whoa. Did he get muscles? Holy. Look at those arms.

A deep calming breath escaped my chest as I pushed the scrambled eggs around my plate. Wait. He said something. "Yeah. Just came back yesterday. Mom wants to help Uncle Billy with some household stuff until he can get back to doing it himself."

Embry nodded and his posture moved a bit higher, his voice was much less strained. "Billy has been having more problems lately. Jake's doing all he can to keep up but with and everything else he's having a hard time keepin up."

"That's why we came back. My mom really was desperate to help. It's sweet." I said then took a bite from the fork.

He nodded a bit livelier than before, "Yeah! And she's a great cook too. Man, I haven't had a breakfast that good in a while. Usually I'm eating cereal or like I dunno... pancake mix or somethin..."

"Pancake mix?" I interrupted; nearly spitting out my food and turned to him with a laughing grin. "You eat pancake mix? As in not a pancake, just dry flour?"

He gave a friendly side smile back as eye contact was made and shrugged. Dang, he's cute. "Just once, but I was hungry and the pancakes were taking too long to cook."

Feeling more at ease now, I tilted my head softly to the side. "Was your stove turned on?"

He chuckled, "what do you mean? Of course I turned the stove on. I know how to cook pancakes, Ella."

I nodded with a teasing smile and looked back down to my food. Already it felt easier to talk to him. "I'm sure you do Embry. I'm sure you do." But the inflection in my voice hinted at disbelief. "Mix" I snickered to myself.

He moved from the chair, and my glance came back to him as he took the two large steps needed to cross the room then sat next to me on the bottom bunk. I was nearly having a panic attack with how little of space there was between me and his chest; I think my cheek actually twitched. His voice was rich. "I make a mean pancake actually. I could show you sometime."

My eyes shot back down to my plate as my heart rate started to accelerate. I took another quick bite of eggs, not exactly sure what to say back.

He bent a bit to look at me and I dared twist my glance to see him again. He tossed his head to the side, flipping his hair off his ear and asked, "what do you say? Wanna have breakfast with me? Maybe.." he paused to swallow, "maybe like tomorrow?" His cheeks braced, pushing his eyes into a hopeful squint.

My glance flew around the room looking at nothing, but stopping on various points as I collected my thoughts after his sexy little hair flip, then I looked back to him and smiled. "Sure," I said quietly. "That'd be okay." Sure. That'd be okay. I mocked myself in a high voiced thought. Idiot.

"Really?!" He sat back up quick with excitement and hit his head against the side of the top bunk. The entire bed shook and hit against the wall with a slam. His eyes went wide and he jumped off the bed and twisted to the top bunk where a new head shaped indent was splintered in the wood. "Oh, shoot!"

"Embry?" I asked panicked as my focus shifted between the back of his head and the new crater in the bunk. "Oh my goodness! Are you okay?"

In no time his hand was on the back of his head and feeling around as he stared in shock at the bed. "What? Yeah-no." He closed his eyes and shook his head. "Yeah I'm fine."

I practically threw the tray down on the bed and stood after him, "but you put a hole in the wood!" I reached and grabbed his hand from his wound. My brows shot down in confusion as there wasn't even the smallest hint of blood. I twisted his hand up and down checking all sides but still nothing. My head started shaking back and forth and I looked back up to him, "there's..." my voice quieted to a whisper and I gulped when I realized how close we were, "nothing."

We both stood frozen as we stared into each other and my hands were still around his. I realized there was a heat that came from his hands, though hotter than should be imaginable, it seemed perfect, almost inviting to me, irresistible. Sparks of electricity like the intensity of lightning pulsed through our hands as a moment past between us in quiet peace. Our eyes lowered to our hands as he slowly brought his other hand to mine pushing it flat into his already open palm. My breathing became shallow as my body felt weightless under his touch. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

His glance brought back our eyes together and he lifted his top hand to my face and stepped in even closer to me. He cupped my cheek and it was all I could do to not breathe a sigh of relief and joy as the warmth flooded through every inch of me from his touch. But I couldn't stop myself from leaning my head into his hand and closing my eyes briefly at the sensation. When I opened again his addams apple bobbed as he swallowed then leaned his head down to me.

