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He must be the unluckiest bastard to exist.

Being forcefully sent to this world called Earth Land as a last Fuck you by Kaguya for defeating her was not what he was expecting to happened. The portal itself was very unstable compared to her previous portals she had created, suggesting that the portal was intentionally meant to rip him apart or to blow him to smithereens. at least, that's what Kurama thinks so.

Stupid bitch.

Without him, the Shinobi world was doomed because of how Sasuke views things. Naruto knew that Sasuke had similar thoughts to how Madara and Kaguya thought. And without him to convince Sasuke of a different alternative, Sasuke would only ever see his own way of doing things.

The only thoughts that entered his mind was to get back as soon as he could to stop Sasuke from continuing to go down his dark path and to save everyone else .

With thousands of clones constantly gathering information to find anything, or anyone who knew space/time manipulation magic, he had no time to lose. He also was forced to learn the art of magic himself. At first, there was the problem of not having a natural eternano container like everyone else had. But thanks to Sage mode, he made room for his Sage container inside his body,to also act as a container to Ethernano that was just as in abundance as Nature energy.

He's studied and developed a wide variety of Space/Time magic, that he combined with his Fuinjutsu art to create an abundance of different types of techniques in order to develop a way to try to get back home. He did manage to come up with some techniques with the combination of Chakra and Magic and tested them out on clones. Unfortunately, none were successful. All his theories failed.

Two years later

Two long agonizing years of trial and error was taking a toll on his mind. Kurama had convinced him that he should find a hobby of sorts. He decided that while a few clones would come up with more theories and techniques, he would try out different types of magics to possibly get a new idea. Some interesting ideas have occurred to him, but all of them have proven to be failures. He did enjoy creating magic variations of his original techniques like the Rasengan. The Rasengan wasn't a technique powered by Chakra only. It was a technique that involved pure energy manipulation.

As he felt a slight disturbance within his eight Trigrams seal, he asked Kurama if it was him, or the other tailed beast that had finally reformed inside of him. You see, Kurama lost connection with the other Tailed Beast immediately after they were thrown into this world. While it is possible that they couldn't connect because they were in a different universe, it was also likely Sasuke had locked them up, or he had killed them and they are currently reforming.

He also noticed that he wasn't able to summon the toads to reverse summon him. But Kurama told him the toads would not have the Chakra to bring him back anyway. Still, he would like to have some kind of contact with his home, and to let everyone know of his continued existence, and to possibly figure out a way to bring him home. But..a sickening thought also plagued his mind. What if Sasuke tracked them down too in order to have him cut off from their world, and to ensure there will never be anymore Sages to be used against him.

Sasuke had fallen. No, dived straight into the darkness. Maybe to the point of no return.

Taken away from his thoughts, Kurama caught his attention by shouting his name



"Finally, get inside the seal you idiot!"

Naruto immediately did as his friend asked and found a welcomed surprise. Shukaku, Matatabi,Isobu, Son Goku,Kukuo, Saiken, Gyuki. And to note, Kurama was sitting next to the other Kurama. Huh, still is kinda funny seeing two of them. Before he could get a word in, something, or someone materialized at the center of their gathering.

"Hello Naruto, it is good to see you again. You've grown taller I see. But you don't look as old as I thought you would be"The Sage of Six Paths uttered

Kurama picked up on that

Not understanding what he was rambling on about, Naruto ignored Sage for he was too giddy at finally having a way back home!

"Old man Sage! This is great, you can take us all home!"

Naruto's heart sunk as he saw the Sage's face morph into a sullen expression.

"What's wrong Old man Sage? You can take us back, right?"

"I'm Sorry Naruto, for I am unable to return you home."

"But you're the Sage of Six Paths right!? You're legendary, you can do anything! Please use the Rinnegan to send us home!"

"Calm down Naruto! Let the Old man speak!" Bellowed Kurama

Naruto calmed himself as he looked towards the Sage for answers.

"I had help the last time I summoned back the other's. I simply don't have the power or the extra hand's to summon you back."

"Sasuke killed anyone who could help, didn't he?

Hagoromo closed his eyes, as he tried burning the image of what Sasuke had done. "Before he released the Infinite Tsykoyomi, he first got rid of the tailed beast and your other two compatriots."

Naruto's heart sunk further into despair as he heard of Kakashi and Sakura's death at the hands of his brother in all but blood. He felt dirty still thinking of him as a brother.

Hagoromo was not done.

"That's not all. You see, while a great many things have occurred since the last we spoke, to us, you have been missing for over two thousand years."

Naruto was about too stunned to say anything.

Seeing this, Hagoromo continued from relay to Naruto the events that occurred in his two thousand year absence.

After killing his teammates and the tailed beast, Sasuke had gone ahead and killed all but a select few Shinobi before releasing the Ultimate Genjutsu.

At least they most didn't suffer, unlike Kakashi, Sakura, and the Tailed Beast.

After everyone else had awoken, Sasuke quickly asserted his dominance over the planet by publicly executing all the Daimyos in each of their countries, to show them all he is not to be trifled with.

Thus began the new age. An age where Sasuke had unified the world under one single banner.

His chosen, Karin, Suigetsu, Jugo, Kabuto, and Orochimaru would all govern fifths of the planet as Sasuke destroyed all things related to the Shinobi arts. That also includes all of the Summoning beasts scattered all over the planet.

Years later, three invaders from Kaguya's Clan had come to the planet to investigate Kaguya. They also wanted her seedbed and the ten tails for to find out she's been sealed away, and that the ten tails were no longer on the planet. Interestingly enough, they found out Kaguya gave the humans on the planet forbidden knowledge on Chakra. Enough so that they found a wielder of the Rinnegan.

Sasuke fought back against the attackers, albeit it wasn't an easy fight with their Chakra pills that healed them, and having the ability to consume each other for greater power.

After the great battle that decimated the planet, the very land had been reshaped, and had claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

After retracing the steps of the invaders,Sasuke had discovered a path to the moon. He had found the last remaining descendent of Hamura, Hagaromo's brother. The Otsutsuki member named Toneri trembled before him. Toneri watched the events that took place all those years ago and decided to keep to himself on the moon. That is until they visited him and gave him a powerful pair of Byakugan eyes so that he can mature them into the Tenseigan. Unfortunately for him, his eyes have yet to mature. Sasuke had interrogated him for, getting him to talk about all he knew.

Sasuke kept him weak until the Tenseigan awakened so that he may claim the eyes for himself. Now Sasuke had the power of the Rinnegan, and Tennsigan at his disposal.

Time, and time again, Sasuke would reincarnate himself using the power of the Rinnegan to protect the world in the shadow's. His descendants, who inhabited the moon, also were caretakers of the world. But all those chosen to go to the planet were carefully monitored in case they were to get any ideas by using the all seeing orb of the Great Toad Sage Gamamaru.

Other invaders would come again, and again,till Sasuke decided he would take the fight to them. Now all Sasuke does is travel to dimensions, actively looking for Otsutsuki clan members to hunt down.

His goal is to kill every single last one of them.

Naruto was horrified at what he had just heard. It was even worse than what he ever could've imagined. If he was there, he could've prevented it all.

Why have all this power when he couldn't protect no one!?

Hagoromo apologized for the events that transpired in his absence. Knowing that Naruto was blaming himself for what happened, he explains to the boy that Sasuke was far too gone for help.

Naruto had dropped to his knees as he clutched both sides of his head to hold as he cried. The tailed beasts quiet, seeing their friend in such pain and not knowing how to ease his heart.

"Enough!" Roared the mighty Kitsune

The other tailed beasts yelled at him to back off, but Kurama ignored them, for he was determined to speak.

"The Naruto I know wouldn't let the sacrifices of his friends be in vain. He wouldn't bow, or break to anything that came his way. He'd always get up, and try again. Is that what you want? To spit on all they sacrificed and become like Sasuke?"

Naruto looked up at his friend Kurama, then looked back down. He imagined all the smiling faces of his friends and the villagers. All those faces he's seen in the Shinobi alliance as each and every one of them fought and protected each other regardless of their origin.

They were on the verge of peace.

But he also knows they wouldn't want him to blame himself. He had done all he could and beyond to make the impossible, possible. He would be turning his back on all their sacrifices if he didn't move forward. He still had friends here and now that wouldn't want him to drown in his own self pity pool. So he willed himself up, and smacked both his cheeks a few times and turn towards Kurama and gave him a soft smile understanding this was Kurama's way of helping him get back on his feet.

"You're right, Sorry about that. I guess I wasn't myself for a while."

Kurama smiled. He knew it was hard on his friend, but he wouldn't allow the blonde to fall. Not with him around at least. Kurama held his fist out for his Blonde companion, as Naruto reciprocated with his own fist.

Seeing he isn't needed anymore, Hagoromo smiles and were about to bid his farewell, but notices he overlooked something peculiar about the boy.

"Naruto, will you bump your Chakra with mine for a moment?" The Great sage asked.

Naruto turns his head towards Hagoromo and simply walks towards him with a confused expression. "Sure thing Super Gramps."

As soon as Hagaromo touched his Chakra with Naruto's, he immediately understood what he had sensed using Ninshu to see everything Naruto has come to understand in the world known as Earthland and the Ethernano the natives here use for what they call "Magic".

"Naruto, there's no easy way to say this but the Ethernano, or magic has changed your physiology."

"What do you mean Super Gramps?"