"Whoa!" came a holler from the hall.

Suddenly Embry and I were out of each other's grasp and staring towards Jacob in the doorway. My look had to have said 'got caught with a hand in the cookie jar'.

"Yikes. Sorry man, but you really should like close the door or something. Oh and um, yeah, hey Ella. Em, we gotta get going." Jacob motioned his head to the hallway.

Embry stuttered still not fully free from the thoughts of our situation only half a second earlier. "Uh? Oh uh, right. Right." He cleared his throat and looked back to me. "So I gotta go do somethin. Uh, I'll see you tomorrow?" His face pinched in disbelief as he continued, "right?"

I could barely speak as well and just managed to nod as I squeaked out, "yeah. Tomorrow."

A smile that could have lit the moon sprang to his face and Jake just rolled his eyes and grabbed Embry's arm. "Come on."

"Bye," he said in a soft voice as he was dragged out, waving slightly.

My lips turned to a smile as I waved back. "See ya."

I stood staring at the doorway for who knows how long. Just staring. Still in some sort of strange hypnosis about what had just happened. I was floating. My heart was racing and my skin tingled.

When I started to come to, my hypnosis turned to shock.

What just happened? How did all that just happen? I go from horrified, to nervous beyond human means, to a love sick cloud nine puppy? Huh? That just didn't work. As I thought more and more about it one plus two did not equal three. My head just couldn't seem to grasp why the things went the way they did, but it only took a minute of wondering before I didn't care.

I turned to the indent now in the top bunk and smiled. However it happened, it did. And here was the mark to prove it. With closer examination of the indent I smoothed my fingers over it and thought there was no way that someone could have made this with their head and not had some sort of cut, or even brain injury. My head tilted in thought as I remembered back to a tv show about super humans and one could withstand great hits to the head. I started to smile to myself as I thought that Embry probably could have a harder head than a usual person. That's probably why he's still alive from hanging out with Jacob and Quil all those years growing up.

My smile started to turn downward as my thoughts continued. But what if all that happened was just part of a concussion or something, some sort of brain injury? He was just as nervous and soft spoken as I was until the hit. The hit was when everything ended up changing.

I twisted to sit back on the bed. What if that was it? Was I already setting myself up for heartbreak? Would he even remember anything that happened after the hit? The way he looked back at me as Jacob dragged him off did seem off. A drugged up type look.

A sorrowful sigh took my chest as it seemed more and more logical with every thought. On the other hand, he did ask me to breakfast before the hit so that should still be standing, right? My smile came back in almost an instant and even though I knew it could be based on a brain injury, I couldn't get it off my face.

It was Embry and he had at least asked me out to breakfast. Well, not actually asked me out. I guess it really wasn't a date or anything, but he was cooking so that had to be a step right?

I laid back on the bed narrowly missing my breakfast tray and just smiled as I stared at the top bunk. Embry was so much more handsome than I remembered. I think the muscles that I remembered and longed for were no more than the whisper of what he has now. He was built for hard labor. Oh gosh, and the way his hair touched around his chin set my heart nearly on fire just thinking about it. Long and shiny but still very much masculine. His jaw line was sharp and framed perfect angles around his full smooth lips. A happy sigh left my chest as I pictured his eyes. How they bore right into the deepest part of my soul. Not only just now, but also in the kitchen.

I sat back up as I thought about the kitchen, still feeling a pang of fear. What was that really? Did I really startle him that much? I guess it would be startling to have someone ram into you as you walked in a room.

Either way, I would be seeing him tomorrow. I just had to make it through today. And with that came a nod to myself and a leap off the bed for my suitcase. I was ready to get dressed and do the errands and housework that were so desperately needed around here. My hands stopped frozen over the zipper and I looked down to my clothes.

That all happened in my pajamas!