"It has combined superbly with your Chakra and body, that you have stopped aging all together."

Naruto looked straight into the Sage's eyes and blanched. "You mean i'm Immortal like you and Sasuke?"

"Well yes, but actually no."


"Never mind that. But listen. You can still die, just not by natural causes such as diseases, hunger, dehydration, and aging. You can possibly die by ending yourself, or fighting someone with enough power. But i must say that the chances of that happening with your immense power for either scenario would be very low."

Naruto was about to go off again but smacked both his cheeks remembering what Kurama had said to him a moment ago. "Can't feel sorry now. This just means I still have things I must do still!" He shouted as he flashed his friends with his signature fox grin.

Everyone except Kurama gave him a heart warming smile, glad that he was moving forward with his strength. Frankly, they were happy their friend will be with them.

"Technically, the prophecy doesn't just mean your world. With you on this planet, you'll ultimately be the deciding factor for it's future." Kurama told the blonde as the others too realized he was right in his assessment.

"I'm not too worried." Looking at his friends, Naruto put his hands behind his back and smiled with ease. "I know you all have my back."

Before anyone could say anything more, Kurama finally had it. "Please stop, I can't handle anymore mushy crap."

As Kurama and Naruto started to argue with each other, everyone else laughed seeing the two behave like annoyed brothers.

"Naruto, look at your palms." Hagoromo asked

Naruto did just that as he saw the moon and sun seal marks on the. "What the, why are you giving me these for?"

"It is to protect yourself and this world from Mother's Clan, and possibly Sasuke if he were to ever stumble upon this world and find you."

Naruto didn't want to think about it, but if Sasuke did come, he would be forced to put the mad dog down to end his suffering.

Knowing there is nothing for him to do and he can no longer sustain himself without the seals, he starts to fade before their eyes.

"Goodbye everyone, this will be the last we see of each other. Please take watch over each other.

As he fades away, he hears their goodbyes becoming more silent and muffled by the second. But before he disappears, he gives them all a small smile in return.

Gyuki was the first to speak. "What do we do now Naruto?"

"I think-"

"I can feel your Mana leaking all over the forest, show yourself!" demanded a young sounding voice outside the Mindscape

"A crap, I totally forgot we were inside the seal!" Naruto screamed as he went back to the real world.

The Tailed Beast, except Kurama, only laughed seeing their friend freak out for such a small trivial matter.

"Idiot" Kurama said without any ill intent as he smiled.

Real world: Ishgar forest

"I said show yourself! Or are you a coward!"

No one knew of his existence, and he'd rather keep it like that for now. So, thinking as fast as he could, an idea finally formed in his head. Acting quickly, he used his Transformation technique just before he saw a girl that looked between 13-16, with Scarlet red hair, Chocolate colored eyes, and armor she over her attire.

"I'VE FOUND you?!" The girl said in a confused tone as she stared at a little Fox with nine tails, swirls on his stomach and shoulders, and a little blonde tuff on his head.

Naruto was frozen. He looked at the girl who was just as confused as he was. He once saw a flying, blue talking cat with some pink haired kid and idly thought about masquerading as a talking Kitsune. He was regretting his choice now.

Naruto waved his tiny little arm casually and spoke one simple word.


Erza turned putty and scooped him into her arms as she suffocated him by squeezing him against her armor." So cute!"

"HELP!" Naruto screamed inside his head as heard eight voices laughing at him, and one grunting at how stupid he is for coming up with a prank that backfired on him. Secretly, he was proud that the boy transformed into a Kitsune like him. Maybe he can convince Naruto to make himself look more Majestic like him?

Alvarez kingdom: year 781

A young man with black hair, black robes, and black eyes sat on a Throne, His Throne. This man is the Emperor of the Alvarez Kingdom, also known as the black Wizard Zeref. He created this Kingdom for not so good intentions. To kill Aconologia, which is bad in itself, but by the means of how to do so. He would acquire the Fairy Heart, and destroy Ishgar.

With a massive wave of unknown powerful energy coming into this world and spreading itself all over the globe for reasons unknown, and the unsanctioned Military force preparations of some of his Spriggan General's to invade Ishgar, he has been very active as of late. And with this new player in the game running around unchecked, he had decided that it was time for to finally see what it was up to.

"Sire, the Spriggan Generals are readying their departure!" Said a regular soldier of the Alvaraz empire.

That won't do. No, not with this new source of energy basically covering itself all over the entire planet. He wondered when, or if anyone would notice its presence and decide to investigate it himself.

"Tell them new developments have occurred and I need all Spiggans in the war room immediately!"

"Right away your Majesty!"

Zeref relaxed into his seat as he waited for the Spriggan Twelve to arrive.

"This could also be what he could use as a replacement to awaken E.N.D ." The black Wizard said with a smile as tears cascaded down his face.

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